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they're just wanted stop oh this place not for young people yo what's going on guys faze rug here and today I'm bringing you guys a brand new video and I hope you guys are all having a great day as always and we are back with another review video so a couple of days ago I uploaded a staying at the worst reviewed hotel in my city and you guys crushed it was support that was the most disgusting Haute I've ever been in it was like a scene from a scary movie it was intense that was the craziest thing ever and I of course read the comments on that video and a lot of you guys suggested that I should stay at the best reviewed hotel in my city and I should bring my blacklight and see if it's as clean as they say they are so today I looked up the best hotel in my city and I found a 4.9 reviewed hotel there's no five stars in San Diego which is kind of surprising it's not only a hotel it's like a little resort it's different than a hotel I decided if I went to a regular hotel it wouldn't be as entertaining but I found this insane spot in the nicest place in San Diego we're gonna review the whole hotel we're gonna see the food we're gonna see the service we're gonna see the room and from the pictures that I saw of this resort it looks insane it looks incredible it has a golf course it has a spa has so many cool things and I of course read a lot of the reviews I feel like I don't need to share them with you because they're all super super good so I'm not gonna say the name of this hotel for privacy purposes just in case something happens you know just in case I find something bad with the room you know with my blacklight so when the time comes I'm gonna pull out my blacklight and we're gonna turn off all the lights in the room and we're gonna see if it's as clean as the hotel says they are when I say that the worst reviewed hotel you guys already saw the nasty stuff around the room I figured that we would find nasty stuff but with this hotel I'm expecting nothing but the best I hope you guys do enjoy and let's get right into it since I am going to a nice five-star hotel I figured I might as well whip out the Lambo right quick question Rugrats this might be a stupid one but do you think I'm able to drive my Gucci Lamborghini and I'm not wearing any Gucci I mean I do have the Gucci backpack so that counts right but yeah I haven't driven this thing in a while it's collecting dust like that that's not okay and since I'm sick here we go whoa let's go baby all right guys we are pulling up to this five-star resort hotel resort I don't know what it is it's not a normal hotel oh my God look at this look at the cars on the front it looks like a cabin like one big cabin this is so sick and check out this car gt2 RS I ate my brothers I ate nothing that way all right good how are you I can't wait to go through those doors right there we don't know what it looks like inside but I have a feeling it's gonna look incredible I'm so excited it gives off that vibe of like you're in the middle of the woods but you're a beautiful San Diego and you're in like the nicest area oh yeah by the way you guys stick around in this video I got a couple special guests coming through so it's gonna be live how are you guys service is great we got complimentary newspapers from like four different sources there's like spa sauna fitness gym 24 hours so that's pretty cool we don't do people in that right now yeah so far so good we like the rooms at the holloway it kind of gives that like eerie vibe but wanted stop I'm not even gonna check what I'm gonna look into like any hauntings on this place cuz I'll creep myself out but we'll see I mean we're spending the night here so who knows I really hope this place is a haunted yeah this is definitely way different than a regular hotel I've never been to a resort like this and it kind of just reminds me of like cabins in the woods there's a golf course we're on the golf course and could see the ocean I believe so we're gonna show you all that after we check out the room you can literally see the ocean that the golf course is right there I chose this room it's specific by the way so we can have a nice view okay here we go first look oh my god it's really old school okay I'm alive you gotta give the scent of the room first it smells pretty clean okay better than the lobby because the lobby smelled like yeah oh my god I didn't want to say it out loud but like the lobbies had this like strong strong stench and just had a strong smell aged smell I don't know how to explain it okay like let's check out the view cuz this is probably gonna be really nice whoa okay oh wow this is it the thing is I've never been to this side of San Diego like it's kind of crazy I've never seen this area I didn't know this place existed until I searched it up all right let's check out the bathroom all right got the toilet not bad hey this parts actually nice is this called a vanity vanity mirror guys I'm gonna be real with you okay let's just be honest for a second in the pictures the room looked 10 times better I'm not complaining though like it was pretty pricey but I just expected it to be more of like a Shazam like right when you walk in you're like whoa but kinda was it it just looks very very old I should have done more research about the hotel itself because maybe that's the type of hotel it is I feel like if I stayed at like maybe a 4.5 rated hotel I tried going for the top this was like the highest rated hotel that I found in my city but if I went for like a 4.5 and paid maybe half the price I feel like the room would have come out a little bit better but is this place not for young people I don't know is between these doors right here okay yeah it's a closet nice got a safe robes pillows okay and then the lady at the front said this key unlocks a minibar so I'm assuming it's right here check it out watch just be like a secret room we go in love you crazy oh whoa stocked up too bad I don't drink guys what I'm most excited about though it is checking the room with a black light light I want to see if there's actual germs are on this place it looks super clean all right I don't know what's happening to Clint right now but he's having like an allergic reaction to something in the room very bad allergies it might be dander dust like I don't know he just started crying like you left my camera down he's like hold on hold on what Thanks allergies we should have brought them out I know you totally get the mat before me love my dog good it's just the spot we have to pay for this one it's not a complimentary okay let's see how much it is let's check it out okay guys I don't know how legal it is to record in like a room like this but they don't like water hot towels ice right here and look at the showers for after you relaxing it's actually really nice this is one of the nicest parts of the hotel that I've seen we got a sauna and then a seat oh my god it feels great holy crap Clint I'm not dressed for this oh wait hold on Oh perfect guys all right lately I've never been in a sauna before actually I have what I used to go to the gym to play basketball all right we're it's gonna relax for a little bit so far the small part of this hotel is super super nice like complimentary almost everything dude I've been in here for like ten minutes and I'm almost dying right now and I was just thinking about final destination I don't know why they'll cross my mind but just imagine if that door lock right there and that glass was an unbreakable glass what would you guys do I would probably start like punching the walls are like trying to climb out of here but I watch way too many scary movies to feel safe in a sauna right now like I'm dying I need to get out right now do you want like amenities you know water towels I'll take a cold towel there you go sir all right so we finished up at the spa SuperDuper relaxing I'm gonna give that a ten stars right now we're at the pool area we're gonna check this thing out wait do you think it's supposed to be like that for tonight what do you guys think oh maybe oh this is nice – some restaurant I don't know why I just can't get over this view this is so sick it just reminds me a big bear I don't know if you guys have ever heard of big bear but it's all mountains and cabins Brian where are we right now no idea like guys we're just roaming around the hotel as like we're going places that we usually think we'd get in trouble for but I think we're allowed to be here okay so this is a golfing event right I'm assuming how do they not get scared that the balls gonna hit them is there a glass that comes down or it's like baseball the first person who can catch it it's a souvenir so you get hit in the face I just feel at peace here we have the reviews I read that like the sunset is one of the best sunsets ever from this location so when the Sun Goes Down hopefully we could capture that for you guys thank you thank you so much to the menu they got burgers they got chicken sandwich they got they got a lot of stuff on this menu and the restaurant itself actually makes pretty nice now it's a surprise were the best yeah the fries are amazing I can't get fresh from anywhere unless I know they're good fries these are so good probably like a nine from the fries this is a five-star rated restaurant – I'm excited for this as I chase it's all came at the right time Jason yo ho this burgers actually really good my allergies got really really best soon as we walked in here I don't know if like there's something in the aroma of the room but Clint said that his allergies got a lot worse too besides that this burger is really good the fries are good I'm never at this place at nine out of ten for sure guys being completely honest right now my mind is that so much peace I'm super relaxed right now this place is literally meant for relaxation what I paid for it could have been a little bit nicer but I think this is just the vibe of the hotel itself it's just it's antique its antique it's a little bit on the older side which I like futuristic I should have done more research on that but in general this whole place I'm telling you I have never felt this relaxed before in my life this is I don't know what it is you just feel like there's nothing bothering you no stress none of that now that is getting dark I think it's almost time for the black light in the room and by the way my friend is almost here you guys have all missed her and she's gonna come hang out for a little bit all right guys one of our special guests just arrived and we're going to go swoop him from the lobby chi'lan when you get speaking first appeal first impressions honestly I had at home because I know drugs doing you know I'm doing his big review yeah I thought I get my little review it's nice is it heated do you see the steam coming out oh let's feel it let's feel it I'm sure oh my god it's heated dude it's actually heated it's nice I think this is it yeah what do you think girls like my grandparents room rug booked this room he didn't realize this is kind of a retirement home it's often pretty much a retirement home but it's not a home it's up it's a resort this is the thing this is the thing this hotel has catered to just old people so think about it they've done such a good job at it in their scores first are super good yes almost no more car think so dude okay so you have to go we have to hug I wonder what they're gonna rate it I mean if I had to give this a rating I know it was room only then it would be a low rating but hotel in general they didn't get the full experience but I would give the whole hotel like a 8/10 that's my opinion so we'll see what they say about the room twelve seconds later right listen me and Mike you might business part of it we've discussed thanks our final review we haven't even toys with our scores but I'm gonna go ahead and write it I'm gonna give it a only give it a four point eight out of ten or five five oh okay that's high okay that's hot I don't know his I would have to give it a four point five okay that's really good that's actually better two stars than any other other hotel them than Ames and they those add up so another special guest is here right now we're gonna go get every so long because of usually first impression that just like the log you would you guys to me it's cozy cozy yeah here we go alright it's nice and cozy wait can I ask come on in tonight so I can you rate it by yeah $600 this is $600 yeah I don't think it's 600 I probably pay like 400 you can take my vibrating to a zero real quick so you might not want to stay in this right so no light no black white and then what is that like kind of girls is it is that that's not paint cuz I mean it could it could possibly be paid no why would I be pay it looks paint cuz it's black light but it's clear you don't see it yeah I want to put your hand too close to it you ain't gonna write so oh oh oh oh well I wonder what that it's literally all over the floor there's $600 to stay here at night and I can't even lay on the floor without feeling like I'm getting yet a disease hey that's true cuz I miss carpet old let's be real look at it I'm trying to figure something good to say but like what what is this what seriously though like is that spindly am sitting in the game out round is it like I saw it can't be anything good oh my god what is that oh dude that's so much weight all around the park let's you we what do you think that actually is I swear that's just paint it has to be paint the floor I think we've come to concluded in the Florence listen okay the most important part has to be the bed because that's very slimming that's where you're putting your face on the pillow okay last time when I went to the worst review hotel the curtains were disgusting so let's check out like curtains yeah super random that's why I was like confused oh wait no son Oh a little son could be a little drizzle that actually looks clean couch is good the couch is clean the bed oh no openness she won't want to do the honors okay ready we're just gonna leave okay oh wait what about what about under this blanket maybe what about like the mattress itself yeah that's all I'm gonna say let's check out listen bedbugs test right here we cannot have bedbugs no no it looks clean wait what the hell I want to find something I know I want to looks like a menstruation or like something or they're kinda oh that looks something weird honestly I expected more yeah yeah actually by that I feel like they'd be good at cleaning the bathroom all the way it was great oh there's a little one but what is underneath the light oh you see that look at what dude what no bro that has to be pissed I'll be right there oh look one two or we realize and then just drain that what could I be worthless we're in the bathroom Oh right there yeah this is definitely what you guys think it is no I know your guys minds I know what's going through there yeah yes it probably is like whatever your best guess is and how I would a bit cream yeah that's my thing yeah don't you guys leave whipped cream and ooh that's a good one low-key dirtiest oh it was looking dirty I'm sure that you don't wipe it down but like I don't know why there's nothing on there all right God is after the blacklight review of the hotel after going around and seeing what you guys saw what do you guys made this it's hard you know because you come to hotel you're free it's the only thing wrong with the hotel was was the floor you don't really come to hotel for the floor yeah you know the bed was cleaned the major you never compared the floor to it somewhere else you know maybe the for everyone else is bad – yeah it's more you're gonna step on it with your shoes true it was still gross I don't know so okay final rating out of 5 stars I'm gonna during our tour I discovered some new features so imma it up we get a 4.9 not like a oh I was gonna say the same I'm gonna bump it up to a 4.8 from after the black boy okay when he showed me I didn't see the bathroom the mirror was pretty nice that's what I noticed when I first walked in and you've never looked in the bathroom this is a nice mirror it really is a nice it's got really good lighting okay 4.8 4.8 after seeing the black way everything was actually way clearer than I thought way we knew my remote control was clean that's never seen anywhere so I'm actually I think I originally gave it a 4 so I'm gonna give up for pointing to us whoa it's like the bat was completely clean okay visor visor visor I'm gonna have to give this place a 4.9 with you guys I'm not just saying that because everyone said it but like I was actually super relaxed the whole time before you guys were here I went to the spa twice like I was walking around we ate the restaurant was good the service is good there's a couple spots on the floor that you can see with the backlight but it's just the floor I swear this look we think of you yeah exactly so I'm gonna give it a four point nine and yeah it actually like lives up to its expectations hey yeah alright thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you enjoyed please give this video a giant thumbs up subscribe to our new shout out to Molly tanner Matteo everyone else for coming and reviewing the rest and reviewing the hotel with me I had a fun time if you guys want me to review more stuff leave it in the comment section down below and yeah we guys have a great received a living lesson rug Molly tanner Matteo oh we're out peace

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  2. At first it looked like some great wolf lodge shit
    I am not lying if y been there you would of known!!!

  3. This is nice and all but why did u spend $60,000,000 on a hotel room like that much money could probably pay for my whole life

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