Hello My HyuneeBees, it’s your girl Hyunee I’m gonna be eating spicy rice cakes and Korean Fried Chicken So let’s dig in cuz I’m so hungry! The perfect combination Dunk it in the sauce Do you guys like how I lined up these drumsticks like little soldiers in the back? So crispy so delicious Let’s try the Chinese noodles, these are stuck together. How do I take these apart? Ah Let’s just dig right in get over here Hmm wow It’s so chewy, but it’s really good Wish they weren’t stuck together though Do-do-do-do-do-do apple bottom jeans (boots with the furr!) Rice cakes and cheese So normally, I know I’m very happy and giddy But I never knew I cried so much like Kim Kardashian so my baby Lucky who’s a Jindo is turning 16 soon and Recently, she’s been making accidents all over the house because she’s getting old. So every time I see her kind of limping and walking I start tearing up and sometimes I cry like Kim Kardashian out of nowhere She is very healthy for a 16 year old big dog But please pray for her you guys pray for Lucky for me Today, when I’m filming this is actually my 29th birthday Happy Birthday to ME! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUNEE love youuuu I hope you enjoyed your day!) And I’m celebrating with you guys basically I was gonna go get seafood or Korean barbecue but for some reason I was just so tired and I just felt like filming today. So I’m celebrating with you guys Thank you guys all so much for your birthday wishes. I feel so loved and I’m so thankful that you know, I met you guys even though it’s through Internet I’m just so blessed with the best Hyunee Bees Cheers! (Just Hyunee making bunch of noises like usual) The texture is like hardened Jell-o It’s very fun to eat Don’t forget to get your Hyunee merch your Hyunee mugs HEEELLLLLLOOOOO!!! When I get my chicken I always get it at the same place a BBQ chicken and I was hoping That they wouldn’t recognize me, right? So I were these huge glasses and I went in looking like this I went in They were like “Hello! Welcome, To Go order?” and I was like, yeah, he goes. Oh, it’s twenty-something dollars And I’m like, okay and I went like this and he’s like “WAIT It’s you!” and I was like, “Oh no, you recognize me.” He’s like “You’re at disguise!” I was like “Yeah. I was just gonna pick it up and leave” I was like, so much for disguise, I was wearing my HyuneeBee sweater “Cause I recognized you cause of your sweater.” I was like, WHHOOPS This is the only baggy sweater that I had that cover my booty So, he recognized me, Hi, Andy! Should we do how many rice cakes can fit in Hyunee’s mouth? Let’s see if I can ever make more than eight, I think that’s my max right? Ready? (You can do it Hyunee!!!) Well, then nine I broke the record, whoa It’s my birthday it’s my birthday my birthday Happy Birthday to all the May babies out there! TEOKBOKKI Cheers! I love rice cakes Let’s have our last chicken dunk it in this sauce Gonna have some refreshing pickled radish Let’s finish these noodles LAST BITE! Do you guys think I could do it? These are so bouncy, my bounce is out of my teeth(?) Thank you guys so much again for wishing me a happy happy happy happy happy birthday. I love you guys my HyuneeBees so much! I had one of the chillest best loving birthdays ever. So thank you guys so much. I love you guys Subtitles: by jmv_dite


  1. you look so young and even sometimes you act like a baby like when you take noodle and you when dio-ng di-ong like that is so funny and happy birthday huynee 🐝🐝

  2. I think its your positivity thats keeping ur hyuneebess positive and strive to be a better person. D same person could be rude towards someone but when u r good people tend to return the same.

  3. Why does it feel sad to hear you say "last biiite"? ☹️ I really love your reactions in your vids though. Sooooo cute! Hehe. More new vids pleeeeeeeaaaseee. 😍

  4. I think this is the first time I’ve seen her not finish the food! And I’m actually ok with it😂😏

  5. That was a really FUN one, Hyunee! This 🐝 got HaPPy HaPPy watching you eat those wide glass noodles, wondering where I might be able to find them. But you didn’t eat the oval “thingy” in the lower right corner..potato?
    Would love to hear, and learn more later about all the yummy things you’re eating. Do you make your own pickled radish, and rice cakes? I’m beginning to think I’ll never find those rice cakes in any store!😞 LoVe your vibes & videos—third time watching this one!😄🤗🥰

  6. When she said “the perfect combination” at 0:26 I thought she was gonna say “the perfect amount of spice for me” lol 😂

  7. 'Apple bottom jeans boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her, she hit the floor…. I dont know the rest…

  8. I swear I will literally just eat a meal and by the middle of the vid…

    My stomach: get me something to eat I’m freaking starving over here!!!

  9. Hyunne:eats all of this food and Gain 000000000000000 Pounds

    Me:Eats all food and gains 20 pounds

    Like are the people who do mukbangs Non of them get fat but there’s on like Nikacado Avacdo Right……….

  10. That sauce isn't meant for the drumstick so why dip in when u anyway eventually are going to eat that other stuff which is gonna taste the same. Also why are u shouting instead of talking?

  11. I just noticed that in 5:39 there are still 6 pcs of chicken but suddenly its gone in 5:47 hahahahaha 😅

    Correct me if i'm wrong

  12. I am the same way with my dog ♡ they are your family, your kids. Prayers and positive vibes to you and Lucky! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You look like maybe 25 I cant believe you're 29! 🤣 how do you have such young skin? What produces for skin care do you use?

  13. Hey! Sounds like lucky needs to see the vet. I am a Veterinary Nurse, am glad overall she is healthy but if she is limping this is not good. Sound like she might have osteoarthritis which is very painful, it happens when they get old, just like people. She may find it hard to get up and sit down and doesn't want to go long walks. I know how much you love her, so getting her checked over regularly when they are older is a must as things can change quickly. The vets can help, especially if she is painful. Happy Birthday Lucky ❤XxX

  14. "Do u like how i have soliders in the back"
    I see 7 chicken drumsticks…

    me: *gasps😲
    ARMY!!! We're you at??!
    (Not being rude or anything)


  15. I Thought When It Said Spicy Wide Glass Noddles
    I Thought She Was Eating Her Glasses!! LOL 😂😆😅
    Love Ya Hyunee!😍😜😝😘😙😋
    I Love Ramen! 😊😛💚💗😋

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