Spicy Stir-fried Squid (Ojingeo-bokkeum: 오징어볶음) 10th Anniversary Special!

(chopping) (upbeat music) – Hi everybody! Today is very special day. You know why? I have been sharing my recipes
on Youtube for 10 years. 10 years anniversary! Can you believe? Time flies! Any of you guys watching
my videos for 10 years, you guys are my real friend. How do I look? I change, of course, everybody, in Korean, there is a saying. Over 10 years, mountain
and river will change. Some of you grew up watching my videos. “Maangchi, when I was young
I used to watch with my mom, but now I don’t live with my mom anymore, I’m just living independently. I’m still cooking your recipes.” Isn’t that cool? When I started my Youtube, I was playing! Playing game, online game. One of the characters, very
tough character name was Maanchi. Because Maangchi in Korean means hammer. Then, I made my Youtube account, and I used the same name,
because I couldn’t think, just quickly, of a new name. “Okay, I’m playing Maangchi
these days, okay, Maangchi.” What makes me really happy
is that when I hear that, “Maangchi, I made your recipes! I shared them with my family
and friends, they love it!” Whenever I hear this, oh my god, this was a good decision I made! Because a lot of people
all around the world, they love my recipes,
they enjoy Korean dishes. My first video 10 years ago
I was filming in Toronto, Canada, I lived in Toronto. And my first recipe was
spicy stir fried squid. I don’t know why I chose this dish. So today, we are going to
make spicy stir fried squid. ojingeo-bokkeum So no matter when you
started watching my videos, 10 years ago, nine
years ago, and even now, even today and tomorrow. I always consider you my real friend. In the next 10 years, can I make
this kind of a nice video? I’m not sure, but I’m
living every single moment happy with my passion for
cooking and sharing my recipes. I’ll keep making videos
until I cannot make it. I will bring my ojingeo. It was frozen. Frozen squid, but I thawed
out in the refrigerator. So this guy, is like almost half thawed out. Before cleaning my squid,
I like to make sauce, and cut up all vegetables. Six cloves garlic. One teaspoon ginger. I had to watch my video
just before filming today. The way of smashing my
garlic and ginger is the same! Besides, this knife, this knife is
the same knife I’m using. Today, on purpose I’m using this. We want to mix all seasoning here. And then I’m going to use
hot pepper flakes, gochu-garu. It depends on how much
you like spicy food. You can’t eat any spicy food?
Then use just no hot pepper flakes. But start with one
tablespoon, two tablespoons, three tablespoons, super
spicy is four tablespoons. I’m going to use three tablespoons. And soy sauce, three tablespoons. Sugar, two teaspoons. Mix. We’re making garlicky and
gingery, spicy, sweet, and salty kind of paste. ok? Next, I’ll just make a kind of… they say slurry. Mixture of water and potato starch. I’m going to use one tablespoon. Add a quarter cup water. Seasoning paste, and
potato starch water are done. And next, I’ll slice some vegetables. First let’s do green onions. twelve Cut it into around two inch long. These green onions, when
they are cooked, very sweet. And this is green chili
pepper, really huge. I’m going to use just half. If you use it at home, use only
one green chili pepper. I’ll use one onion, around seven ounces. (chopping) I’m using carrot for color,
one small size carrot. Making thin strips. So now, all these three things are done. Vegetables, and seasoning
paste, and starch water. Now, main, main guy! Let’s take care of the main guy. Come on, squid! This is a one pound four ounce, but I’m going to clean the intestine and eyes and mouth. After that, it’s going to be one pound. First, cut from this
part, and, don’t cut through. And, open! These are all the intestines, altogether. And then, lift this. And, pull it out. Cut it up. So this guy, throw away. And here, remove the mouth and eyes. Here, cut it up in half between these two eyes, slightly. Do not cut through. And push east and west, like this. And then you will see, these eyeballs. Take them out. And this is mouth. Take it out. All is now clean. Here, this is a kind of bone. It looks like some
plastic, take it out. All clean! I have a funny story. I told you, when I started my video, I just showed exactly this method, almost the same, at the time, one of my friends, game friends, he is still living in Montreal, Canada, every
night we used to play together online game. I told him, “hey, I just
made a Youtube video. my first video is squid.” And then he watched it, he said, “oh, I love it. But anyway, when you cleaned it up, you just taking out,
digging out something, and then just eyeballs were coming out, eww!” We were chatting, while
we were playing the game, and he said, “eww!” So I thought it was really funny. I never forget. And let’s wash this. These are tentacles. There are really small
cups, filled with some mud or sand, you need to
clean up nicely. I’ll put some salt here. Cut around here, just cut like this. And this part, cut. (cutting) and the body part, remove the skin. You can remove it easily. See. Start from the corner, this. If this is too slippery,
you can use paper towel. Like this, paper towel. I like to score this. cut, score. Don’t cut through, and just score. To make a nice shape. My first video 10 years
ago, I didn’t score. Usually when I make ojingeo-bokkeum, that way I’m making, but
today I like to make it more fancy looking, that’s why I’m showing
you how to score squid. We started from here, so
now I’m going to turn it around and then I will start from
here, to score. Opposite way. From here. Pretty, isn’t it? And then, I’m going to cut
it into bite-sized pieces. This part, cut like this. I made all these nice strips. Time to cook! All prepared! So all we have to do is stir fry. This is four servings. Your all family can enjoy this dish. I’m going to eat this with my rice and doenjang-guk (bean paste soup), and also,
I made some vegetable side dish too. My pan is heated, let’s add some oil. Vegetable oil, one or two tablespoons. Then I will add all
the vegetable together. (frying) Stir fry until the onion
is a little translucent, and green onion is wilted. 10 years ago, in the video, When I was stir fried like this, the fire alarm went off, “beep beep beep!” (fire alarm beeping sound) I didn’t know what to do, at the time! I didn’t think about
background, what it looked like at the time, I was
salting my cabbage there! Onions are half translucent, and green onions are just a little wilted. So now, time to add squid. Time to add my squid! And also seasoning mixture, together. (sizzling sound) Wow, it really smells good! Green onions and onions’ sweetness are all mixed together. Potato starch mixture. Turn off. Done! This is my table setting. Today’s main side dish is
ojingeo-bokkeum, spicy stir fried squid, and this is chive kimchi (buchu-kimchi), and this is zucchini. Stir fried the zucchini with shrimp. And I’m making doenjang-guk. Because doenjangguk is not spicy, so it goes well
with this kind of spicy, spicy squid. And rice, multigrain rice. Let’s have it together! I wish I could share
all this food together and celebrate our 10
year anniversary today. YouTube 10 years! I never
expected I would be doing for such a long time! Taste the soup first. So good. This doenjang-guk calms down my throat,
it all goes down, feel good! Mmm, it’s delicious. Spicy, chewy, and sweet. Buchu-kimchi (chive kimchi) Let’s celebrate with this
champagne. (giggles). (bottle pops) Oh! Ah! (laughs) Oh my god! Oh my god, it’s unexpected, what happened?! My all side dishes and squid is all champagne! Wow. Anyway, I’ll just pour
some champagne in here. Today we made a special side dish, spicy stir fried squid,
(ojingeo-bokkeum). Cheers to your Korean cooking! Wow, good. Let’s keep encouraging each other. Enjoy my recipe? See you next time! Bye! (cheerful music)

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