Snow Peak Trek 700, 900 and 1400 Titanium Cook Pots

This is the Snow Peak 700, the Trek 900 and
the Trek 1400. They are titanium pots. The 700 weighs in at 4.8 ounces, the 900 weighs
in at 6.2 ounces and the 1400 weighs in at 7.4 ounces. The Trek 1400 is also available
in aluminum and weighs in at 10.8 ounces. So the Trek 900 and 1400 are of the exact
same design. The 1400 is just a bit larger than the 900. They both have stamped, graduated
markings along the side, lids that also double as fry pans and they both have fold out handles
on the sides here that also fold down against the side of the pot for compact storage. The
700 is a little smaller and has a slightly different design. It has a lid and a small
tab to pick up with the hand. It also has two hook points that kind of help it hold
onto the pot, so it doesn’t slide around. You do have a small slot in the lid there
to let steam out. Like the 900 and 1400, the 700 does have the handles along the side that
also collapse around the side for compact storage and it does have the graduated markings
as well. The 700 obviously is going to be the smallest one. This is going to be the
best solution for any sort of ultralight backpacker, someone who’s cooking really simple meals
probably just boiling water for dehydrated food or cooking hot drinks. The 900 is going
to be suitable for someone who wants to do a little bit more with their cooking, maybe
making rice and pasta dishes or maybe two people who are going ultralight and are just
looking to boil water. The 1400 moves you into a category where you’re able to do a
wider variety of cooking. You could boil water for dehydrated food and drinks for four or
five people in a pot that size and definitely two or three people could be cooking full
meals in that. The 700 here is 24 fluid ounces, the 900 is 30 fluid ounces and the 1400 is
47 fluid ounces. And just for comparison’s sake, here is a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle. It
kind of gives you an idea of the size comparison of the three and how they relate to each other.

33 thoughts on “Snow Peak Trek 700, 900 and 1400 Titanium Cook Pots

  1. They work very well and several of our staff members use them on their own backpacking trips, so they're well-liked around here!

  2. Great vid. I have a 1400 and 900 already but I don't have a 700. I'm wanting to pack my whole set together. My 900 goes inside the 1400, but does the 700 then fit inside the 900?
    But also my final question is, do you know if the 450 mugs will fit inside the 700?

  3. Yes, the Trek 700 will fit inside the Trek 900 and both of those will nest inside the Trek 1400. The 450 single walled mugs will easily nest inside the Trek 700. The 450 double walled mug can also fit but it is a pretty tight fit. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, your vid is cool. On Sunday I got myself a 700 and was wrapped to find out this good news. One other thing, the 450 mug also fits inside a 600 mug and the 600 mug then squeezes inside the 700. But the 600 is really a tight squeeze inside the 700 so I wonder if I'll eventually scratch the inside of the 700. Any thoughts?

  5. Love the Snow Peak pots. I have the 900 and also carry the Solo Mini inside it. Love how the fuel canister and micro stove fits inside as well…

  6. It is not recommended to place these cook pots directly on a camp fire. They are designed to be used with a clean burning fuel stove. If you do place them directly on a wood fire, blackening and staining of the pot will ensue.

  7. I wasn't worried about staining as much as whether or not they will warp in some way. Thank you for your reply.

  8. Ok, but is it safe doing it? will it damage the pot or will it just blacken it? cause i don't care for it's looks at all, if it remains functional…

  9. william yes you can put this directly on the fire, the only thing ruined will be the esthetics, titanium has a retardedly high melting point and will not warp in anyway shape or form from the type of heat a wood fire will be giving off

  10. would a kleen kanteen 40oz mate snuggly with the 700? I have a gsi soloist and the two do not fit well together. looking for a more compact alternative

  11. Thank you for your question. With apologies, we at Backcountry Edge do not carry Kleen Kanteen, so we are not able to try it out for you.
    Thanks for watching!

  12. I have a small camping pot i use for cooking and its seems to be notorious for whatever im cooking to stick to the bottom of the pot. its like the only think it was meant to heat up was water. will these titanium pots prevent food from sticking?

  13. Dang, I feel fat. I do a great deal of backpacking/mountaineering and use an 1100 ml cook set all to myself and some times am wanting more. Mmm now Im hungry.

  14. I have the 900 and 1400 that I purchased as a set. I also got the 450 double wall mug that i put inside along with a Trangia stove and Evernew Titanium pot stand. I also threw in a mini Bic lighter. Kit 7 complete. (I have over 10 individual self sustaining "kits" of various manufacture) I really have too much good stuff ^^

  15. I bought the 1400 thinking it would be handy, and I've literally NEVER taken it camping because it's just too big and I haven't had to do that amount. However, if I was packing for a 3+ person trip, I'd take it probably. I don't like that the lid doesn't have a way to fasten down, which is why I'm considering a heavier stainless MSR Alpine Stowaways to nest cook gear inside of and lock down.

  16. Looking for a pot that might favor distilling water as a design perhaps with a clamp on lid and cooling coil attachment point. Consider camping on a Channel Island in California for a week. Distilling sea water would be an excellent consideration.

  17. Hi there. Great Review Video. Thank You for the comparison and detailed information. But, Didn't you forget to INTRODUCE yourself, the channel and the subject? Food for thought! Thanks.

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