SML Short: Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!

Julian is ready my dinner's ready oh man chef peepee I can't wait my chicken nuggets to jello ball that put teeny what chef baby what is this what do you mean this your dinner you got your chicken nuggets here jello for dessert and you got some Tula splats or the flavor yeah why would you put your on chicken nugget to jail that's gross it's full of flavor shake it up get the jar good by themselves putting you in but you're on a hill oh my god you you don't know good food me see that's going can I eat in the living room no you're gonna make a mess in you're gonna try to hide the food out of the couch I'm not having that I don't watch TV please hit me please look just go go for it take my mom all right thanks very very up you I don't want to eat this gross I'm just gonna drink my drink all right everyone I put it right here doing a movie plate so I'm gonna have somewhere to sit you can't sit right there chef why because you're too fat Junior I am 154 pounds and I rarely eat and whenever I do eat I make it myself because I'm trying to be a model wait for you to even bring in something like that basically offend me beautiful beautiful bro capadders up whatever whatever it's a lie no no no looks like a drink stain when's your dad gonna think oh how about we just flip the cushion over a good idea good idea hopefully that won't find out yeah hopefully not come but can I tell you something what now jr. you just got pranked what what I'll show you you take this stuff right here and no I promise – yes I promise it goes your way wait it essentially is going yes is it like this see like it's going away and it's disappearing and yeah see it's gone now so oh so you just like pissing me off don't you yeah let's watch TV introducing the world cooking competition do you think you're the best at cooking or put your skills to the test in this cooking competition oh my god why would you enter your cooking sucks my cookie is awesome to you you just don't know good food when you taste it I know good food and this is not good footage sucks well tell me why did you eat all your food huh well oh you're right chef peepee there was delicious I love you should enter that competition I buy everything mm-hmm oh no no way you know what I know I cook good chef he's gonna lose that cooking competition he's so bad at cooking his cookie tastes like donkey nipples I don't want him to get embarrassed when they tell miss cooking sucks what do i do Terrence chef think he's gonna cookie but he's not and and he's gonna enter a competition he can get in bears to fight the whole world so what do I do what you think I should ask my dad what he thinks about the cookie oh good thinking Terrence you're the best fist bump yeah um dad I have a question for the last time Junior there's only two genders male and female penis in vagina penis in vagina god only made those two things look you're not one of those special emo kids that run the length of their arms behind their back just look down with three legs and that's what you are that's your gender I dare you to have a valid argument come on that showed him uh dad I have another question what is it junior um do you think chef Phoebe's cooking is a bad a bad he's horrible it's terrible I mean I eat it but it tastes like cow manure look this is my cry for help please just call the police call the ambulance I think I'm dying on the inside why don't you just tell him that it's that bad oh I can't hurt his feelings why would I do that well I tried telling him but he didn't believe me oh look you can bring some bad news you were born right you know you remember that oh yeah there's a motivational talking let chef me know his cooking's bad yeah no everything bad about it all right oh my god I never smelled the masterpiece so perfect like this what would now do you not right now trying to make a masterpiece for the competition oh well I got you a present oh you did really yeah yeah it's this book of cooking basics for dummies why would I need that do ya could you still get cooking what are you talking about you just don't know how to cook so I care about you so for the competition I got you this book to teach you how to cook that doesn't mean you care about me just because you got me a cooking basics book well I want you to learn how to cook so you don't embarrass you're really insulting me right now Julie you just get outta the kitchen okay so I can finish my masterpiece okay chef peepee by god it's gonna be right here if you need it yeah here I see it right there right there yep ya know what else do I need yeah that works oh my god this is the winner right here a green bean peanut butter cracker lasagna oh god how do I think I shot PPR can I show you a video I thought on YouTube know if there's another one of those animal videos I don't have time for it but but I made it Austin it's really funny make it quick junior watch okay are you and your here's the macaroni and cheese you asked for you're so cool chef peepee what's this brown stuff in it oh and that is poop oh I know how the cookies poop gross yuck ah chef peepee I don't feel so good well I'm at joinha why'd you thought my poop macaroni cuz it tastes like sweaty turtle balls oh no I have to poop I I don't get it I'm saying your cooking tastes like sweaty turtle balls Julie you just get the hell out of here I'm just trying to help you out chef let's not be fooled by saying it tastes like turtle boss it just tastes like turtle balls Julie get out I swear to god I may hit you if you don't get out of here God can't even make a masterpiece now that's gonna be a masterpiece your cooking sucks

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  1. Lovell was sick while filming this video, that is why his voice sounds a little cracky. He ended up losing his voice near the end so that's why the video ended at the rap! Thanks guys for still enjoying the video! I plan on making longer videos starting this week! You guys are awesome! Are you ready for Jeffy's Parents on the 24th??

  2. Bowser jr’s diss track sucks
    It makes me wanna throw up

    How much I hate him so
    Is more than 100 on the hate scale

    I wanna roast him every night and day
    Have no time to delay

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  5. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Hilarious!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Chief Pee Pee got burnd

  6. Junior If I Accidentally Stain the couch my mom will be super mad at me so that’s why I Sometimes eat outside like every 2 or 3 months

  7. I’m going to sing the first words in the song chef Pee pee you’re cooking sucks oh and it taste like butt and every time that I eat it it hurts my guts

  8. Loagan please make the rap available to buy or make a video irl in real life # Revive super Mario loagan youtube please

  9. Junior is a spoiled brat. I would gladly eat that chicken nuggets and tuna and jello
    And he called their chef FAT. If I was chef peepee, I would beat the crap out of him. He also pranked their hard working chef. He also made fun of his cooking, I'd like to see juinor cook a good meal. I feel sad for chef peepee, because he tries way to hard cook so good food, and then he goes and writes a song about it. rip chef peepee

  10. 154 pounds and you’re 20 something years old dang you’re not a model you’re just skinny and weak

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