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Here we are, in Silk Road Choyhona. Uzbek Cuisine! We're sitting here in this private lounge looking-like area, sort of like a bed, sort of like a sofa, surrounded by colorful cushions, it feels so cozy getting ready to order! Can we get the eggplant salad? Is that a popular one? yes, yes, yes Plov Good choice Isn't that the traditional or national dish? Yes, yeah that's right. It's the most popular. Most popular? That's awesome! Chicken kebab Shurpa soup? Lamb soup? OK, we'll get a cup of that. A small one and we'll share. Is there anything else you'd recommend us to try? A really popular dish… Manti Manti? OK we'll get the steamed Manti then. Yeah that's it for now. Thank you so much! Just ordered our meals. When we asked our server what he'd recommend us to get for our drink He recommended us this Uzbek traditional and popular fruity drink It's basically a big hot pot of water boiled with berries and strawberries and some sugar and a little bit of honey I suspect. so I'm going to take my first sip Ohhh this is so fresh it's just perfect for the summer It's pretty sweet, very fruity, it's just a berry
juice mixed with water with some sugar this is perfect for any meal l'd say. We got the eggplant salad to start with it's basically thin slices of eggplant stuffed with tomatoes, peppers and I think there might be some mushrooms and some white yogurt sauce And this is a cold salad, eaten cold I'm gonna take my first bite Mmm.. The eggplant is really chewy And the sourness I think comes from the yogurt I also had a little bit of the chopped bell pepper. It’s nice and sweet and sour at the same time This is awesome as an appetizer! Our server also recommended us this Shurpa soup. This is a popular and also a
national dish in Uzbekistan The mix of vegetables in this Shurpa soup has lot of chick peas, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, celeries Mmm…this is just really healthy. We've gotta try this soup. This is the lamb in the soup… it's like
fall-off-the-bone tender… Look at this… It actually has bone in here too and look at the fat in the back And it’s so tender that I can just use the fork to sort of separate this It’s really tender okay, I don't think I can separate that collagen part in the middle, but let me just take a bite Mmm… The lamb bone just came right off of my mouth I didn’t have to cut with a knife oh this is so good… we should have gotten a… This is a cup size, we should’ve gotten a bowl size This is called Plov. And this is Uzbekistan’s national, signature dish It’s a very commonly cooked dish, People eat at home, outside in a restaurant And look at this lamb, it's so tender… this almost tastes like the soup, but
it's the dry version of it… The carrot is so soft, it just melts in your mouth The lamb is so tender, peppery Oh this is so good Literally, this is just like the dry version, with rice version of the soup Oh I’m peeling off the garlic… it looks like it just.. It just melted in there… it’s almost like butter! The garlic is not as strong as it looks Cause it looks like you’re taking a whole clove of garlic in your mouth It’s not as strong as that It’s so well seasoned Manti is basically dumpling stuffed with meat and you can have any kind of meat And I think there’s an option of pumpkin as well So we got the beef here mixed with onions Something that’s special about this dish is that It’s eaten with yogurt sauce on the side It’s not eaten alone not with soy sauce like the Chinese style This is with a yogurt sauce So I’m gonna take my first bite Wow look at this Manti It’s stuffed with meat and onions! The beef is very chewy… It might be seasoned with some cumin seasoning inside It goes pretty well with the yogurt sauce I’m pretty surprised! Yeah the yogurt sauce is pretty light It just like gives a slight sourness to the dumpling It’s perfect! Look at this chicken kebab I don’t think I’ve eaten a kebab like that Hmm… Wow… Very nicely grilled, lots of pepper And I can taste a little bit of sourness already Just loving how tender all this meat is Now dip it with the tomato sauce The tomato sauce is nice and cold Added a little bit more extra sourness to it Because of the sourness in a lot of their seasoning like Yogurt sauce, Cumin, Tomato sauce It really makes you want to keep eating because of the sourness Have you ever have Uzbek food? Or have you seen Uzbek food in your area? Look how I’m chilling Just sitting here, taking our time If you’ve never been here, Check this place out Gaithersburg, Maryland It’s called Silk Road Choyhona Choyhona basically means a tea room or like a café So this is Silk Road Café with authentic and delicious Uzbek cuisine We ate this! The Plov with lamb and rice and the whole garlic on top We totally ate this one Oh we ate this Manti! Dumpling! See! National dish! And I think this is baklava We’ve had so many different baklavas from Turkish baklava to Ethiopian baklava And then I didn’t know that Uzbekistans also eat baklava Silk Road Choyhona restaurant Highly recommended! It was our first time too And just by trying a new world cuisine, You’ll learn a little bit more about the culture, about their food About their people Which is pretty awesome! If you enjoyed our video today, Please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, Click on the little thumbs up button below And subscribe to our channel if you haven’t For more tastes of the world cuisine in the U.S. Awesome videos more to come Until then, we’ll see you on our next video! Hi…

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  1. Hi I have an Uzbek friend oh yeah.
    And what it's the name of the music of the first part of the video, and salute, God bless .

  2. Im from uzbekistan but im not in uzbekistan im in america because i have to study and i have to go to school

  3. Where is the Norin Mama, the hand cut pasta mixed with dried meats… Big up for mentioning Ethiopia :)… Rice Plov is Rice Pilaf so u know, many countries in the region have similar dish related names too i think. nice vlog, should add pricing info etc in Description 🙂

  4. Hello. Just bumped into your video while reviewing some videos about Uzbek food. I loved ur video. I don’t think you find easy to go Uzbekistan. However, when u come to Korea (guessing u come to Korea often by the name of your channel) I will take you the best Uzbek restaurant in Korea. I know the food taste by just lookin at it and sis I am tellin u, what u have eaten doesn’t look delicious. Let me take u to there and make a video together of course when u come to Korea.

  5. Am from Uzbekistan and I know all of the foods right now am in United States 🇺🇸 and I know the language to

  6. YUM! I made a Plov video recently so YouTube kept suggesting me this one… untili I finally watched and loved it! 🙂

  7. I am Uzbek kid I lived 9 years at Uzbekistan now I live at usa salem Oregon and I eat Uzbek food every day

  8. U should visit Uzbekistan, u’ll find lots of Korean people living in there for decades, and actually there are some Uzbek-Korean dishes too.. I guess u will find it interesting and informative as a Korean person

  9. This is me and my brothers favorite lunch spot! The only downside is that there food is so good that sometimes companies book the restaurant out 🙁

  10. We have been meaning to check this place out. The plov, shashlik, and manti don’t look bad! I hope they also have samsa!

  11. OMG! This video is AWESOME! I am from Uzbekistan, but I am not there now, cus I'm studying abroad, in Moscow. All food you showed in this video is SO homefull to me)))) they are really native looking which is amazing! This video makes me SO hungry for uzbek food. But unfortunately I havent seen a good uzbek national food restaurant here in Moscow yet, and more I cant find as good products as at home for a normal price 😀 You are so lucky there!)))) You should try more uzbek food, there are lots of other dishes which are traditional to uzbek cuisine, such as Norin, Lagmon, Somsa, Kazan Kabob etc., I dont know if they have it there)) bot appetite next time!

  12. the best way to try real uzbek food is to travel to Uzbekistan. Plov has multiple versions, and it all depends what region it was made from.

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