100 thoughts on “Shrimp n’ Beef Burgers recipe

  1. Fresh shrimp only or is frozen ok? I always worry about food poisoning with frozen shrimp so I usually only cook them fried.

  2. U didnt have to waste the big shrimp for that
    Smaller the shrimp ,,less u have to sharpen your knives ,,lol

  3. Thanks for the vid… I think I'll be keeping my shrimp and burgers separate. Love shrimp, love burgers. Do I want my burgers tasting like shrimp??? no…..

  4. You guys need your TV show, or at least be featured on Food Network. Oh, wait you are away too talented for that. lol

  5. i always find it hilarious that americans pronounce remoulade "room-moo-lawd" when i know it as "ray-moo-lard" – but nevermind splittin hairs, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD

  6. Chicken: " Yeah that's right eat more beef, screw those cows! Come eat more beef at BK! Don't you dare go for those chicken fries!!

  7. those are some brave chickens, coming so close to a man with a hatchet or two ;-)…this sounds like the ultimate surf and turf 😉 i nver tried shripms with beef, so thanks for sharing!

  8. Just smoked two pork picnic butts on the Webber for 17 hours! Thank you Pit Masters for all of the inspirations, love y'all!

  9. Should have added some pork that way it could have equally offended all the religious people out there. Shrimp(shell fish) for the Christians, Pork for the Muslims, and Beef for the Hindu's LOL…

  10. Omg……. mouthwatering!!!!!  love all your tutorials. Thanks and keep bringing more GUUUUUUDD stuff. !!

  11. Our children need more of this education in their life 😁😜😎👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  12. Looks delicious. I might have hit that sauce with smoked cayenne or finely diced jalapeno… but that's just me… nice job guys.

  13. Yes you do sound more rough…hell who cares…my cigars do that to me…LOLOL. But it's all about the food anyway…Right? BPB4L…..Mark and Mary….

  14. Love it, and gotta try it! I've never even thought of mixing shrimp right into the burger, but I can' think of a single reason not to!

  15. Excellent! I almost smell the food it looks that guuuddd! I have two requests, though, if possible, please? Roast chicken on your smoker and a homage pot of beef soup, please? Thanks so much and I love your videos… Keep it up!…

  16. First I was skeptical about this ! But now I make it EVERY SUNDAY, it's so damn GUUUUUUDDD! I added a few stuff, I added a layer of cheese and one egg on top it all, it adds a lot of flavor

  17. Ha, that chicken coming in for a closer look, "you're going to drop some of that, right?!"
    Interesting recipe, on first thought I would grill the shrimp and the beef separately, but then I remembered a sausage-stuffed-squid dish that worked really well, so going to try this burger for sure. Thanks guys!

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