8 thoughts on “Seen At Karnataka Rebels' Hotels, Mumbai BJP Leaders Claim Coffee, Dinner

  1. Who will foot the bill. Soon they will say charity or donation . With BJP anything is possible. All drama by the BJP for power , they can stoop down to any low level.
    Wow !!!! Wow !!! they have come for a coffee , or a hair cut or to chill out , hahhahhehhehe what a joke a coincident that all the MLA's had to be in the same hotel. May be gone to train the jockeys for a horse race and for a bidding deal.

  2. Does it even matter who is spending the money here?? Has anybody the guts to ask where did the BJP got Rs.27,000/- Crores to spend in the recent Loksabha Elections or how much funding are the various Media Houses getting from the BJP Govt??

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