smart local taka okay so here the other eye we have a bunch of Holly kids are interning for us in town even I was from Sonoma Valley NY p.m. and it sent out a lot of them actually very proud their food so what are we going to try out a different body for Egyptians the best Hey right so the first way to go into it SP so today we have to evacuate from SP was from SP when years ago we were earlier studied order management in ages what will be architecture attractive we are here to hunt down and try the best food that I have to offer recommend me some food that's ridiculous I am paneer juicy afternoon and I remember every tree by means of temptress drives all know itself the wet kind was it we are you people me and you can the process and people die okay why would I really really okay okay let's go like the cities' : thank you it's all my idea yeah you on the menu any cost about Boise I'm here doing muffler nothing I leave this don't worry okay now if you got another season is there some reason because this isn't it I think TVA whatever you think is amazing your memory I can provide it yeah sorry I put you in mm yes I have a business appointment I didn't send it I'm glad why don't you get me my one well oh oh yeah yeah okay no no I buried in boomer but it was Fe cool welcoming what I am paying it everybody let's go pop okay okay I decided everything see my Sophia yeah I know I am the healthiest all oh yeah my line now it repulses beyond its be more properly a few undeserving public other clothes we got scammed or buying a spring rolls over copia some polish college I can't be good here we go to the nicotine initiative we don't awkward let's enjoy and then order the salad Lyonnaise mc1r all the episcopate among all time ninjas premiere upon by these super every time the quantity and how is it you know it is a sacrifice and convenience how about the love lady right here you know I ate it like twice before every time I might ought not again I'm a man I do first alright no these are my days it's not so specific in Geneseo you notice this one spices a favor let me make the episodes be sitting here for I found my body the interesting thing about it is the journey na yeah here's the flavor I mean I don't understand these are combination of the two dishes I'm very impressed anyway nice all the dishes we water here all recommended by you guys can answer them this is very very popular with the chicken right I don't really like you can write but well the most important thing for me is arises from it right past the process very unique the best coffee la Vida my nice lovely very he's like defense attorney he was his best good night the legend are you mean you are ready how much you owe me something so aggressive I like to order outside most of em is disappointing not only not enough hi yeah are they stopping me I like to be visible so you really need to do if you need to fry the career in person then after a high degree of my age you will teach me a lot people don't believe hell I am yeah we don't we go but it is a lot of artists a very colorful Island indigo disease Virginia hunting a dream of a atmosphere here I'm who are not like you see same problem corresponding to be alone here come on it in a mode by the back page simply from the fight alone even is lifting of America that's your lifting of the doors a look at the springiness you can tell that it's really handmade and it's amazing the demo everything I'm super full but I'm giving away presentation the quantities pieces the sons of v-bottom legiere look at a site the view is either affiliate level novelty beautiful as well remember three years ago a little bit too dry sliding my family better Oh Vidya everything disappointing Munna Bhai bowler nemesis the community did I haven't been to the palace I'm here and also as you take on a party and the thing is that once we need that on your mind we reveal to people to people – oh good every night is a unique side it is not like we were in the airport this is like the old sushi are available in arrears of the favorite restaurant but some reason is still very refreshing that nothing about this business oh like being no Chris no well you know sound like a make amendment hahaha well I will community I don't even find it somewhere you okay to repeat what we chose I assume on an unknowable decider you could watch take care of me one of the caramel already did a pelvic yeah what are the defects are they I don't know if you do the metal not about an upcoming economy yes the minute I wish the mother brave over on society Authority ice cream everything good in everything very good very good very poor Mona yeah so next apostle and I see likely it is a very creamy Arabia content okay so basically what we're going to do is you're going to go to a buncha different poly I think we're going to hit domestic politics followed by neon and a long time and everything take it is going to be a one Episode four folly let's make a competition which video can get the most like like you're from SP right when waiting this SP video and likely to the mix if you enjoyed this video remember to Like share subscribe watch the other videos here and in the comment down below give us some ideas on how what we should name this little mini season of laws and some traitors I mean some food to eat yeah not a dependent quality member boy sorry Oh whatever bike


  1. Dear Singaporeans, i am just curious to see these foods, they are cheaper. Are we as tourists allowed to eat at your Poly or Uni's canteen or food court ? And if so, should we inform the security or do anything? Thank you!

  2. List of stuff nice in SP (to me):

    monster curry
    Cai Fan
    Ayam Penyet
    Ban Mian
    Chicken Rice
    Cai Fan
    Mini Wok
    Mala xiang guo
    Thai chicken basil rice
    Chicken rice
    Uhh nothing
    Idk lmao

  3. entering sp in a week or two without knowing anyone thr ;-;
    and worst of all, nvr been thr b4

    psst anyone wan be my fren ;-; sad

  4. the FC4 pad thai from before they changed the location was the good one. always got queue! (damn singaporean HAHA)

    the waffles tho, should have went to manna's

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