Sarson Ka Saag सरसों का साग पंजाबी | Kunal Kapur Punjabi Recipes | Mustard Leaf Mash | Winter Recipe

Being a Punjabi, it’s a tradition in my home to definitely cook Sarso ka Saag. And whenever it’s cooked, it’s cooked in abundance. And we store it for weeks. As we use so much Ghee and Butter to cook, It doesn’t go bad. This particular recipe is actually from my Mom’s side. At my Dad’s side, the recipe is slightly different. Towards the end, Mom rules so I will go with her recipe. With Mustard leaves when my use to cook she also adds Spinach leaves. Roughly chop it. Fresh Fenugreek leaves are also added. There. Then. Chenopodium album (Bathua). Very little Bathua. This is Bathua. With that, my Mom chopped Raddish leaves like this and add them to the Saag. These are Raddish leaves. This is a bundle of health. Now we will wash this nicely. 2 to 3 times wash these in cold water. To clean these take a fresh bowl and again fill it with water. And these Spinach, Mustard, Fenugreek, Bathua, and Raddish leaves will go into this. As I told you, it’s my Mother’s recipe, In this first and foremost she takes water and boil split Chickpeas in the water for a little while. This is soaked Chickpeas. Now we add a small amount of Turnip in this. The Turnips are peeled. And Turnip is a root vegetable and root vegetables are filled with a lot of flavor. Normal recipe which I learned in restaurants and hotels they never put Turnip in that. But my Mother use to put Chickpeas and Turnip and somehow the flavor of Mustard leaves sharpens. It gets more perkier. And I enjoy that. You don’t even realize there’s Turnip in this. Now we give this a quick boil. Yup. Alright, let’s check on this. The Dal has boiled. You can see. It’s a little raw but it’s getting mashed easily. Now in this same water goes these leaves. Cook this for about 5 minutes. The trick is that you do not take a lot of water, use only a little water because this water has to much flavor of the leaves. So we do not throw it. Now all these leaves and everything else, I am taking it out on a plate. Cool it down for 5 to 7 minutes. So, that when we grind it in a blender, it doesn’t come out of it. Its temperature has reduced a bit. Now we will grind it. Use just enough water. You may grind it very fine if you want to, or you might also keep it a little coarse. Keeping it coarse also gives it a good texture and taste. This is ready. Wow! This is our Mustard puree Now we’ll roast it. We’ll put Desi Ghee in a fresh cooking pot. Now. Do not compromise when cooking this Saag. For this first, we start with Garlic. Roasted Garlic gives a very nice flavor. Like we make Garlic Spinach, this Garlic flavor in Desi Ghee. Now in this we add very little Onion. We add Green Chilli in this. Add Green Chillies according to your taste. And Ginger Chopped. Ginger also has a sharp taste. It is slightly roasted now. Look at that. It’s not completely cooked or browned. But it’s in the process. This Onion is a little raw. At this stage, we add into this 1 spoon of Cornflour. We’ll roast this Cornflour nicely. This Cornflour which we add is because this Saag gives out water. So this Flour binds it together. Brilliant. 2-minute quick stir. And then this puree will go into this. Look at that. This has mixed nicely in it. Now for about 10-12 minutes, we’ll roast it nicely. On a good heat. Add Salt to taste in it. Time to taste this. Awesome. Sarso ka Saag is ready. Now, here is a little tweak again, it happens in my home. Whenever we cook Saag and when it’s hot a tempering of fresh Desi Ghee is poured on the top. Which I’ll do right away. This is 1 spoon Desi Ghee. Ghee is Hot. In this, we add a pinch of Red Chilli powder. And we’ll pour it over the Saag. Brilliant! Sarso Ka Saag is ready. If you want you may have it with Cornflour Roti or with Parantha or you can also have it with a Fulka or Missi Roti. Options are endless as Sarso Ka Saag is absolutely yummy. Our Punjabi style Sarso ka Saag is done.

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  1. Hi Chef I am not able to find Bathua anywhere. Excitement Mein sarso toh lekar aa gayi Mein but ab kya karu?? Any substitute for Bathua and makai ka aata?

  2. Learn something new… But humare yaha ese nhi banta… Traditionally miti ke bartan me or open fire low flame me ghanto tak pakya jata hai.. fir use lakdi ke instruments called madhna se madha jata hai use barik karne ke lye.

  3. Mere khayal se es recipe me sb thik tha..bus wo mixer grinder ke bajay saag ko ghoot goot ke banaya jaye…jo ki panjabi tradition h

  4. I am from Lahore, Pakistan, and my mother never cooked sarson ka Saag. Though cooking is my passion yet I never tried this recipe, as I always used to cook Saag for hours. Kunal today I tried your recipe of Saag and everyone loved it, thanks to you and your mom.

  5. It looks good but the Sarson ka Saag by Ranbir Brar is different and tastes delicious. No offence to you and Mom's recipe but baat kuuch jamee nahi… Ghot ke banaiiye..pees ke nahi.

  6. Check Ranbir Brar's recipe for Saag.. More informative . For example.. Only top three leaves should goes into saag for that really sharp taste as rest of the leaves are pungently bitter. I was shocked to hear that but boy! He is very true. I tried making recipe with his tips and it turned out really aunthentic , same taste.. I Had in a small village of Punjab few years ago. So when it comes to Authentic recipes, Ranbir Brar is the key😊

  7. Don't wash any leafy vegetable after chopping…may loose lot of vitamins and minerals 😟😟😟..
    How did the chef forgot this point 🤔🤔🤔

  8. Good Evening Sir 🙏Thank you so very much for your recipes 🌹🙏 I am big fan of you and miss you so much. Now days Master Chef is coming on Star Plus and with Chef Vikas Khanna I miss you alot. May Kanha Ji bless you all with lots of happiness and success in your life !🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹

  9. I tried sarso da saag and that was very very tasty literally everyone appreciated and one thing I tried it for the first time 🤗ghee is my favourite♥️ thankyou 🌸🤗😋

  10. Loved how you made it Chef! Feel so positive about eating saag now. I wish I can cook as well.. as much as I enjoy watching these recipes! 😊

  11. SaroN de saag da gobar kr ta kakaa. This is not authentic recipe. First and foremost, throw away the mixi, cooker. Now research the ingredients again.

  12. I have tried it today.. and just turned out so yummy without wasting vitamins and minerals…. It's awesome.. Thanks Kunal..👍

  13. Stop going in and out of English!!! I can't understand. This is worst than Spanglish
    BTW, good video. Thank you for loading

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