Russian Mom Feeds People Meat Jello

– Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat– (Russian folk music) – So, I wasn’t planning
on making this video, but the other day I was
shooting with my mom, and just like any typical
Jewish-Russian mom, all she could focus on was feeding me. So, she brought me Holodets, which is a traditional Russian dish. It’s just meat engulfed in its own fat. She loves it. I don’t know why; I hate it. This is what happened. Mom, I’m not having it.
– There. – Mom, no, no.
– There. – No means no, okay?
– There; there. – Mom, no, I’m not having it.
– There. – Just try it; if you don’t
like it, you can spit it out. Just try it. – [Female Voice] Chew, Eric. – You know what? You should let your friends
in the office try it. Because I know that
everybody’s gonna like it. You’d be nuts. – Oh, you think everybody’s gonna like it? – Yes, I think so.
– Okay, you wanna make a bet? – Well– – All right, what are we betting? – We’ll bet that if they
like it, you eat it. – Oh, if they like it, I eat it, okay. – Yeah, you eat the whole thing. – And if they don’t like it? – And if they don’t like it, I’ll eat it. – (snorts) What? You like it. No, if they don’t like it, I never have to eat this ever again. – That’s fine, agreed. (Russian folk music) Hi. – Oh my god, hello. – Hi, I’m Eric’s mom. – Oh my god. – Hi, I’ve heard so much about you. – I brought in a little lunch. Excuse me. Hi, sorry to bother you. I’m Eric’s mom, and we made
a little bet with Eric. I brought him lunch. – Eric, are you serious? You’re seriously bringing
your mom into this? – Is this a big bite? Is this too much? – [Mom] This is perfect. – This is a good-sized bite.
– It’s a really good bite. – To Eric’s family. Uh-hmmm. – [Mom] You have to get used to it. – Thank you so much. – Good? – Achoo. – Not bad, right? – Huh-uh. – What do you think? – It literally just tastes
like chicken and jello. – [Mom] Yeah, you like it? – It tastes like chicken and jello. – We eat it with horseradish and bread. So can I put a little horseradish,
and you’ll give it a try? – I honestly think that would help. – Yes, okay, let me get it. – Buddy, I need to get out of here. – This is made out of chicken fat. Like, I don’t think this is real jello that you get in the store. I don’t taste the strawberry, the cherry. – Texturally, I thought
I was about to die. – Wait until you try it with horseradish. This is for you dissolve it. And like this. Okay? And you take a piece of black bread. – Black bread? – Black bread. – This is black bread. Is it whole wheat or anything? – It’s made out of black something. I’m not exactly sure. – Got it. – So first that.
– First this. – [Both] And then that. – Gotcha. – Second time. (surprised whimper) – (groan of disgust)
I mean, this is great. – Good, right? – Did you make this yourself? – Yes. (chuckles) – Yeah, I get it. – This is literally just horseradish. – Horseradish definitely helps. – Yes, yes, you know what would help? Vodka. – Vodka? – Yes. – I thought I just ate a shot of vodka. – This afternoon has
gone from zero to 100. Oh, this is your typical
Russian shot glass? – So, the bet is that if you like it, Eric is gonna eat the whole thing. – Oh well, I love it. – Yeah, this is really good. – I love it, Eric. Now you have to eat some. – So, did you guys like it? (all exclaim in agreement) – [Coworker] It was delicious. (all chatter in agreement) – [Coworker] That bread? To die for. – Eat the meat. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. Eat the meat jello. (Coworkers chatter) – Why is there vodka in there? (all exclaim in disgust) – Oh, come on, you’ve got to be strong. – You still have to eat it all. – I’m done; I’m done. No, I’m quitting. – [Coworker] Your food’s delicious. You’re son’s a piece of (bleep). (all laugh)

100 thoughts on “Russian Mom Feeds People Meat Jello

  1. Legit
    when I’m at my grandmas house for an event/holiday and she serves me some of that “meat jello” (Холодец) and I don’t want it, but it’s disrespectful if I don’t eat it. My cousins be like 3:35

  2. Эрик, открой рот и скушай за мам, за папу, за друзей из "Баз Фида". )

  3. My russian friend made this and gave me some black bread for my birthday and it was pretty alright once you get past the fat part

  4. Ok, I live in Russia…. So…. for every holiday my grandma is inviting me & my parents to have dinner with her and she always brings us that thing (meet jelly) and it’s REALLY tasty!

  5. Vacation in Russia
    Me: For the first time i'll say ''Blyat'' instead of ''Kurva'' and i can release my carvings for russian food! TIME TO HAVE SOME HOLODETS BLYAT
    Edit: Btw i liked it. Prodably because i have a little russian myself. Spent a lot of time with my Russian godfather Oleg so that means im 80% West slav 20% East slav

  6. its called aspic, and its really good for you. gelatin and meat and vegetables there shouldn't be chicken fat or whatever in that lol.

  7. I can't get over the fact that they used Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly music. If someone knows about the origins of the first song, please tell me

  8. I used to love holodets, but I got salmonella from holodets, now can’t eat anything looks like jello and still miss the holodets

  9. If made correctly using pigs feet and beef, this dish is VERY LOW on calories. The fat collects on the surface when jelly sets and can be easily removed. This is the PERFECT food for those who follow keto.
    As to co-workers… I made this for a potluck once, and it was devoured faster than any other regular potluck fare. By people of different ethnics. None of them were those who would have been used to it from the childhood. No vodka was served, either. Just OPEN YOUR MIND and develop your palate.

  10. but… guys… it's really delicious! 🙁
    just check Life of Boris channel and make one yourself. It's good.

  11. Lol my Asian parents made me try it when I was like 9 or something and I remember almost throwing up lol then I remember reaching the milk and just tipping it (accidently) down my shirt lmao sweet memories 😂

  12. It's really not that bad. I eat it all the time. Their version of "holodets" looks gross though. Wasn't prepared the way I'm used to.

  13. As a Russian person I'd say that it reeeeeaaaaally diffetent for everyone. I enjoy holodecz and a bunch of my friends just haate it. You should try "zalivnoe" – that is where the real trash comes

  14. I'm sorry but I love it especially the chicken one. Pour some vinegar over and devour with a bread. Yum.

  15. God save us from the Douchebag in Chief and the Russian cuisine. I've tried Russian food on a few occasions, and while not all of it is insufferable, you're not gonna find Russian restaurants competing with French, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or any other world-renown cuisines anywhere in the world – ever.

  16. I'm making beaf jello right now, never knew people don't know about Russian kholodets, I'm Persian we love this food. It's not easy process to make it. Mine is boiling for over 8 hours almost ready few more hours left to eat and it's very healthy..)))

  17. Omg… this is me every single new year! I try it and say that I hate it and then next year it’s the same. The circle of holodets

  18. If meat jello (kholodez) is prepeared and served right it's really tasty. Personally I love meat jello from beef hind shank with mustard and rye (black) bread. Chiken meat jello is not as good as beef one.

  19. I love holodietz. My mom makes the best one, with beef and tons of garlic. Chicken is for kids. Beef is the real deal.
    Holodietz isn't very different from french pate dishes, containing natural gelatin from bones and meat, after being cooked for hours and shredded.

  20. I’ve never tried it made out of chicken, but pork and beef one is my favorite, I spread some Dijon mustard on it, would try with vodka next time 😆
    By the way, it’s delicacy because it takes 5 hours to prepare 😉

  21. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺❤👍👍👍👍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👍👍👍👍👍👍

  22. You can see within the eyes of everyone the fear they bare. They fear they will be kidnapped by some 40 year old russian man in the midnight if they dont like what mama makes

  23. My mom’s holodets is actually really good I enjoy eating it with some bread and lemon to cancel the richness of the fat😔😔

  24. Borodinsky bread (Black Bread) is a dark brown sourdough rye bread of Russian origin, traditionally sweetened with molasses and flavored with coriander and caraway seeds.

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