Roblox Family – OPENING UP OUR FIRST RESTAURANT! (Roblox Roleplay)

yes I would like a loan for $50,000 so we could open up our first ever restaurant actually build our restaurant are you guys excited to get ready thanks sir we got 50 grand and we have nine more from our savings and we are going to build our own restaurant from scratch but first before we build we got to eat breakfast don't look at my hunger bar I'm hungry okay yeah eat breakfast and then we're going to the grocery store to see what we need to make for our restaurant what do you guys wait while we eat breakfast we should probably talk about what kind of restaurant were opening what are we gonna pop tights I think we should serve hamburgers that's not in their smoothie smoothies are clean okay isn't that special how about we serve the best food I've ever way for guys I'm gonna make it right now okay you'll never guess what it is mmm beans some ingredients and me chop it up really okay yeah how did you why not why because it'll make them fart fact that's a myth because people don't I you cannot say what guys the restaurant will be amazing booming business the everything and the anything restaurant you don't have a big enough fridge for that honestly let's see what 50k does okay I'm making the beans okay does it look good so far Shh I didn't wash my hands oh you need to try this okay it's gonna be amazing that what why don't you want to eat this hands it's chilly okay everybody just said that fart beans are because of dirty beans and you just made a pile of fart bean chili okay whatever just try it please eat some chili tacos you guys just try the chili well rainbow took the last portion so looks like gold and lunar starving yes – I'm gonna eat it gotten here near the sink oh yeah that was so good fine whatever you don't like chili but let's go to the grocery store and see what we can buy okay is that fair enough yeah I want to make it like and everything coup zine since it's gonna be the best restaurant of our time but what do you guys want to make it I'll take my motorcycle let's go guys oh wait oh wait that was me I feel good finally let them stand there oh oh so we look like expensive yeah you don't know me let's go to the grocery store I race honestly amazing wait a minute Block C acres oh that's where we live we just added that that's new slow by lunar just gonna do some cool tricks on this and we are at all know we're at the grocery store I think I'm going offroad just a tad bit ignore us and amazing parking that part you ran into me that's dangerous well okay they say they sell fresh watermelon here for 50% off but do they actually groceries on sale alright I know what we're gonna need lays now a lot of beans because if you're making chili you're gonna need a lot of this when it beans we need this I think bananas like a banana apples I think people would love we can use cheese yet black Sade and nope not getting that where's the watermelon Oh does the watermelon actually work oh my gosh let me see okay let's see it does not work you're not strong enough you're getting to go to the gym I'm buying more beans don't you think beans are good like chili when you go eat out a restaurant you're just like I can't wait to eat those beans yeah yeah okay bananas where do we check out right now no one works here okay we just check out this way all right let's bring our groceries home and start building my restaurant with 50k all right guys we bought an empty plot of land and we are going to start building our restaurant I built a sidewalk right here and then we're gonna build our parking lot and now it is time for the restaurant guys let's see how much money we could actually waste on this we're gonna build a wall here maybe drag it back three and then we could put flowers and stuff to make our restaurant look fancy how big does it meet you guys I think we might be way too expensive I want to charge $50 per dish I want a pool bar you guys what the heck who's gonna eat at your restaurant you need to have ratings yet you gotta want a pool bar so Instagram abou fine we're getting a pool bar actually I don't know what we're getting yet cuz we don't even know how much money we have okay we're just gonna build the structure a little creative so it's not so boring and square like that looks like Texas I think we just made Texas okay guys ignore the kitchen let's just start with the doors doors are important boom beautiful and then windows it almost looks like a giant I hop I love the hoppy strike um so we do need like giant windows here I don't know what type of pattern we're going for does this look good guys or is that like yeah okay okay how about that what guys hate windows how's this this look okay yeah it almost looks like a so actual swimming pool we need like a big square window we spent way too long changing the window so we're just gonna go inside the restaurant now let's start off with the interior so where's the washroom gonna be when you walk in is it gonna be like a fancy coat closet like are we that fancy like how fancy are we guys I don't know super fancy we got a pool bar man all right I don't know where the pool bar is but if you want the pool bar how about this is the closet we'll make this part the closet this is where the closet is going to be we can make our kitchen in here it's time to decorate the kitchen now guys the kitchen needs expensive ovens right because we want to look it needs five yes five also I would like five you guys why like why five actually how about seven we can be called triple seven restaurant you guys I think that is way too much have a one stove for now because we are running low on funds and we might run out soon we can't even afford rain okay well we do need a big fridge because people need to know we expensive we're placing the two giant fridges now they're gonna make the kitchen look extra nice there you go and I think we do need a modern Island hood and to make our restaurant very expensive we're gonna add a giant fountain in front yes we just wasted almost half of our funds and we're also gonna add a fancy gazebo in the front to show how fancy we are and mainly ass when you walk inside you see this fountain that's right this place is just covered in families it's like we haven't seen it's like we have no decorations around here look at all of these people waiting for our restaurant to open but the grass sad thing is we can't even finish furnishing it like I think we're done what ah kind of like I have 6,000 customers waiting well it's because you guys wanted fancy fountains okay we're gonna do six picnic tables and and maybe add some nice lighting to a romantic candlelight dinner with a couple of candles some salt and pepper for the fine dining experience a fruit bowl so they know we expensive oh gosh oh and I forgot it's in hand soap there's no hand soap we can't put it anywhere you know what handsome beside the blender we could put a flag here you know okay I do not want to talk about the poorness in our restaurant we're gonna get some industrial lamps I know I know I know we already lost okay let me put some lighting in there this is gonna be so expensive to light up but it will be worth it because it's restaurant it's funny that's why you only use the bare minimum amount of lights just like a real fancy restaurant oh you're right you're right okay it's good it's good okay someone be the waiter all right let's close it okay well wait we'll close it first just wait okay then please take a seat people hello hello so gold is the waiter so she will serve you guys this guy looks really hungry I mean look at him he's a mustache all right and we will serve you all sleep take a seat see they're sitting okay so let's see what they want to order Gold ask them what they would they like I will go cook them the best meal in the kitchen you guys can trust me okay is there unicorn fur all right let's get her some food okay let's see help me hands down news what um we only serve mac and cheese because that's all we can cook with our microwave there's no counter so tell them okay tell them we only have mac and cheese oh so there's no counter space that's not good some accuracy all right you know what scam a banana you think she wants banana magical food for coffee how do I give her this banana yeah sadly our kitchen is short on supplies our chef Bunny will serve you save him here's your magical food oh she likes the banana wait we got to fix something hold up guys I'm so sorry you guys I'm showing our customers into the washroom they don't see it see very satisfied we got one toilet and one tiny fake okay we're not even gonna answer that question you guys give the customer some privacy okay you're being extra rude they need their privacy look at all of them all right so I just want the most magic list bood okay milk the most majestic oh let's go Drago what do we have in the kitchen don't let people see um all right let me check it's pretty magical your cookies dude we have nothing to feed them we're so broke they don't know where it broke restaurant but let's just feed them bacon and eggs this is I hop yeah what do you say actually not I huh oh yeah you guys leave a comment down below on what we should name this restaurant because I honestly I don't know at this point we need three more ovens really guys the ovens don't work my cake is done I think it's cuz Lunars hogging it and she's making a basic cake which no one wants to eat okay you know what serve yeah you heard I'm pretty sure one of your ovens doesn't work honey pretty sure it's broken I'm pretty so yeah you it makes reviews out here everyone's get what I said what's happening me the restaurant and there's giving us vibes or tents what do you mean that's good wait they're just giving that to us they're pitying us don't pity us give us your honest review all right you one's gonna give a block start to some oh wait we don't have a toaster we're kind of useless here guys I'm a kitchen is ready to take food all right let me grab something for them the best kind yeah I'm just you know they seem hungry yeah have some have some more guys don't ask them Gold just tell them it's fresh water okay I just need some time to cook okay it's just fresh water for a customers this guy here you go so let's just water for you that funny says it's the most fanciest water it is the fancy water don't look in the wash it's so fancy okay just sit down just have some water this isn't looking so good chefs you know tomato water taste yeah make sure right now wait what did they say your water taste is amazing oh thank you can I place this down oh I cannot wait I'll bring you guys something special the customers are hungry and we don't know how to make anything you guys we gotta use teamwork what are we doing gonna make some cookies I'm gonna make bum-bum-bum bum-bum-bum beans they like beans from the fridge beans beans magical beans they eat so much I hope they're paying yeah they said free food it's always free I'm sure everything's free they said free food from the crew no no no you pay you tip us well no I'm kidding you guys I think these two customers are the hungriest I don't see any food on their table here let's take their food and put it on their table okay there we go plays you know maybe grab some grapes here play some grapes on the table you want a banana we got some bananas you guys I think that is all for our amazing restaurant if you did enjoy it you need to leave a like for a good rating okay hit the like button don't forget to subscribe if you were new leave us a comment down below on what we should name this up beautiful heavy restaurant thank you so wait to someone just give me money wow they gave me a lot whoever did that thank you I'll look back at the video later but we're rich now you know what we're gonna buy with it hey wait for it no rainbow not another fountain but we're actually gonna see what this new stuff is there's a cooler and a picnic basket and I'm just curious of what that is so let's see so we have a picnic basket now cheese it just gives us instant food yeah oh well that's pretty cool thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you all in the next one

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  1. Maybe you should make a series on your about your restaurant in welcome to bloxburg because after you made that video you didn't make it again because you only make one video about it it's the one video was the opening of your restaurant and then the restaurant was done and welcome to bloxburg so maybe to make more videos on that restaurants 50K like that video why don't you make some more because every YouTube get to another like all the way up and then they do another video about it so why do you not make a blasto on series about your restaurant in welcome to bloxburg

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  4. What do you use to record your screen? I need some ideas..
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