Roblox CAMPING PART 12! (Hotel Trip)

hey everybody and welcome to another roblox adventure well known another camping adventure I might as well start calling it now it's like how many episodes wait this is part 12 this is part 12 of camping daughters and sons well this one here is called Hotel trip it says here this is an adventure game we recommend you wear headphones for the best experience nor have sound on take a trip with your friends to the oldest town in Robloxia stay in a historical hotel and discover the mystery that lurks whoa okay well guys it's time to just jump in a whip well I am excited but also terrified I forgot about this this is disgusting we don't even need to go into the game will you just look at my avatar and that's it the spooks are over this is as scary as the video gets it's fine where are we going over here I should hold on I don't have volume on what is going on there we go ooh it's time join boss hos anybody want to sit beside me huh man honestly like that could be the monster really can man I don't like the look of this dude's face okay it's a little bit too realistic for my liking what's going on out here where's this guy what is he doing Freddy Jake Jake again gyms deep every way yeah okay well yeah looked around looks like a hotel lobby not much to say about that now we're all levitating what is happening right now well okay we're actually going up in the elevator Wow technology these days well he lifts his jerky did you weird you we are trapped in an elevator now it's working again okay hello weird little pause on the story I guess like a loo elevator got stuck for a moment there before we do anything I can't seem to find stage in Mario's everything anyway can't your mind Frank Jim maybe Jake you like our rooms I don't check the hotel rooms found them that was strange what's where did you find them hello that happens so fast before we sleep I'll be telling ok I didn't get to read any of that at all I let me tell you an old story about a crazy man that once lived here oh geez ok ok everyone buckle in for a spooky story Jim of you may know him you was your age I do is you roblox you named George oh you wish boy this really town ain't killed countless vm's don't look this way to my face okay dr. Yates Perry did a gear change your back coin hey don't give up oh my god joke what is happening right now what's happening right now thank you again I was so confused okay so so what turn the lights off and it was a spooky man oh now we're in the staircase okay and we can't go up here yet can you guys just hear that scream way off in the distance somewhere Wow okay Jamaica we had no choice but this day night it's too dangerous to go anywhere whoa okay it's teleported somewhere everyone get to your rooms and try to survive the night oh okay oh this is actually pretty scary what he's supposed to – I just heard someone die I'm just gonna stay on my bed try surviving the night so what happens I'm gonna barge into the room hmm okay this is actually like really scary I'll fight them off I mean my big tubby belly do your worst much Jay now I hear a baby crying and then this girl's name is sad tears like that's just miserable okay very spooky very very spooky do I just stay in my room not move and I don't do anything oh good idea sad tears oh oh what was that dope hacker killer hey man what's going on only 30 seconds left something real spooky happen though I'm gonna stay up here yeah I feel nice and comforted up here with sad tears hey dope hacker killer you want to make your way up here is this spooky okay I have no idea what to expect just two more seconds one second hey there you go we did it I mean there's still really horrific sounds happening right now we survived the night I think it's best we leave this hotel isn't safe at all I agree old man and everyone to the exit or the exits I don't know yo-yo right hey there we go guys the elevators gonna stop again that's what I think's gonna happen like I don't know oh never mind I guess I was wrong okay okay why is it still dark I thought we just had to Green ready George dog hey hey come on buddy no God the elevator what he said he's stuck he's stuck in the elevator no please we are a lot about our friend old man he stuck at the elevator what do we do what if the game can't progress because he's stuck in there oh whoa oh my goodness how did you get over here whoa John Doe who else it's me John Doe you every way this hotel was built above my tomb by measly robloxians ever since then I haven't been able to return and I have wandered this town I will let you live on one condition wait you must destroy this hotel okay well that's pretty easy I'll destroy any hotels as long as like we all get to stay alive at the bottom of the hotel or for pillar is you must vegetable oh and destroy them hey Jerry please – barely gives the old man any time I'll see you guys just see the ghosts everywhere find the pillars I placed these bombs is such a weird plotline we now got to go place these bombs everywhere okay there's now all the lost souls okay hold on oh well not tonight can I go now oh boy okay now we can go yeah okay wait no wait there's there's no point being over here so now we just know yeah you get near them whatever you say you old geezer the activator well what well the lost souls walking by just wait Wow good the detonator has been activated which means the bombs will explode at any minute wait find the exit in danger hello what is happening where am I going I don't know shadow foxy no not over here oh boy okay okay we're still dangerous yeah yeah over here okay okay okay okay okay okay oh it's so hard to do the parkour like this this really wield weird feel the view yeah we did it this is so scary oh my good oh whoa hotel blown up did we get there though I thought we were under the hotel right now all right we've escaped we should get out of here oh man that's that was it am talking finally I can return to my tomb if my tomb has ever disturbed again I will find and kill all of you along with everyone in this town oh oh wait that's it Wow okay all right okay oh cool cool cool cool okay okay okay okay what we have to blow up a hotel that's so weird okay now here's the thing though right is that on the game page it says new story update so like updates here new scene players now have to survive the night before leaving the hotel so what happens if you just try leaving the hotel I'm confused what are the different endings I don't know I'm gonna look into it I don't know guys I looked into it I don't think there's anything more than that I think the new scene that they're talking about on the game page was that it used to be that you didn't have to survive the night play like that's a new feature whereas before I suppose it just went straight to having to blow up the hotel anyways though do let me know if I missed something I don't think I did a pretty short story but who's fun who's weird I like it but that's that guys I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out my all new Minecraft channel it's called Dennis minecraft there's a link to subscribe in the description below it's pretty much chick guys again thank you so much and I will see you wait a second top winds dope hacker killer is number two on the leaderboard dope hacker killer was in the game with us so we were in a game with someone who's number two on the leaderboard dope hacker killer that's crazy anyways oh okay that's that guys yeah thank you and I will see you and then I climb you

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  1. johndoe BLOW UP THE HOTEL NOW!!!!
    denis whoa whoa clam down matey
    denis ok ok ok blows up hotel
    johndoe MUHAHAHAHA THIS IS NOT THE LAST OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. denis ima just stay on the bed
    me walks in * *kidnaps saadtearss
    denis AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    me walks in holding saadtearss in meh hand mmmmmmmm how are you today denis?
    denis …..


  4. Hey its me again telling u once again CAMPING PART 15 And more holiday,stranded,mummy mystery and fishing and MORE

  5. denis can you play fishing as part 13 and can you play holiday as part 14 and can you play stranded as part 15 all camping new 3 camping games 🤴🏻

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