Rice and Beans

On the island of Puerto Rico,
a teacher gave Kermyt and the rest of his class
an interesting homework assignment. The teacher asked the students
to find someone in need, and then help that person
with something meaningful. Kermyt smiled and thought
this was an easy task. He already enjoyed helping people,
so all he needed then was someone to help. Some of the classmates got together
after school and decided if they teamed up, they could help
even more people. Perhaps they could feed all
of the homeless people in their town. So one student volunteered
to bring rice and beans, and another student to bring a side dish. And others said they would bring
salad and juice. When the feeding day came,
all the arrangements were ready. The students met in the town square,
where many homeless people often sat all day
and slept on the benches. The students set up a nice table
and placed bowls of rice, beans, and other dishes on the table. One of the students brought
150 paper plates to serve the food. But quickly, Kermyt and his friends
noticed that they had way more plates than food. All the food they brought
might only fill 50 paper plates. After all this effort,
this wasn’t going to be enough. As they searched for a solution,
someone suggested that they pray for God to bless the meal,
and help them feed everyone who was hungry. So they prayed, and asked God
to bless the food and the people who were going to eat it. When they said amen,
the homeless people started lining up. While several friends spooned
large portions of food onto paper plates, Kermyt walked around
the town square, looking for people to invite to the meal. Soon, Kermyt had invited
everyone he could find. He came back to see
if there was any food left. Surprisingly, the food was all gone,
and so were all the paper plates! Not a single item was left. Even though they only had
enough food for 50 people, they had given out 150
generous plates! Kermyt and his friends
saw a miracle that day. God had blessed
and multiplied the food. The students were very happy, and they spoke excitedly
about what had happened. They remembered the miracle
of the five loaves and two fish, when Jesus prayed over
the boy’s small lunch, and then used it to feed the 5,000. Some students believed that
Jesus performed the same miracle for them that day,
and they never forgot this incredible gift from heaven! Today, Kermyt, who is now
the pastor of four churches, gratefully remembers
his homework assignment to help others. This shaped his life and motivated him
to continue helping those in need. The members Kermyt pastors
feed rice and beans to 150 people every Sabbath. And his other church feeds
a similar number on Thursdays. As these churches feed the hungry,
the town’s homeless people find more than food– they also
encounter Jesus, the Bread of life. Can you think of someone
you could help? Share your ideas with your parents
or Sabbath School teacher. God has a special plan for you!

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