Review of sushi at Fuji restaurant 2015

Hello and welcome to this review of the sushi
selection at Fuji restaurant. This Fuji restaurant was located in Centralworld
shopping mall. We visited this restaurant on the 21st of
July 2015. The restaurant has the special characteristic
of being organised into small private booths. You can eat sushi and other traditional Japanese
food. The total cost of this meal was 200 baht.
The service was … professional. It was very good sushi and the miso soup was
very good too. You get some slices of … processed crab
… prawn …salmon … white fish … tuna. I think it is an OK lunch, but to be honest
on the day I was quite hungry and the meal didn’t really fill me up.
It is a very tasty meal but not really filling meal … to me.
I think it is OK value for money. 200 baht isn’t exactly cheap and it wasn’t that filling,
but … it was quite tasty. I quite like sushi so I think it is worth spending a bit of money
on that every now and then. I rate it as 3 out of 6 in terms of value
for money.

3 thoughts on “Review of sushi at Fuji restaurant 2015

  1. I can see the evolution from this early video to your present slick presentation, very interesting to compare & contrast, as you say elsewhere, you're learning all the time. Another place we saw but didn't try, didn't miss much it seems, thankfully.

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