hey guys my name is sediuk and welcome back to restaurant Thai code where's your boy oh my goodness guys your boy is back today we're gonna be expanding the restaurant I know my good disguise if you enjoyed this series of what is Ybor make sure the like button down below guys I can't believe the gym what is going on with this series so far you guys have legit been killing the like button I'm gonna try something can you smash the like button more than it's ever been smashed before in its life on this episode can you do it guys I don't even know anymore I don't even know what is possible but it can be kind of hard to find out right these days like this – pretty much killing the game right now you guys even gave me some tips and as always why I actually like to leave me some names checks for the restaurant and what I got suggested so much was the cool it steady steady rows because we sell swiss rolls for like for dessert you get it you guys get it got a british flag up there beautiful so I got 1633 diamonds and I wanna do some sweet sweet sweet expansion's today right I think you do it just over here oh we're sliding we slide in ride steady a cry your phone so just here we can change a restaurant oh this is changing the style of expanding it's in the menu right there is a certain style now one is this big open one but I said for 10 for 10 diamonds I did it whoa it looks mad see they let me get fancy right I can even expand it I'm gonna spend it from over here for 500 smackaroonies BAM good boy just expanded big time I just realized well I need to check out my my rating you know what oh my that's a lot bigger right then are you it used to be why it's gone down to a 2.5 that's not good that isn't that good at oh right you get said yak how much room we got now we got so much more room for activities right now there is so much room I'm going to spend some cash money Mulan buying some pretty sweet upgrades now I like you guys have been giving me tips and they're greatly appreciated because they're gonna help me out big-time like you said get the glass tables because they're good and get the things like the armchair or the pod chairs I'm not sure it's wrong those folk those type of chairs they increase like the comfort and stuff like that because they're more fancy but also August money left click that well also as well hiya chefs with different nationalities because it unlocks more in the menu so at the moment I got two british chefs which really got british many of you how you can hire four chefs maximum so we have one of different nationalities we get more of a range of items meaning we are a higher rating that's kind of cool right we're going to jump into a kia ekr and i'm going to buy some of this cool stuff them so these type of chairs over here seem to be really really cool like like fancy ish and people saying at the pub chair don't really fancy like getting the punch here i like these big comfy rose armchairs ever sending out red one yeah boy what's how many of you i buy i don't know the maximum we can the Magnusson's looking at the maximum table size we can create is eight some people some of you guys have been trying to like put two tables together it don't work apparently sighing in a mess around with that well i want to buy a load of these these are going to be the new style of chair that I have so this is the jet keep buying I probably buy like 20 no 2024 I bought 24 of them what am i doing 24 of them and these glass tables you can actually change the color oh man you can change the tint and the glasses rather than sending out red right I'll buy three of those they'll get so many small ones too like Table four ones how many should I get I don't I've only got six six enough I don't know well I don't know right okay I will go buy some yeah I'll come back for the kitchen stuff I want to set up this let's get back to my tycoon close that menu get back in are we going to cash money moon out to select yeah boy right I'm going to close the restaurant so nobody new comes in and I'm going to slowly start to get rid of this stuff so I'm going to remove I'm going to sell the furniture get rid of that red red bye bye bye okay finish I'm gonna get these I'm selling out all the furniture because I've got new chairs that I want to use so while they still either put in their desserts we both sell so we get money for it all back that's okay I can't solve that because I got to collect it we have some sweet diamonds from that as well is that in the volume down today like the volume so quiet the volume up I can barely hear what's going on right remove Sal done and I just want a favor one out so slowly finished what I can do is I'm thinking now this design maybe set up the table for ones near the window and then we do the bigger tables at the back there might be a cool idea to go it might be a cool idea to go there later digit finish now are they are they going to go they're gonna order more yes right BAM I can get rid of these guys here and then slowly work on this side over here so Sal goodbye how much we got we've got 700 smackaroonies right build okay we new table for ones so babe no one won no way hold on one there one there one there I bought six table for ones I mean table for twos that means I can fit free imperfectly either side if I do like this method and the same over there ee okay for the table for twos I mean eight like a chair there chair there like that I'm trying to simulate a table for eat now let's premature I wanted to go can I then change up the tech glass tables that's the Rose one I only use the Rose one not too shabby do you look really really nice is that the large Rose one yes only thing that I am is it just those I got in my inventory yeah that's really nice okay let me finish this up collect that wait for these guys to wear on pudding right now but that's nice I belonging to sneeze I feel like it gonna sneeze stare at Sterilite said yak you stop sneezing dead right they're gonna stop speeding them killed it right build remove South are gone right bone okay let's try this once more they starting miss corner so I can work it out better then all right one there one there one there Marine this is going to be really really cool like that and then where's them table for ones right finish that up I got four armchairs remaining so technically I want to buy some more chairs don't I so I can finish it all up I'm thinking about buying some new like kitchen areas yeah I'm going to do that what depends how much they are first they could be like very expensive then how'd I get out of town boy get out of turn right here we go I can also change the flooring as well different color how much does that cost click the change floor oh yeah cost CAD as well you think I made that Lobster nice think I'm made of money we talked about I got 26 diamonds I won't change the floor just yet well when I get some more knees chin I've got four them so I need another floor – yeah I got eight now so I got eight forward to create a table of eight I buy a binder before then just to simply create like a table of four so we like to kind of mix it up a bit I think I've got enough tables of them I don't know we'll find out but how much it is kitchen substance I've got this rusty one how much is this fifty how much does that one say me next one is a hundred right so I could I could buy four but do I want to buy four then I can have four different types of menus can i yeah I can sell the current ones I've got yellow there Cash Money moolah back so this has become a very expensive shopping trip they may have upgrades you've done today it's ridiculous right let's get back in so collect that money build we're going to remove all of these salaries aren't these chairs because we've got these new star ones it's just so much better yeah a little bit money back right nice finish what I'm going to do is quickly not fire everybody oh but I need to fire one of my British chefs so start working and fire so sorry and everyone start working go home so then I can adjust what's going on over here so I'm going to sell these remove sell because I've got new you know kitchen areas and to store that for a second then build so I'm baking with a mirror what I've done over there one there one there and I'm hoping I can squeeze like a table for four in the center over here so let me get the air the glass table air cannot be centered oh that can be centered nicely hold on a second this is genius right which way do I have it because I can have it this way create like walkways either side guys your boy is on fire right now I'm legit on fire so when it comes to the kitchen area then well how do I do I do a long wall or do I leave a little bit space somewhere else for lot more tables I'm gonna stay in this corner maybe I mean how much that stick out free there and another free will that look good like that hmm I do like that and then mirror this over I leave a walkway in between the two chefs how would that look I mean it's very close that table isn't it hmm I don't I don't think I like that let me remove and store them again I'll do the opposite way around so build rotate I do it this way instead so one there do a gap so there is a slight walkway to like waiters and waitresses can get in between it's a flat I don't like to place this I'm going to throw this in the corner over here for now that's nice that's religious like really nice so I've noticed you can get like divider so if I could divide a going round to quite a wall but they're pretty much got my very own kitchen area a vinay or this could be this could work so well right workers let's get the start working british chef let's get you over here and we'll start working with the waiters got two waiters so a chef then so if let me let me cancel oh let me go check my menu so menu for example I have everything in the British food because I'm a British chef is level free if I go next what's an exon exon American food so so what I've been told if I hire an American chef hire will start working him and will upgrade him to light level three as well that should me yes I've got all the American food Oh legit okay so all the food could I get let me go meet them II see the workers hire a new one and I hire again chef there we go so what do I go for I gotta go for Japanese food like get like sushi and stuff of an eye I love shoot sushi so got him another chef this is going to be tough they will go Chinese food I love Chinese food as well we got in Berlin again I love Indian Fadel of curries I'm gonna go Indian food because that's another personal favorite of mine food right okay so we've got both of those will start working these so I've got four chefs start working you there why can't you go here there you go so we got these new chefs I got enough to I'm going over them and they're both now level free so my menu is going to be killing it right now so Japanese food killing it all is like you know so she's and then where's the Indian food white Indian food that they got crazy new food last one chicken curry samosas tandoori chicken vegetable naan bread mango pudding have enough men to me mango chutney porn curry papadums ooh when the syrup pool they've got the syrup balls as well oh man it's making me very hungry right let's open back up the restaurant then and now we've got extra tables so we can take in more people meaning hopefully our ratings will be even higher apparently you can't hire more than two waiters so I'm not too sure about that if you can let me know guys I'm going to keep it to two right now because my wage will is going to be really high so this is cool this is legit cool right now I'm hoping my ratings going too low Wow get so they're ordering japanesey stuff no no one's on a Japanese one's ordered like a vegetable soup looking at the good porridge this dish so getting from very various different chefs here that are cooking this is going to be like legit probably like go band gap so we have a nice little table for four coming in killing it legit killing it right now so the wage will is there twenty four dollars well so we need to make some serious cash guys some serious cash okay so what's my rating neither no don't make it which it has changed the menu variety is not the heist five that's good that's good so my entertainment is really low so at some point I need to upgrade the entertainment the insert text here how dare you I confirmed semi rolls how did we dare you a table for five is no coming in oh man oh man these chefs are going to be like under pressure right now to make the tastiest food going some of the food has different prices as well like let's let this pick one let's go to the evening the American section why they guy limericks and cheeseburgers nine dollars for a cheeseburger seven for a hot dog these are very expensive cheese burgers and hotdogs pancake if they get a large cheeseburger gates $11 please everybody get chicken wings mmm this game is just making me really hungry that's all the game is due right now is making me like legit hungry oh man but we should start getting we should start getting more money per table now because there's a larger variety there's more of a chance than getting like a higher priced item and more variety means that they're more likely to order something that they actually want so you may start to see people you know you're less people not ordering stuff that is that made any sense whatsoever oh man this is cool collect the dishes so we need a speedy service in here right now we are never table for two incoming oh this is so good this is like legit so good right now guys what I want you to do is well guys if you're playing this game as well take a screenshot of your restaurant and tweet it to me so I want to see the type of design that you guys are coming up with because it might inspire me to do something different I don't know I don't know I feel like you know at some point someone's must have done this design because it seems like a quite simple basic 125 dollars we got that say five smackaroonies oh yeah I can't wait til we got like a full restaurant of people in we're gonna be killing it what's that dude over there doing weird right so it's going to sell for point one now so what's increasing I mean the comforts at five as well so again those chairs made all the difference and legit made all the difference didn't they yeah men so I need to get my entertainment up as well we don't have very good entertainment stuff going on Oh 73 a chef I'll take that I'll take that tip the big tip in it here it is right let's let's go see what entertainment options we've got coming from this from Kia so we come and then though understand what we're going to be focusing on I don't know what that dude over here is doing I don't know what he's doing anymore let's go see I want to check out these dividers rugs at some point I want to buy the dividers to separate and make our very own kitchen so I don't know can you change the color of these ones because there there are glass and you oh yes you can and they look are they're nice at some point I might use those or he could even could use these I'm not sure what I could use we're pretty interested to find out though why entertainment stuff well are these are there also borders as well but they're on like a platform hmm well quite a few possibilities to be honest haven't we yeah we have right entertainment is any entertainment stuff up here which will help us these statues cannot change color there are pretty cool statues I mean when I sit like the movie like the same model as your character now we're pretty cool premium radios will go over there we've got other stuff over here decorative or a fish tank how much is a fish tank why can't I oh I can't select the fish tank maybe I can't use that statue here oh the suit a boat you should get a boat what about that though a golden arch i we can place a delighting in the doorway cut away oh man why do I choose I feel like I want to choose the golden arch and they're different prices Italian arch is huge Greek arch Greek arch Japanese Italian what was this one again a garden arch we'll take that I'm gonna buy that and to see if that affects any of our entertainment it might be like entertaining for them to walk in if it doesn't guys let me know what will increase my entertainment ranking let me know by back in our teleportation to our thai code gonna have to move these items here either side so remove going to store them just very quickly ich advil build rotate ah that's an awkward size isn't it hmm Oh what if I uh put it there like that that can be the archway to get into the kitchen area let me drop these back then we'll see we'll see how it turns out let me click the money's awesome in this mode right fab spam checked in all the cash the money the molar I do they walk for it they look it walk for it as well that's cool okay how impressive that and I ventured that like a wall go man two separate into a kitchen so that would look really really good I'm quite impressed right with that I don't think that's going to affect our rating in any sense you know accident affected our entertainment rating we never free we're a 4.4 overall not bad not bad is anybody I need a really big restaurant yet not quite not quite Oh a table for seven you know I've never seen a table for eight that's the highest I've ever seen is the JIT a table for four seven I've never seen at eight come in I know you can get them but I've never been lucky enough to be graced with a sweet table for eight but this is so good this is legit good so guys why want you to do is leave you some suggestions as well for naming the restaurant as well the best one I'll pick for next episode but yeah let me know what you're thinking guys don't me to continue playing restaurant tycoon if you did like I said given mohnish that like boy don't everybody watching right now to hit that like button on this video I want to see bring a break some kind of record we got another table for seven coming in as well damn I love when you get big tables like that because you know you're gonna get some big paydays some pretty big paydays but guys the progress we have made we have legit killed it we got a bigger store we got more room now we increased our rating we got four a week you know what we've done quite a bit of progress today quite a bit of progress and what's my rating at now so it's gone down to four point three so what stays at that sort of design I don't know but we need to increase our design entertainment so I see how things go we legit see how things go but we got a pretty buzzing restaurant there's quite a few people in here now more people are arriving we are killing the game we have this dudes in minus 12 we have no we have no chance of going down to the – numbers anytime soon I collect your dishes don't worry but I'm going to need to build up quite a bit of money anyway to start expanding I mean how much of the next expansion 3000 from mega plot and dude that's a lot of money Larry guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did hit that like button down below if you went here make sure you subscribe Mitchell next time I'll see you all soon so good you

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  1. 8:35 I was like DONT BUY GO UPSTAIRS FIRST

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  2. You should name ur restaurant “Name a food”
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