Restaurant serves creepy crawlies

has decided what you have for dinner ever found you well why not have some chef Mario Barnard will make you think twice before squashing that annoying little insect because instead of whacking it he's cooking it the insect experience is a pop-up bug restaurant believed to be the first of its kind in the mother city well it started all when when I was in my personal trip to Thailand and I had to eat tarantula and scorpion and was a bit gooey and I found it hard to eat and then immediately an idea sparked like why not try and do it in powder forms you know create dishes in a gourmet way support our shift Mario's favorite critters I chose to use locally farmed insects from in South Africa like Mopani worm black soldier fly mealworms and silk worms it adds so much flavor to on the menu you'll find anything from pesto Bagatelle to wild mushroom and her croquettes with Mopani hummus as a sustainable protein source it's had so much nutrition two dishes it's huge in protein the exoskeletons Yujin father iron zinc the inter milks got more calcium than normal more I'm afraid to say it's delicious this is taking flight dining or rather fine driving to a whole new level turning Eve to Capetown

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