Restaurant Owner Goes Insane After Employees Walkout Mid-Shift

what did I do wrong I gave you another dollar come out with your fucking fist stop John hey what do you want me to do your fucking looking out of me we deserve at all you know we don't deserve this whatsoever I grew up John doing shit John yeah I'll kick your ass you ain't gonna find a fucking job

12 thoughts on “Restaurant Owner Goes Insane After Employees Walkout Mid-Shift

  1. lol it's just makes those that walked out look bad in the end no matter what the owner did or how he acted. You walked out on a job and that never looks good and then went petty and aired out his personal issues. This is why we can't have nice things.


    His raspy ass voice tells me he’s been yelling at his employees for a while now…

  3. Would love to know the full story. 🤔 Anyone else sick of videos that are super biased and only show one side?

  4. The owner should realize that employees have the the right to quit WHENEVER THEY WANT just like he can fire them whenever he wants. It is totally fair. But he is entitled and thinks that his employees are his property or something similar to how someone stalks their former wife when they get dumped.

  5. Anybody who has worked in food service has had some experiences like these, only most of us had the sense not to show it to the world.

  6. cue conservitards spewing drivel about the employees being at fault because they crave subjugation from a designated authority in order to live

    Oops, looks like they already beat me to it.

  7. i'm sure there are two sides to the story, but I have to take the side of the owner: you DEPEND on people to HELP you make money, just to watch them throw a hissy fit and walk out in the middle of the hitch?

    That punk waiter is EXACTLY they type of person you DON'T hire.

  8. It says "Employees"..I see only one guy walking, chances are the owner worked by himself for years to create a business and thought it would be great to hire on someone younger, only they probably want $45 an hour for their useless existence

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