Restaurant Industry Update March 2018

the National Restaurant Association z' restaurant Performance Index in February was 101.1 and increases 0.2% restaurant operators reported some improvements in same store sales and traffic conditions but their expectations for six months out regarding business conditions although still positive definitely did decline regarding capital spending 57% of restaurant operators reported making a capital expenditure over the past three months and 59% expect to make a capital expenditure over the next six months regarding restaurant industry employment in February the industry continued to add jobs another 11,500 over the past year the restaurant industry has added two hundred and fifty-one thousand jobs restaurant industry employment over the past year comes in at a 2.2 percent rate and that is above the 1.6 percent rate for national employment regarding wholesale food price inflation in February although that index was down slightly compared to January on a year-over-year basis it is now running at a 0.9 percent rate for example certain commodity groups continued to post double-digit games over that time period for example fresh eggs beef and fresh fruit and in comparison certain commodity groups posted declines such as cheese butter and pork regarding menu price inflation in February that index continued to move up it's now running at a 2.6 percent rate year over year that compares to grocery store price increases of just 0.5% over that same time period an overall consumer inflation is now clocking in at 2.2 percent on a year-over-year basis so in sum the restaurant Performance Index in February 101.1 an increase of 0.2 percent restaurant interest employment up by 11,500 on a net basis wholesale food price inflation coming in at 0.9 percent year-over-year and menu price inflation at 2.6 percent and don't forget for additional information visit our website restaurant or you

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