1. I haven't been in the Ermita area since 2008. My "stomping grounds" are in the Makati district (P. Burgos Street). I thoroughly enjoy going to the Philippines and I am very interested in retiring there.

  2. I looked at this hotel , I did not like it atย all its ย really small , I stay at Riviera mansion just down the street as I love the location

  3. Cool spot! Night life is out of the question for me. Im a family man. Im home by 6pm everyday and in bed by 9pm. lol… Dont remember the laat time ive been out at night. Seriously!

  4. Good stuff Bobby! You two make a fine couple. Me and my wife just left Manila yesterday to come to Boracay. I gotta say I have mixed feelings for Manila. I love the convenience of having anything you can possibly want at any time (kinda like being in the states), but sometimes it can get too overwhelming with all the ppl, traffic, and heat. Flying into Kalibo Airport and driving on the country side towards Boracay is such a great road trip. Everything is so green and the air is so clean. It's a great sight for sore eyes. Hope you enjoy your mini vacation and keep the videos coming! Be safe and watch out for pickpockets!

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