Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone. Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice
had his contract terminated this week after TMZ released footage of Rice knocking his
wife out cold in an elevator. In honor of this vicious and horrific act
of violence, I thought I would do a Ray Rice-inspired makeup tutorial.
So the first step, as always, is foundation. And I’m using a new shade I just bought called
The NFL. I really like this color, because it’ll cover
up anything just to save face. And really make sure you get in to every nook
and cranny, because you want to make sure nothing unsavory leaks out.
This sport is all about getting drunk and watching people push other people over. It’s
about integrity. So the next step, you’re gonna wanna put on
an eye primer. I’m using one other color called, um, Intersectional
Feminism. And a lot of people complain, like, “why do
I have to use Intersectional Feminism, you know, like, why does my feminism have to include
people of all genders and races and orientations? Like, why, you know?” And to those people,
generally the best thing to do is, um, read a f***ing history book.
Next step is eye shadow, and you guys know I love my eye shadow.
So your crease color is #27, which is Ray Rice’s jersey number for the Baltimore Ravens
— or, former jersey number, I guess. It’s so hard to get used to people getting fired
for doing bad things. (LAUGHS) You know? And the other color you’re going to be using
is #25, which in the state of Maryland is the number of years you serve in prison for
felony assault. “You should be serving this… ah, but we’re
not gonna make you do it! We’re not gonna make you do it, ’cause you play football!”
Eyeliner’s next. I’m using a color called Women Are Objects.
And you’re just gonna want to ring your eyes like all the way around, um, like a wedding
ring. And think about, like, when you put on a wedding
ring it means that the guy that gave you the ring can do whatever he wants to you, and
it’s automatically you’re fault. Like, say he knocked you out cold in an elevator, and
then everyone found out about it, and people started blaming you because you put on the
wedding ring, so like, you’re kinda asking for it. You know, like, did you read Corinthians?
You know, like “Love is patient, love is kind, love will punch you in an elevator occasionally,
and suppress it so that they can continue to play football”? That’s really what you’re
getting at with the whole, you know, puttin’ a ring on it thing.
And don’t forget to throw on some mascara. I’m using, um, Mismanaged Rage.
Bronzer time! I love this name, it’s so punny, it’s Orange You Sad That the American News Source
Most Dedicated to Truthful Journalism Turned Out to Be TMZ. Like, just a laugh riot, you
know? Rub it in the NFL’s face, you know what I
mean? Like, just rub it in. And the final step, as always, is lips. And
this is one of my favorite colors, it’s called We Can Do Better.
Millions of North American women are violently or verbally assaulted by their domestic partner,
and we find reasons not to help them. And that’s why I choose to put on We Can Do Better
today. Remember, there’s always an alternative to
covering up violence. You don’t have to be like the NFL.
If you’re interested, I’ve included some links to resources dedicated to helping women in
distress in the link box below, so you can check those out.
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have to say. That’s it for now guys. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

  1. How about instead of bringing arguments about equality into this, we can all agree that hitting others, regardless of gender, is a stupid, immature, vile way of dealing with problems. What are they, animals?

  2. Fuck this is brilliant. When I watch videos like this I have so much HOPE for humanity… Then I read the comments section and think to myself. Oh right. Now I remember why we are so fucked as a species.

  3. If she was slapping any other 250 pound mammal around you'd all be saying she got what was coming to her.
    Keep your  hands to yourself or get ready for what might be coming.

  4. What is done is done and none of your biased super intense opinions will change what happened or the outcome of the situation. You are wasting your time here. Go out into the real world and put that mind to some real use somewhere it actually matters!!! 

  5. There are a lot of hate messages towards feminism and lots of hate messages towards men from feminists. I actually call myself a feminist, but I ascribe to a new definition that merely allows women to find worth in themselves as people and not "lesser people". Women and men alike should be given love and respect. That's what I think feminism is all about and is a message that is too often tainted by hate.

    I like this video, because it's clever and it's not about painting men in a bad light, but about painting voilence against women in a bad light as it should be. In general there should't be violence against men, but there is something to be said about self-defence. Anyways, those are my two cents. Take them or leave them.

  6. You Dizzy, retarded looking, Obese, gap toothed, Sheeple. Your'e a bandwagon jumper. Your piling on to Ray Rice, like the media is doing just because its what your being SPOON FED. "Vicious and Horrific act of violence"? WTF do you call what that MMA guy did to Christy Mack?  What about Chris Benoit? Benoit KILLED IS WHOLE FAMILY and the damn dog! What about Mark Fuller or William Adams? All these are high profile domestic abuse cases that the media did not pick up. Why? Because its easier to paint the domestic abuse beacon on a black guy like Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson. Your outrage is well deserved but false because its UNFAIR and stinks of racism

  7. What if you come home from a long day at work and your wife has drowned 2 of your kids.  She's about to drown the 3rd one…can you punch her then?  

  8. Read this… theatlantic . com /health/archive/2013/11/a-same-sex-domestic-violence-epidemic-is-silent/281131/ Violence comes in many forms, even gay couples are worse than heterosexual couples when it comes to fights, get your facts straight, stop judging all men because a stupid boy with micro penis hates his life and wanna make women feel miserable, there are a lot of women that abuse men, hiding themselves in over protective laws against men, a girl can say I raped her and it's her word against mine, no proof needed, stop this collective madness, we need absolute gender equaliy. No more laws that over protects women and no more laws that are always against men, you wan't gender equality? let's give you gender equality! and let's end this bullshit, there are a lot of people affected by domestic violence, not just heterosexual women, at least heterosexual women has the law supporting them, but what about straight men? what about gay men? what about lesbian women? who cares about that people? media doesn't tell you 24/7 about LGBTQ people suffering about domestic violence or men suffering because of women, get it?

  9. I think I have watched this about 100 times but it hasn't gotten old yet, this is a truly amazing video! Great job!

  10. Omg love u and ur videos! Crack me up…how do u keep a straight face while doing these videos?? Do you follow a script? My favorite is the marriage equality one lol.

  11. As a survivor of domestic violence and an awareness and prevention advocate and public speaker, I thank you so much for this video! You are powerful and so entertaining at the same time. Loved this!

  12. I just found you through the Cosmopolitan thing. You are so adorable! Really pretty makeup tutes, and love the satire. Stay a gem!

  13. Are you dumb? You aren't a feminist with your double standard shit.

    It was true equality. If you continuously charge and assault someone(especially in a corner), that obviously lives in a fight or flight type of style (athletic), then you better expect for them to respond when attacked. People say it's fucked up either way. People say he shouldn't have hit as hard. People don't understand psychology and the fact that it is an animalistic response. Attacked? Attack. There is no time or way to measure the amount of strength you use in that situation. Sometimes even the fact that you choose to respond is subconscious. So yes, this is fair and he did nothing wrong. 

    I would also like to point out the fact of how easy it is to knock someone out if you place the punch in the right spot regardless of strength.

  14. 1 she started physical altercation 2 yes he did use unreasonable force 3 who did firing him help now she's got a black eye and can't afford a new one.

  15. You are hilarious. That was witty as fuck. How do you feel about the #nomakeup hashtag? is it feminism? Vanity? I just did a youtube video about it on my channel. Curious what your thoughts are.

  16. Ok, verbal abuse is not the same as physical abuse you idiot. I also assume you are a high school graduate who inspired do nothing beyond K-12. Fact 1
    Most and women that are uneducated are more likely to abuse each other.

  17. Well the bitch should of kept her hands to herself "Equality" is what you women wanted so learn to keep you freaking hands to yourself or you might get knocked the fck out.

  18. Oh look, another fat feminist attacking a strawman. Who woulda thunk. Don't worry Megan, you won't ever be objectified so rest easy.

  19. You've stolen this whole concept off of +tadelesmith
    She started making makeup tutorials that parody issues in the world long before you did.
    Get some original ideas.

  20. So politically correct to joke about domestic violence, also a true triumph for equality to demand harsher punishments for the male who was assaulted first, another victory for feminism! And woe unto me, for my priviledges were checked.

  21. Millions of innocent children are abused by women every day and nothing is done about it.. Women are the largest group of abusers in the western world. It is a systemic problem.

  22. I wanted to comment on the video "Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay"

    But I couldn't, because you turned off comments, and votes… That's lame as hell, and I hope you get hangnails because of it.

  23. Turn the comments on on your "Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay" video I'd like you to see how many people think you're a fucking idiot

  24. I was looking to have a discussion with you in your video called "Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy?" but the comments section is closed, even though you said you expect a discussion in the comments section. Nice going there. I guess you can stay in your echo chamber, er sorry, I meant safe space…

  25. You're making jokes about violence against women. I was told you aren't allowed to do that. I've also been told that your intentions, and the fact that the message you're trying to send is positive are not excuses. Are the people who tell me this wrong?

  26. Oh my god, all these negative comments are horrible. I think this is a fabulous video– it's humorous and light while still addressing a very real problem with our country in a serious manner. Sometimes humor is the best way to tackle things, especially when there's real information being given out as well.

  27. Shout out to all the fellas getting angsty in the comment section dreading a woman on speaking about assault and criticizing her appearance and basically perpetuating exactly what she's talking about…

  28. You are the smartest most clever most important YouTube I have ever seen! Your videos could reach non feminists and white feminists so well. Omg I’m amazed my girlfriend and I are your biggest fans we can’t understand why you’re not bigger!

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