Vinh is drunk. Drunk, drunk , hahaha Welcome back to our channel. Yesterday, my young brother caught 10 mice Today, I’ll cook a dish named “grilled mouse in silver paper” This morning, I went to market and bought this bag of spices This bag has plenty of spices, so I’ll use it to cook mouse. I don’t know How it taste. In order to make it more attractive, I’ll add lemon grass, garlic, red chilli I’m going to clean these mice These mice are ready for cook I’ve chopped garlic, grass lemon and chilli well Now, I spice these mice , I used a bag of spices I add some grass lemon, garlic and chilli, then mix them well Look, it smell good, and attractive too. I will spice the meat for about 30 minutes After 30 minutes, spice mixed into mouse meat Now, l wrap them in silver paper. they are well done, after 15 minutes , now, put it onto the grill now, put it onto the grill It’s smell good. But is it well cooked already? . I’ll cut it. The meat is well cooked, but I’ll grill it in 10 minutes, it’ll taste better Well done. It’s time to enjoy I’m hungry because the smell of grilled mouse hahaha These are chicken feet soaking in cranberry and grass lemon which I made yesterday. Sister, put chicken feet in the disk, I’ll eat grilled mice first. hahaha Look, I’ll forcus in it. Mouse meat is well cooked. It’s delicious, everybody. delicious Good smell Good smell delicioso It’s too hot. Mouse meat is firm, like a gym girl hahaha Hey Vinh, buy some beer. Parents are out today. Here’re 3 cans of Saigon beer Parents are not here, each of us will drink a can of beer. We’ll go to sleep when we’re drunk Sister, You make these chicken feet very well It’s firm and delicious Now, cheer KIM .. Kim, What are you drinking? Sparkling water. .. Joking, it’s beer Parents are going to work, drink one can of beer each You eat too much, Give me some food. If you love my channel, please LIKE this video SHARE And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Goodbye and see you again in the next video

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