Raiding the Russian Hotel! The Guests Were Rich! – Rust Solo Survival

today's video is about revenge in the last video I decided to live inside of a hotel and the hotel owner did one very very big mistake while I was offline he stole loot from my room this is the first rule that you should never break as a hotel owner do not steal from your guests because I will and I do get revenge enjoy the video guys this morning world I've got a feeling that I'm gonna be dead I don't know let's see you receiving data here we go processing Gator vibe like I'm alive oh my God look at sunrise okay welcome back to the series everybody let's check it out from the outside to see if and it's not stolen my louisvil what a nice guy thank you I think he has actually I think I'm missing some food from when I last logged out yeah hang on a minute I had loads of stone in my freaking inventory when I loved ow I swear thank you thank you okay guys episode 2 will come out tomorrow swear out more than this by let's have a little look outside then oh we've got a players sleep outside but door always made a few more rooms room 1 room to room free and room 4 and he's also added a research table don't really need that but yeah there's a level 1 workbench there so yeah this is this is the hotel if you want oh the hotel owner lives in this space serious in this part and he's a it's a cool Russian dude he's just built this little hotel next to it so yeah he's got a shop as well where he's basically just selling fish oh no he's not selling anything anymore maybe he's selling it he's selling it all in here now I don't know it's just sell it all he's telling in here are the rooms anyone living in these rooms oh it's getting nighttime that was a sunset not a sunrise this might be it very very bad but I actually have a soft side wall here and if there is somebody living next to me I could potentially break through this and take wherever loot they have and I know that's a dick move what I'm thinking about doing it I'm just gonna quickly have a look through the window to see if there is anybody look at that like there's definitely a player in there or and he's got a proper bed and everything alright but is there a player in here of bed in there as well and there's a chest a large chest and not only that but there's a soft side wall there as well then we could literally take whatever is inside the the vending machine we could take the Russians lot online right now so I'm going to do it and then when he gets back in I'm gonna pretend like it wasn't me and then ah but it's gonna be obvious that it's me though isn't it well I'm gonna do it anyway because it's free Lou and they never know the guy that lives next to me could have some decent stuff so I'm gonna do it I'm gonna freakin do it let's craft loads of pickaxes pickaxes being crafted I'm just gonna start picked up a thing now all right sorry this is just freely I can never pass freely and I've got the perfect opportunity to do this and after we've done this I'm gonna move out of the hotel and the great thing is I could see when the Russian logs in because he's in the groove so he loves in other Slavic accent but yeah okay three two one boom we're in any loop castmate 487 scrap 56 high quality 800 almost a thousand sulfur a hundred and one hundred freaky crude oil I guess what there's a note with his code on it six a six eight brilliant mate damn right I'm taking a much as I can write six eight six eight is anything in this furnace yes there is metal which I'm gonna need and I'm also going to put some put some wood inside there as well that's a lot of metal that's almost three K hell's to the yells mate as Jack Black would say okay so the code is six a six Avery boom alright hope we're going here then nothing in there a little bit of wood in there not much though right we're gonna pick ax through the next verb wall and get into the next bit and then we're going to keep big accent for every single wall we're gonna take everything we can from this hotel 487 scrap that's enough for a little to work better almost let me go ahead and grab some more pickaxes then just quickly pull away this loop first oh my god a player over there I I'm sorry man I need the wood sorry plus I don't want you around this area whoever you are because I'm trying to do Miami Reid right now we gotta be you like mad quick here this Russians gonna come online any minute get a bit more wood so we drop some more pickaxes and stuff like that hopefully there'll be some wood in the vending machine because he's actually selling rooms for five thousand woods so this should be loads in there with that wood then we can go and build another base by a star pickaxe in through this next wall then any losses aside the vending machines please having some wood oh yes what thank you ah we can't get through that bit though okay without still okay I'm gonna make a base I might perhaps um satchels to read the rest I'm gonna build the base just over here very close to the hotel literally right in front of the hotel basically sleeping back up there last thing we grab and get rid of the wooden barricades couple sleeping bag okay there we go we have officially moved out of the hotel and the only reason I'm moving out as much as I look to stay it's that as soon as this hotel owner comes online and finds out that you know it's gonna be obvious vibe I'm the one that did this though that is why I have the mood face so as long as I build my base decently and just have it like decently built then he shouldn't be able to raise me I'm gonna crap that level to workbench in a sec as well because we've already got the hike wall and the scrap wood just need literally thirteen scrap we can go and use the level one workbench over there at the hotel to craft a level two okay I've just done a bit of farming and I've got enough now for the level where to workbench so I'm gonna get that crap today sup and I'm also gonna get a garage door down and I'm gonna grade my base to metal as soon as I can as well and obviously we're gonna have a garage door right there now I'll make the basic urinal okay I've got enough for the level two workbench right now so I'm just gonna quickly run to the level one workbench and crap the level 2 workbench and then Bruce right back here level 2 web bench is being crafted and then straight back to this base get inside I always get really paranoid that someone's gonna shoot me as I'm going through my door even ever know that there's good nook that there's no one there level to work benches down crafting a garage door right now oh my god no way I was just AFK craft in some bean cans and guess who's online the hotel owner let's go over and say hello hello how are you I know it's me the guy that lives in the hotel how are you but they do with what wait what's a help what happened did you do this touch up the check this log well somebody raided it brah give miss dawn okay follow me see this all has to do you see all he has to do is asked politely and I'll give him some stone not go into my room and steal it without asking cannot trust you anymore me but because you're a nice guy I'm giving you stone no problem man all right it turns out they just walked out again I just went afk again and he's slob towel he wasn't online for very long so I'm just gonna quickly check the hotel and see if he's done anything to it but I changed the codes smuggle something to it that's not a lot yeah change the code what's alright we were already rated that bit all right so my plan is to raid this guy and then to pickaxe cuz there's only one Sonny what it's only for satchels so raid this guy and then pick up through there and raid the last guy over there let's do it right force actuals that's all we need we're checking crap right now game first such will being crafted second satchel Birds actual and finally fourth satchel there we go all force actuals are being crafted okay raining the rest of the hotel out and all I've got is about nothing else there we go we're in I hope forgotten here then any loot yes chainsaw some blue here I'll take it all yes and war fight a hundred and sixteen animal fat and they wear this gear see there's a broken broken fricking rifle okay let's get this back to base will swell will go back to seems a bit else in a moment just wanna quickly deposit this before somebody from a frickin client kills me or something all right placing a little box down closet all this okay let's go get the rest of the loot and then let's pick up start pickaxe in and raid the dinner guy next to him Mel or silence so much I'm I'll say dark so blockers and the campfire listen bear me all right then right then let's pick up through here and yeah the last guy I just want to quickly double check to see if it's loot is available and yes it is this loose up there now that doesn't seem to be a player in there but he probably is in the first bit well yeah all of his loops available here so we'll just pick axe through that wall and get it final 9hp this when I don't want a plan to come out of nowhere for HP three two one nice okay I'll help me defend myself hopefully to double sheet melt doors okay hazmat suit nice that's going on straight away from water pipe fire arrows still need to research that okay cool anything inside the furnace some ammo bits and bobs here nothing special for okay we got the hazmat suit we've got a bunch of stuff a revolver in tow all we got way more from this entire hotel so I'm very happy about that not a bad not bad amount of loot from the hotel overall we're going to use force actuals and like a few thousand metal frags to get there and a beer would you count all the ML pickaxes we've had to graph okay that is the end of todays video we got revenge community revenge she was a very nice guy but I'm not gonna be living in a hotel with somebody that goes into my room and takes value I don't care what any of you say that is not cool it's not a cool thing to do as a hotel owner right so yeah not going not staying there I've left the hotel but don't get me wrong I'm still gonna be friendly with the guy you know because I live right next to him so we're still we're still gonna be alive he doesn't actually know that I did it properly he's still friendly with me anyway in the next video so stay cheap I'll come out on Friday and yeah thanks a lot guys drop a like if you've enjoyed subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you on Friday's video but before I end this video I just like to make a quick announcement as well my server my official roster on entrants server will be shutting down completely on tomorrow at 5 p.m. and we're gonna have a little bit of a party to celebrate the service shutting down everything like that about 3 p.m. so if you guys would like to come along to that the server shutdown party will be at 3 p.m. UK time and yeah come along join in whatever everyone that's playing serve a big thank you my admins 420 Gekko France star true backup gamer thank you for taking your time out to help me app in the server but running a server just isn't for me guys I love to play on high pop servers like Russ to fight EU main and you know I don't really feel it doesn't feel right playing on my server so that's why I never played on it and because you know I prefer to play on on sermons like Russ to fight so yeah that's main reason my shutting it down who knows in the future I might release or a server again and do it properly this time but for now I'm just gonna stick to I like to do which is play emulsified and ya know running your servers a bit too stressful for me so yeah come along to that if you won and yo see you on Friday guys take it easy folks love watching bass you you

43 thoughts on “Raiding the Russian Hotel! The Guests Were Rich! – Rust Solo Survival

  1. Got damnit rants why you gotta be selfish? Should have just lived there!! But… You could have just said someone went deep on you and soft sided the other rooms.

  2. Jordan. Just wanted to tell ya the guy knows you did it 😁. He said "why did you break the walls" in Russian in your video

  3. How did u make profit u got 2 pipes and a broken semi and the loot were shit u should’ve of raided the owners base u probably got way more haha profit

  4. Burglar, and a Rust Academy wanna be, RA adds stuff off camera JR removes it. And a hypocrite, "he should not steal stuff of me" said while he thieve's of others.

  5. W…w.what?? What happened to no attacking customer XD? What happened to good guy Jordan of old haha? Nice video. The Russian landlord is a nice guy.☺👍💯

  6. I stopped watching your videos because it got very boring and i never saw any action, nothing higher than a sar and you only raided with satchels. It got ver boring

  7. mmmm…. well, it's Rust, so, there's that. But still, you did kind of Pearl Harbor him there with the initial raid, the second was legit in my book given you moved completely out by then but still. Love the videos regardless. edit: this is second only to the time you stole that new persons base…. tsk tsk jordan 😉

  8. Jordan why are you doing that mate that's pretty bad and I feel bad for the hotel owner but free loot tho xD

  9. Jordan you have all these subs the time you put into these videos is garbage.. Pick axing walls and satchel raiding the neighbours that didnt even take your loot.. Your content is garbage.. Your just making money off views from children and farmers. How much money you make off this 13 minutes of nothing? Cant even keep your server going go get a real job you scam

  10. All you had to do is take off your front door so it looks like somebody blew your door then used your picks to do the rest.

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