Quince Paste Recipe

hello my name is Nicolas Ganea ans I’ll show you how to make quince paste it’s quiet simply alright stay tuned So what you need to do first is this great a sharp knife and peeler so what you can do is this you can peel it off start peeling the the quince and it oxidize very quickly so be fast with it once you have done that your going to save the peels dehydrate thoses so you can have your own pectin because it’s high in pectin now once you have done that let’s move to this part so slice in half and cut into quarters once you have done that make into slices slice it up and you are done once you have done that put into a pot with your water vanilla and your sugar bring to a boil once you have bring to a boil your going to poke into a fork until it gets nice and soft that’s what you are trying to achieve once you have done that add it to the blender and you are going to blend it until it’s nice and smooth once you have done that next step is pour it back into the pot bring it to high heat once it begins to spit your going to bring it down to medium heat you don’t want to spit everywhere and you are going to lose some of the product which kinda blows and when that happens you’ve going to use a spatula back and forth so it doesn’t actually spit at all and when that happens your going to continue this for probably 10 to 12 mins go back and fourth until you no longer actually see for one second it will go back and for one second it will come back together in the pan that’s when you know you have achieved quince paste now pour into a container and put into a fridge as very simple what do you do with quince paste? quince paste you can use fold it into some grains or even wild rice or rices anything in general as a finisher to give it a little flavor don’t use it as a stock it lose it’s flavor or you can for ice creams or vinaigrettes or even deglazes it’s really up to you but traditionally this is just used for some cheeses cheese… and some crackers pour on that and that’s it now if you like what you saw subscribe over here and if you want this in the raw version unedited and no filters click over here and you can get that information alright thanks for watching guys and have a good one peace!

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