Putting My Secret Sauce in People's Food in Cooking Simulator

cooking simulator I don't really know we're gonna be starting a new game here okay this is completely insane extended period but does not have the greatest rating Oh God so it's my responsibility to restore the greatness of a once-great restaurant just you know this won't end well make sure you leave a caption you beat in the next video okay continue do I want to follow the tutorial every fiber of my being wants to say no but I know I should say yes okay here we are guys great advance kitchen where's Gordon you bastard is Gordon gonna be watching me like what does hat why am I doing this we used to rig to watch this games on Sunday I'm having a stroke on my first day bad guys Rick what are we trying to make here what's what's the goal I don't understand is it just me quicker there is no escape I'm just gonna go to the sandbox mode and see what I can do there is this where's the dish that I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it I'm a good cook fried shrimp okay we need to show Mom shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp scram scram boys red British girls eat catfish how many shrimp can i I can only hold one shrimp with the shrimp on the table that's not good – turn this on okay so that I'm like that there's only one temperature okay well at least there's only one temperature knowing how to cook he's crucial I didn't know that then okay right here just like this there we go okay the point all right this okay we did it I think my copic a little herbs and shit where's the Sun at how are they scrubbing in here now you know why you only have one hand look tough I've only got one hand dropping this I don't know what to do pan pan pan pan pan pan pan that's probably fun gotta gather myself what's this a 1 it's literally a magic wand hocus-pocus please make my shrimp I guess the triple signature therapist fuck I'm doing or okay pouring okay what do you no no no stop what are you doing okay that's not right where's the bowl give me a fucking Bowl me a bowl goddamn it I need to fuck this bowl I'm stressing out guys I'm stressing out really bad right now here we're gonna crash yeah okay that's not what suppose is supposed to happen but I let's use the blender all right we're blending it up bags and the bags in the shrimp okay okay I think we did it my god we're doing it we're doing it I'm cooking it look at this fried shrimp okay it's cooking it's cooking now um how do I get it off now trips getting awful red things embarrassed I just told his deepest darkest secret guys that wasn't bad together that was not even really truly a Jim that was just something I said that I regret now here we go I'm gonna post it on Instagram look at your yes bud dude look at this I got a shrimp served in fried shrimp there's your fried shrimp you piece of shit oh how the do and a half stars for that smash light my friend smash like if you think that was a boom all I needed was a couple more things didn't I just need some parsley and more shrimp and onion oh I'm gonna go do the actual story minute you guys want to see another episode of this hit the like button if we get like five thousand eight thousand likes or something like this I'll basically become the next new order what's that where do I see my order what is that baked trout trout lemon parsley fresh black pepper drew any more than one I think I only need two right oh god they're stacked on top of each other that's not a problem this is exactly what cooking is like in my opinion guys this is a perfect representation of what cooking is like especially whenever I cook I like nuts was you salt who doesn't put salt on trout time and dill let's grab the time I've got the sign let's put it on the trout here we go oh yeah look at that season it real nice cover it in that green shit just come on I heard a like 40 grams that's like a pound on my lord this is insane I feel like I'm breaking the law right now who puts dill on drought by the way who puts dill on anything except for a pickle Oh baked I've to bacon I didn't even I'm gonna need my pot baking tray where the fuck is the baking tray at that's a whole other story baking tray there we go more like a bomb I'm gonna go and grab my horseradish root because I'm a fucking monster also gonna add a special ingredient as by the way guys I hear the food critic is coming in gonna give a little bit special huh you know what I'm saying my supposed be counting how long ninety seconds right it said 90 seconds how long is 90 seconds you stupid you're looking at ain't cooking I tell you that much that much I do know okay I may be an idiot completely in every single possible way but I think what I have some little wisdom I've been known to have a few dingleberries of wisdom hanging around my um my brain what the hell am i doing right now okay come on right there good trout okay I just lost one that's fine we only need two one after I got two guys just think onion I mean a lemon I keep mixing those two out you made it a limit give me in the zoo zoo oh this is actually a really cool game oh my god they serve it on there bud and then it's piping hot and I tell you what I'm gonna win an award for this person you ordered this hopefully is like Gollum two and a half are you telling me I got the same score for a single sure as complaints didn't want any salt too much dill a two-month time no parsley garnish damn I'm just a pity it apparently new order Oh salmon and waiters pierogies and boiled potatoes I was way off I can grab the salmon that's just been in a kind of an open an open thing for like ten minutes set that on the clean lemons I think I probably ruined that just gonna put that over there I don't think I need it anymore there we go now that's fine we're doing it live way up in here now put a tater in there or something I'm sure that sounded like an like in a Boop hot okay we're it's hot bud let's fry that thing off there on one side number one side you let it go about middle way you'll see the facts start poured out the side you don't want to ruin your fresh salmon are you fucking stupid Gordon Ramsay would be proud look at me I'm up in like a am I in the friends place my our friends were shot some stupid apartment in New York City okay um where where's the spatula how do I flip it flip it I actually need this I can't I can't throw this over there corner yet this is gonna let me make it big in this world guys the cooking world finally my mom will accept me Johnny Johnny my slapping OB pawed over a big pot over put down the spatula put down this passion with big pots done big pots done we're going to pour this head I don't understand how this works okay don't want to pour the potatoes out that would suck oh my god alright that's cool here we go oh god oh god it doesn't have any physics on it here's your boring ass potato person that's close and this should be oh it's horribly overcooked but I don't really care ok I've got one special ingredient one special ingredient where is it where is it man pepper change that to poison I'm gonna poison these footprints yes yes there we go 50 grams of that go ahead and serve that right there a little something on top for the old or the old pip shit here 26 seconds left oh yeah three stars it's too much salt in the potatoes eating mistakes you mean he didn't mind the actually just an ass blasting amount of cayenne pepper that would kill the average human by the way it's fine the hardest thing and make that expertly I might add expertly with a level of efficiency and ease that you would only see in a man with deep wrinkles on his face and blonde hair who likes to yell oh I miss it what's that a mushroom oh it's a fruit bun give me a goddamn mushroom and I'll solve the world's hunger problems so what's this purple soup Ukrainian burst with boiled egg I think it's borscht but it's like it's got beets in it that's why it's so red and stuff spicy chef sukihari if i made that the person who ate it would die i'm going to make a phenomenal supers you're kidding what the fuck is a borscht let's kill somebody alright let's kill somebody with this borscht what's that we just got an order for borscht Ben's ironic it's almost as if I play in that this is the Americanized normal yeah thousand thousand okay a leader that's a leader all right this is the secret to a creamy borscht okay guys borscht milk you just add some milk all right and the guy that I'm serving this to by the way is lactose intolerant so he's gonna once again have a blowout that is why I've named my restaurant blood make sure you've securely fashioned on your diapy before sitting at my restaurant the fuck am I supposed to do again I forgot mmm I'm gonna add my own amount I'm not gonna care about the portions cuz a true chef doesn't follow any directions why show up whatsoever don't think I'm gonna die there for a second guys I want to see the guests complaints after I do this after I have poison some sure I can't fuckin speak when the word borscht is involved I died I didn't stick it but let's get another one of those I like the way it plops in there like a Dookie in the toilet here we go boom it's fucking heavy parsley alright we got that heavy shit out here what else we need a full minute out put your monkey all right this isn't a race thing by the way that's just from the banana and the boys it's my custom Sicilian a little fire extinguisher powder in there looking good guys we're looking good what else is in there beats that's right I forgot about the fucking main ingredient beats who eats beats by the way monsters eat beats there's a beat I think just exploded goddamn it then wash my hands that would be you know that would be sanitary I think there we go what's this guy what boss or whatever something right well we're gonna give him this instead some soy sauce there you go imagine ordering boar skin just getting soy sauce oh you can't serve it in that okay fine then you're gonna need a fucking plate how about that since you're gonna be a bitch about it you get a plate all right I'm gonna emasculate you in every single way possible there we go okay that's epic it get right there put that right there Servette okay first let's take a picture of it looks good simply you're creating oh yes complaints oh are you kidding me perfect flavors technique it turns out I might have missed a big lady from out of town you stored it into tomorrow boosts Quetta I'll write it tomorrow who's Greta I'm just gonna do it my way all right tomorrow boo squad up coming up one boo squad ass coming up how do you make this I don't know bread or something we need bread where's bread at I'm gonna give her a ha ha ha I'm gonna give her a McDonald's version of first Gettis me there okay that's it oh my god you can fucking throw knives Victor sketti has olive oils or something yeah little bit back there okay stop Jesus Christ and put that in the trash can all right it's still pouring here to get my square serving plate because we're a very cultured place here ooh disgusting I'm fuckin nasty okay there we go all right let's get the knife out I don't know what my other one went oh that's right we in the wall that's why they call it cooking is because oh wait a second we got my secret e an ominous leprous some real real good it's poison by the way poison that bitch here we go it's good serve that up I honestly wondered this is like maybe the closest thing I've made oh wow oh wow zero of everything did she die though that's what I want to know poison her what just happened what just exploded right now we just sit back and wait you want the boss he's your boss it concludes cooking with me I'm going to make a fun once again thanks for watching guys drop a like if you'd like to see more if you're new to the channel could suppress the sub button follow me on all the stuff on the screen here and here are the best comments from the previous episode up not cook killer 27 9,000 caption when you sell your legs to have Gucci merch nathan stated caption to when you're five nine and wall casa guy good 6-foot ashley Garbi so interviewer how do you feel about creativity and editing in your intros oppa villa yes thank me for the intros and thank my great editor tarah for basically the rest of the video my friends give her some credit down in the comments everyone say tarah the point is it isn't just me that makes these videos liam campbell capturing why you don't see the other half of youtubers honestly dude it's true I'm the tallest YouTube right now Gaiman may caption what women think when you're 511 dirty sex with excellent comments guys leave some more haengsuk UNIVAC my wife was a musical being I can transfer Joestar thank you guys

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