100 thoughts on “Professor argues eating meat promotes toxic masculinity

  1. Oh please. I’m a college professor and I don’t say these stupid things. Toxic what? She’s a fruitcake. She don’t eat meat? If she’s hungry enough she’ll eat meat. Darn, she should not teach. Sustainable future? How long has Earth been here? Really.

  2. Starting with the liberal sherpa, this morning I am enjoying a parade of fools like this women. What an entertainment. Therm "possessed by ideologies" applies one hundred percent. This is like watching combined horror comedy that is is so unbelievable you can't take your eyes away from it.

  3. Symbolizim has nothing to do with science. You can use symbols to display science. You can never use symbols to explain that a creative expression of a meaning; is because that symbol exist is why a thing happens.

  4. I wonder who dressed her this morning? In fact who showed her how to get out of bed before they dressed her. No common sense. Sorry prof can't go take a class for that your just the loser., and what a moronic loser you are!

  5. She doesn't care about this world … She only cares about her 15 minutes of Fame… She's trying to be vegan. What an f**ning nut job.

  6. So should we not eat meat because its toxic masculinity, or not eat meat because its bad for the environment, or should we just not eat meat we have not killed and felt the warm blood pump out untill the pupils dilate…maybe she needs some amino acids found only in meat to fuel her brain to make a logical argument…

  7. This is outrageous. What university made her a professor? When I become supreme ruler – people like her will be sterilized.

  8. These lefties create the greatest pro-space exploration argument, so that some day we can find a planet to dump them all on.

  9. Americans are raising the "sissy" or "pansy" generation with all this safe space and trophies for everyone so there's no losers. Winners and loser is a FACT recognized all over the world. Trying to teach kids that there's no losers is only gonna hurt them when they get into the REAL World. In fact let them keep teacing it to their kids so we won't have to worry about them EVER becoming anykind of Leader in the future.

  10. he just made her look bad-she wanted the meat-so what do we saw about women? hey feminists, here's one for ya: men should not it bead.

  11. Seems like anybody can be a university professor. You dont need to be smart. Feel sorry for the students. They will become idiots if they don't pay attention.

  12. Where did this Professor come from? She isn’t Christian I’d say , she mentioned God in a very snide tone—. Jesus ate meat- get ready people – these people are so extreme they’re coming for your chicken nuggets and prime ribs!!

  13. I’m head!! Ted Nugent are listening?? Hunters!! Blood on your hands!!! A lot of clothes too. Here we go. These people are for real. Lord Jesus please help this insane world

  14. So, here is someone who has earned the title "doctor". Now does everyone understand why attending college doesn't necessarily make one an intelligent rational human being?

  15. As much as I completely disagree with her and think she's a little sanctimonious she did handle herself well here because he was being somewhat obnoxious.

  16. Really? Love steak and eggs. I will not give my meat up. You liberals will go to a devil's hell. You must be born again to enter heaven. Where do you stand before God? Come to Jesus and live.

  17. I think they sit there with their tenure (which they shouldn't have because this is what you get) and try to think up the most absurd, outrageous idea in order to get attention because this is so stupid.

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