20 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Build Fish Tank and Refrigerator Food Storage (Search for Turtles and Fish)

  1. Unless they find iron or gold & Spark another gold rush in Australia I would be delighted to go to Australia one of the things on my bucket list when I'm older is how to fight a kangaroo take an emu in the balls throw 30 bananas at a koala build a building in the unforgiving Outback for a lizard farm for my brother fart on a rabbit and that's it

  2. Чтобы поймать несколько рыбешек, вычерпали пруд. Респект и уважуха ! Пацаны не мелочатся.

  3. Now this.. this is a god damn Minecraft mod pack with 4K texture pack if you ask me. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  4. Настолько тупого времяпрепровождения я еще не видел. Enjoy, чо!

  5. Y'all do this whole thing with out speaking to each other?!?!?! So creepy. 😁 Very fun video. Watching from Houston Texas.

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