Presto Pasta’s Experience with Anchor Chef’s Cream

My name is Jeff. I’m co-owner of Presto
Pasta. We’re a 7 unit chain in Southern California. Our specialty is
great Italian food, low prices convenience and speed. About a year ago, Adam from Anchor Chef’s Cream showed up at one of my stores wanted me to pitch me on a product it was gonna replace my manufacturing cream that we use in our
alfredo. Now, I was skeptical we’ve had the same recipe for 25 years. it’s the holy grail of our success. I didn’t want to mess with anything but after he cut
the product demonstrated its benefits to us, we’ve been using it for about a year
and the results have been phenomenal. what we found with the Anchor Chef’s
Cream is higher yield we’re not boiling 40% of the
manufacturing cream off any more consistent product – it coats the pasta, it
doesn’t dry up, it doesn’t separate like the old cream used to as it sits on a hot table. Cost reduction – reduced labor (costs) I don’t have to have a guy babysitting the
Alfredo for three hours while it’s cooking off all in all for presto pasta with our fast casual concept this cream has been a lifesaver cost savings, the efficiency, the consistency what more can you ask for? we’re super pleased with the change we made to Anchor Cream

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