you too buddy – this your boy big psilocin i'm back with another video hey sauce look how park this car by there anybody me driving listen cut him out of driving school for only three hundred thousand dollars an hour Oh Kate nap okay what you dancing to cotton-eyed Joe where did you come from where did you go where did you come from huh you wanna clean this as fast as fuck you wanna make good sweet love to your woman in the bed you want to fix a call you wanna grow a beard like me husband pants maybe don't get to that but no he's trying to crash fuckin jokes oh oh no no no but come make it o is going down tonight Oh what the FAK not this leg is stupid dog so I good yeah we bored as fuck so what we doing right now is prank calling fast-food restaurant bitch star behind the counter said I had the best off call ins s is right now that's insane trying to pick up a nigger call um hey how are you doing I'm doing great um I heard that you guys was giving away free milkshakes today is that so oh well um I guess I was misinformed they said you was giving me they said you was giving away like free fries or something okay so what if I came up then I said I'm your curse oh well the UM what if I was your son I said my mama said I'd get some fries oh well I I'm just don't come get my fries name ma'am I'm telling you please let me be pricey don't go please don't hang up I'm Edie Fred elope me Oh me I will sit from the Lord Jesus I caught that bitch again what's up y'all welcome back to the channel it's me prank call Sam um hello Matthew hey how are you doing Stan I'm doing great um so someone told me that you guys are giving away free milkshakes today I thought it was a joke somebody posted to mess with people and well I'm up here in the drive-thru right now and I seen that ad on Facebook and I I want my free milk so I can't do that let me speak to your manager okay keep it a fucking gather man let's get air battle I need up I need to maintain my cut that's the fucking worst intro in coming anyways what's going on everybody welcome back to the channel you bought a big dripper my girl bitch doll behind it so we had to be stopped today what we're gonna be doing prank caller chick-fil-a she gonna be funny man let's get into the video hey should I start 67 my number chick-fil-a got caller ID nigga done some Christian folk they got caller ID so why does she have your number when you cause everything your name my name Oh Brooke I'm dead-ass okay you know what's not seven oh hold a man-beast I don't know a nigga been doing this prank caller shit for a long time but Jay nobody that she was a kid sick from God himself thank you for calling the Sugarloaf Corporate Center chick-fil-a for fundraising opportunities or marketing events please press 2 yes press 3 for assistance with a recent experience or to speak to a member of our team please press four hey how are you doing today sir I'm doing great um so I just got a text message to my phone saying that you guys are giving out free milkshakes today yes today our freedom milkshakes you say meet a text message know your cell phone but you save me the tax dude you can lose your job over the years you know the Christian kid if you don't someone called said I may lose my job may save your hands probably making one of those YouTube videos on hi Melissa yes well I was probably up here to see if you guys are still giving out the free milkshakes yes you sent me a text message to my phone earlier and you tell me that you guys were giving out free milkshakes um I don't know if I was misinformed or not are you sure cuz you go ask your manager please because someone sent a message to my phone and they tell me that you guys were giving out free milkshakes I don't check that I'm pretty sure and I'm gay oh my okay well I'm gonna get this place closed I'm let's get it another chick like why does every chick for the fucking run have your number programs in their phone they do they got a caller ID crazy woman me what you mean if you got a caller ID when you call somewhere it says the name of the owner of the phone really do please tell me that you plan right now nobody know tell me that you was playing around when somebody text is my phone their name doesn't come through it comes to as a member a nigga we talk about call we talk about a phone calling somebody on the phone it's called caller ID caller identification I know you know I'm saying uh-oh caller ID I know is no caller ID who are you trying to refer to you win I'm gonna have to call you from blog if you were doing crazy she ain't no need something you know we're gonna do this right now no we not get your hair I'm afraid not I just did what I call her ID on my phone does you chase fillet I'm more important than that shit for me i forogt it alone it'll be like my life is good to go on hello hello but I but good to go walk but I was calling on the sleep that shit was but is held you must not all 100 you best not all obligate you what chance to redo that you say that because our blood oh this is braces right here all boots and go walk I done well a lot for a front oh so smooth now puts off go go to the wall what's going on Hannity support ti-ti Clifford Harris and I was just you know you don't know me that yeah that's me that's my music well I was calling up there to see because I was very enlightened about something that I had seen no y'all mean you know I wanted to order at least a thousand of them for the church congregate listen y'all I apologize I couldn't get my giggles out but nice video I got y'all if you enjoyed this video don't go ahead and drop a like I'll make more videos like this if I see you got some good traction or if I see if my fans like it don't disrespect chick-fil-a I love chick-fil-a I love the milkshakes I love the fries I love everything about chick-fil-a I just was you know having fun that's what I do hope y'all enjoyed this video peace out ah ha on his video pizza yummy


  1. They do have caller id ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I work at a lot of fast food and they all have collar id ๐Ÿ˜‚

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