Poking Replica food vs Real food (Not for people under 13)

I received a comment, “Don’t poke real food. It can be a bad influence for children.” I’m so sorry. Don’t try this at home. I’m sorry for being a bad youtuber. ChocoPie Peko-chan Cake Purin (Flan) Jelly cream pan Melon pan Onigiri (Rice ball) Japanese rolled omelette Spaghetti sandwich croquette takoyaki Castella Tiramisu Roll Cake Häagen-Dazs Monaka Ice Cream Camembert cheese Country Ma’am cookies Marshmallow bread Three-color dango Yukimi Daifuku Strawberry Daifuku Jiaozi (Gyoza) Shrimp Siu Mai Dumplings fresh spring roll Fish sausage tomato Sorry Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Poking Replica food vs Real food (Not for people under 13)

  1. はーーげんだぁぁぁぁあっつ

  2. I love how we can obviously tell the real from the fake but they feel the need to stick their finger in it anyways lmao

  3. どんな食べ物でも構わず人差し指でギュッてやるじゃん、ずっと見てるとなんか笑えてくる(笑)

  4. мне реальность больше нравится чем фэйк. Там то пожрать хоть можно

  5. 子供が真似するでしょ!



  6. Ok first of all kids are going to poke their food either way🤦‍♂️ how is this a bad influence if somebody just picks their food? if that's the case their parents are there to teach them not!! to Jesus people are sensitive

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