Picadillo Recipe – Ground Beef Hash Recipe

hello welcome to go to Jiang mama today we'll be making Mexican vacatio which is a Mexican hash now to get started you will need 1 pound of lean ground beef one can of corn one medium to small zucchini 1 onion 2 cloves of minced garlic 1 chicken flavored glue mq 1/2 a teaspoon of ground cumin one small to medium-size potato and 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup of water now here I'm going to slice my onion in half I only use half and I'm dicing it I'm giving it a rough dice I'm going to go ahead and set that aside and get started on my garlic and I'm just going to go ahead and remove the husk or the skin from my cloves of garlic and I start mincing I'm going to set that aside once it's all men and now I'm slicing my zucchini I'm going to slice my zucchini in half lengthwise and after I sliced that in half I'm going to go ahead and slice each half into thirds and now I'm going to dice okay and onto the second half I'm going to go ahead and set the zucchini aside with the onion and garlic and now I'm going to get started with my potato and here I had a large baking potato so I just used half but if you like potato use the whole thing so here I'm going to dice my potato the same size of the zucchini okay so in my skillet I'm adding two tablespoons of oil and I'm going to go ahead and start browning my ground beef once you get the ground beef in the pan you want to start breaking it apart and once you've broken it apart you just want to move it around and start browning now I'm going to go ahead and create a space in the pan and I'm going to go ahead and toss in our diced potato because the potato is going to take the longest to cook and you want to get give that a head start so I'll just toss it in with the ground beef while I'm browning it and just go ahead and sauce it saute the potato I'm going to add a pinch of salt and not too much just a tiny pinch just to flavor the meat in the potato because the chicken bullion is going to give you a lot of flavor and salt so you don't want to salty over salt your dish and now I'm adding ground black pepper and I'm just continuing to brown the meat and go ahead and start clicking the potato now I'm going to create another space in the pan and now I'm adding in my zucchini garlic and onion and I'm just going to work that into the into the meat I'm going to saute that for like a minute or so you don't want to overcook it I'm just going to go ahead and continue mixing everything together now in the middle of the pan I'm going to break apart my bullion cube and breaking it apart actually helps it dissolve faster into the meat I'm just going to go ahead and mix that into the meat and after that I'm just gonna go ahead and toss in like ground cumin and mix that all so I'm just continuing to mix and now I'm adding my water when I made this video a half cup of water works fine but if you need it a little bit more by all means add more now I'm going to add my corn and adding the corn last I add it last because it's already cooked you want to overcook it basically you're just heating it through so now you want to cover and I have no lid for this skillet so I use aluminum foil so if you have a large skillet without a lid I suggest you try this method it worked well so you want to cover your pica veal set the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes you want to move it around and it should be done and the way you want to check the doneness is just get your potato because that's ultimately what you're waiting for go ahead and get my potato here and I'm going to mash it with my spoon and if it see it's soft it mashed in the middle then you're good to go and here we have Mexican pica veal I hope you try it and I hope you enjoy thanks for watching

35 thoughts on “Picadillo Recipe – Ground Beef Hash Recipe

  1. so im a gringo,……. what do i know. but shouldnt u use calabacita instead of zucchini? and other than saying," I'm gonna go ahead", a million times is tiresome, I will quit critiquing you. That picadillo you made looks really good!

  2. Some skillets dont come with lids esp the sets that come in 3.ugh!! I use foil to mama dont worry.

  3. Instead of potato can i put carrots.coz i have no potato at this time.Thank you.i will try for my supper.

  4. I was not a subscriber to your channel, during this time, but clicked on it bc of your request in making the "ONE PAN WITH SALMON!: I really enjoy your cooking channel! Your husband and son are so lucky!

  5. Great recipe. Done well.

    Hey but why tf are you playing salsa music while making a Mexican dish? It’s annoying.

  6. I been wanting to try this recipe. Finally got the chance & my whole family loved it! Thanks for this video. You’re great❤️

  7. Covering large pot with foil, genius. That's like MacGyver kitchen. Lol another great budget friendly recipe. I needed another idea .

  8. If you grip the knife by the neck then you get better control. The handle allows for way to much movement.

  9. Hey mama I do the same thing for a lid! This picadillo looks delich. I'll try it this way. This will go so good with chile macho! Yum!

  10. I'm thoroughly enjoying your videos, but it would be great if you would plate the end result to show how it's served. For instance, is the hash eaten on or with a tortilla? Corn or flour? Do you serve beans and rice with it, or perhaps mashed potatoes? Your family is fortunate to have such a wonderful cook. Thanks for all the delicious recipes!

  11. I made it with out zucini since I didn't have it and it was delicious. Thanks again for a delicious recipe.

  12. Love your videos but the music takes away from your video…. it’s too loud…. besides I’d rather hear the cooking!

  13. I love your cooking. I can easily follow your recipes. Can't wait to try the easy spagetti dish for when i have a hectic day.
    So glad i found your channel. Thank you

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