Philip Earlam’s Story | Food Poisoning

Hi, I’m Philip Earlam
and this is my wife Emma. I have a son, William
Earlam who’s 12. I work for Vodafone, I’m a service desk manager. I’m a real keen amateur athlete. I used to train like twice
a day, six days a week. I’ve done ultra marathons
and run coast to coast across the UK as well. So this began when I attended
an awards ceremony in London with my employer. We were provided
with catering meal. As part of that meal there was an element in that
which was a chicken liver parfait, which contained
Campylobacter food poisoning. The food poisoning then
degenerated into quite a rare syndrome, which was
very debilitating. Within 48 hours, I’d lost my vision, I
couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t talk,
I couldn’t move my limbs. It was difficult
to know what was happening to Philip because
everything happened so quickly. I was in hospital
for six weeks as well recovering, being
fed through a tube. We just didn’t know what was
going to happen day to day. The impact on
William was probably one of the greatest ones.
We didn’t wanted to see him. because Philip was in such a mess.
He was asking me, can I go see daddy? Can I go and see daddy? Well he didn’t see him
physically for 3 1/2, four weeks. After about
four or five weeks, the physiotherapist started
to get me out of the chair. I’d gone from running
multiple miles week to three steps as
far as I could walk. It was only Philip’s
determination to get out of the chair, do a couple of steps, the
next day, do a few more steps. I spent lots of time
walking up and down the corridors on crutches
each day just pushing myself on because I was determined
to get back home. Yeah, that was the main
driver to get back home, getting back to the
family. Post the illness and the recovery, you then start to think
that justice is served. I didn’t really
know where to go, which solicitors or
even if I had a case that was something which
should be investigated. Leigh Day have been absolutely
fantastic from start to finish they’ve been there for me
and have been very supportive. They came down to
see us in probably early January when
I was still recovering and you know, took the
time to come meet me and my family in person
to understand what the case was and how we know how
we could proceed. And gave great advice and
guidance and have continued so far. I feel completely safe
in their hands really. My name is Angela Bruno. I’m a solicitor in the Food
Safety team at Leigh Day. Mr. Earlam developed
Miller Fisher syndrome after a severe bout
of food poisoning. Miller Fisher syndrome
is a rare nerve disease and in some instances it
can lead to long term neurological impairment. Our role is not only
to assist Mr. Earlam in obtaining compensation
as a result of the incident, but also to ensure
throughout the claim that he has financial assistance
as well as any treatment that he requires to
aid his rehabilitation. Leigh Day are committed to ensuring
the safety of consumers. We are dedicated to the
compliance of food safety law to ensure that this incident
never happens again. I want my
physicality, my everything my touch, my sensitivity
to return. You know, I want that back
as much as I can, but I also acknowledge that
every moment precious wherever you are,
whatever your condition.

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