66 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza Recipe | Mythical Kitchen

  1. Josh asking for the pan to be thrown to him “one time” just confirms to me that he’s worked in a restaurant, and he’s not just a poser

  2. If cats were the size of horses they would, obviously, poop in plastic baby pools. Or just continue to poop in sandboxes, I suppose.

  3. Im ghanian and peanut stew is the besttttt i totally relate too aunties sending over huge container of it, you can also freeze it for months !

  4. In my house we stan pineapple on pizza but we always get something salty/savory flavored like bacon or green olives to counteract all the sweetness from the pineapple. So good.

  5. I love Mythical kitchen so much and I love how some episodes introduce you to different members of the Mythical Crew.

  6. My favorite pb&j is made with vanilla and cinnamon french toast. I think that would make a bomb pizza if it's possible.

  7. that maggi sauce is quite popular from where i come from, its usually used in street foods here especially the burgers…..

    JOSH I hope you are reading this, you should really try Burger Ramly, Its basically the OG of burger patties here in Malaysia.. you should try it

  8. I think people have just been eating Hawaiian pizza wrong. ADD PEPPERONI!!! best pizza Canadian bacon pineapple pepperoni. But it also depends on where you get it. Little Cesar's probably gonna be trash. Roundtable it's amazing. Doesn't need to be covered in pineapple it just adds like an almond on a 24 stuff oreo

  9. If Josh was a real person, I would totally cook with him. Unfortunately for us, he is a sexy figment of our imagination conjured up by Rhett & Link in order to obtain global YouTube domination. Under that sexy exterior…it’s probably Cotton Candy Randy tugging at our heart strings with pb&j pizzas and quick witty banter.

  10. I tried this using a towel from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, and it was a total fail. So whatever you do, stick to the Josh approved Mythical Kitchen towel.

  11. after he was done making the pizza dough I had forgotten what the show was about and was surprised when he started talking about peanut sauce

  12. I’ve had peanut butter and jelly bacon cheese burger before on multiple times and it was delicious so I could see this being good.. Id try it

  13. Just made this for my family, and I gotta say the star of the show here is the poached grapes. Ended up putting what didn't go on the pizza into a bowl for dipping and that made a HUGE difference. I also put some of the poaching liquid into my salad and it was INCREDIBLE! I might even try some on vanilla ice cream later tonight.

    If the psychology of peanut butter and jelly pizza doesn't vibe with you, definitely at least make the jelly part of this recipe. It works by itself as a sauce, salad dressing, bread dip, and I'm sure plenty of other things. Definitely gonna be bringing that into my kitchen again, thanks Josh!

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