Paris Hilton Dishes "The American Meme"

hey everyone welcome back to build I'm your host Brittany Jones Cooper and today I'm sitting down with Paris Hilton the businesswoman and reality TV pioneer is here to chat about the new documentary American meme which follows the journey of some of the biggest social media disruptors in the world let's take a look I've been through so much in life and I don't really trust people with my fans I don't feel like that at all there's not a day that goes by that I'm not at they're texting and facetiming or emailing with my little Hilton's I can truly be myself around them I know that they're not judging me they're not trying to use me they just genuinely love me a lot of these kids come from either broken families or just really strict parents they just pour their heart out about their problems they say that watching me go through so much really helped them be even stronger I'm always trying to be there for them and let them know it's okay to be them it's amazing to watch my fans grow up please help me welcome Paris Hilton thank you how you doing today I'm doing amazing it's so great to be back here in New York so glad to have you here at build 2 I told you in the back I watched this talk with my friends and we've been talking about it all weekend because it's so much reflecting what's going on in our culture and I think for people who we've seen you over the past decade I thought I knew you and and I didn't and I think I got to see a new side of you so why did you want to be a part of American mean well they told me Paris we need you a part of this we're doing a film on social media you're the og you started this all so we cannot do this movie without you and then I heard about the other cast members and it just got me really excited because I think it's such an important topic and just how social media has completely just changed Society and just everything about the world it's just a really important subject so we really dived into it so you're very public but did you have any House patience being so open and honest yeah I was very nervous cuz I answered a lot of questions and talked about subjects that I have never really discussed before but I felt so comfortable with the director Bert Marquez I've known him since I'm two years old so when we were shooting these scenes it would just be him and I in the room and I just want to just tell my story and tell the truth we actually had Bert here a couple weeks ago on our bill brunch show and he did I could tell that he approached the project with so much respect because he did have respect for you guys and so he was like I'm not here to exploit them I'm here to share their experiences and how it's so unique so what does a feedback been so far from people oh my other response has just been phenomenal I've just been overwhelmed with just happiness and people calling me and just seeing people on the street and getting letters and just how much this movie impacted people and just really makes you think a lot about what's happening and it's just everyone's loving the film it's number one on Netflix I feel it's just so proud and so happy I saw that on Rotten Tomatoes it's got a 96% fresh which is really really good and 99 percent for audiences did your research and a probably a big part of that is your fan base and I want to start there because one thing I didn't know is how much love you share with your fans even saying you've given your phone number to some of them so why is that important for you to be just so in contact with them I love my fans so much I consider them family they're like my little brothers and sisters and I love with social media and technology that we can stay in contact I get to meet them all around the world I guess my little Hilton's are everything to me do you see the same fans that do they follow you to different cities like were they that loyal yes they definitely are my fan base is so dedicated and so loyal and it's just amazing to watch everyone growing up and I'm very close with them and giving advice and I even had Raul if you're watching Rollo stayed with me and Ibiza at my house and we were actually just in Mexico City together when I was there a couple weeks ago that is so cool is there any um where do you draw the line you know like what for you is sort of your personal Paris because when you look at social media you you do share a lot um I share everything I love to share my life I think I lead a very exciting life I get to travel all around the world for my businesses and my brand so I think it's a great way just to show people what's happening in the world and just saw the exciting places I get to go and you mentioned it bisa you are like the hottest DJ right now how did that come about well I was the first person to ever I guess invented getting paid to party in Las Vegas before the DJ's were doing it and then I noticed around like nine or ten years ago that it was more about the DJ's so I hired the best people in the business learned everything there was to learn about it and now I'm like one of the number one female DJ is out there so what's on your set list I always play a difference at every time but I play a lot of Rihanna I love her she's so iconic but with that comes I guess a lot of stress you have to budget your time a lot and in the dock you definitely speak to sometimes feeling you're on the road too much or feeling kind of lonely how do you sort of deal with that because you are on the road I think 300 days a year ease it yeah basically almost 300 days a year I'm traveling so it definitely does get lonely when you're not with your family or your friends and just in countries all over but I have my fans all around the world who I take with me on the trips and bring them to my DJ sets or my personal appearances so I'm alone at night in my hotel uh during the day I get to see everybody and it's really nice I want to know – that you're not the only person in this documentary they also follow Josh the fat Jewish Brittany Furlan squirts gorilla anyway they are also these huge influencers and you and Josh seem like you have like a fun friendship and dynamic so what is it like working with other influencers as well I love it the whole cast is so amazing Josh is hilarious Brittany Furlan is just like a comedic genius Carell is so sweet and just everybody in the film is just they're all just very interesting characters with these amazing stories so it when you watch the film that just makes you cry sometimes if you laugh it puts you in a good mood it's just there's so much in this film it just it's very interesting you mentioned tears and there are parts of the documentary that were difficult for you I could tell and I really appreciated your honesty one part is when you are talking about the sex tape back in 2004 and you actually compare it to a rape so can you kind of explain how that experience transformed you it was just you know obviously the most painful and humiliating experience to go through and back then it was almost like I was the villain and if that would have happened today it would have been a completely different story with everything that's happening with the me2 movement but when somebody you trust breaks her trust like that and put something out that no one was ever supposed to see it's just a huge portrayal of trust and did that affect how you trust then your image out there and who you give that to you know that responsibility because it seems like since then you've really owned everything that you're putting out I think it's definitely something that affected me and it will affect me the rest of my life and I don't think I'll ever fully trust anyone because of it but I am such a strong woman and I've been through so much and it's made me the person I am today so yeah I made it through what advice would you give to other young people struggling because social media can be tough there's so many trolls and even if it's not something super high-profile being attacked just personally it's tough so what advice do you give to your little Hilton's or to this young people out there who want to enjoy social media but have to deal with some of the hatred that comes at them I can't even imagine if I had social media back when I was a teenager like I'm I feel very lucky that I grew up in a time there was none of this but my advice is to not pay attention to the haters there's gonna be people out there I mean and I would just think of them it's just they have no life and they're mean and just not to pay attention to them block them and erase their comments and just not pay attention to them because it's only I only like to focus on the positive in life I just don't let any negativity come in anymore and surrounding yourself with it sounds like really positive people yes well who love you for you yeah you really were the blueprint in so many ways for this celeb culture that we have now for influencers is that a responsibility that you like having I love being a pioneer and being the first to do things and I love inspiring people and just like it's amazing this is how many people around the world I've inspired and created basically a new celebrity genre so it's it's not as I think thing including reality TV I mean the simple life I think was 15 years ago but it was the first of its kind like and now we have so many I including the Kardashians and these huge shows I mean when you look at that you're just like you're welcome I'm very Prague's I think they'll never be anything like the simple life it was just so funny so timeless I still watch it I have like little fans were like eight years old and they're watching it now so it's amazing that that show is something that people are still enjoying and Nicole and I had the best time doing it was just with her a couple nights ago and we were just talking about all the fun memories are there any catchphrases or things that you're kind of sick of that you started or any like trends be it fashion or style or hair that you're just like I've seen so many of my Styles I used to were back in the day but are now everyone is wearing so I would think I was a very ahead of my time the one thing I don't like which I see having a comeback is the Von Dutch hat I don't get it like I loved it back in the simple life it was like my favorite hats in the world but now and I see them I hope no one's worrying about that oh we're good we're good we're good I want to move on to the holidays they're coming up and I saw that you just had the most epic holiday party do you ever like how do you out pears Paris because you had like robots and virtual reality stations and that was actually my friends party oh that was a friend's party oh that was my party as well thank you for correcting that yes that was my friend's party it was amazing I'm such a vr like tech geek so I love all that I'm like obsessed with it yeah that you sort of are approaching that in your next wave is that something you're looking to do in the next year and the in the dock you sort of allude to doing some DJing yeah a virtual reality is that gonna happen now soon very soon I've been working on it for the past three years and I basically invented and created this Paris Hilton virtual world where you can be wherever you are in the world and get to party with me go shopping hang out and get to meet people from all around the world so it's gonna be like a new social network where people from all around the world can meet and have a good time so dope and for you then you won't have to be on the road as much yes you're looking forward to that no I'm still gonna I'm running such a big Empire that I have so many responsibilities so I constantly have to be traveling all the time speaking of to your right we see the Platinum perfume your 24th fragrance is that right my 24th fragrance yes I'm also wearing it and I was letting the audience smell my arm earlier and they all agree that it is an amazing scent so take me through the process of building a fresh new scent because you've done it 24 times now yes I've been releasing fragrances now for 15 years and after doing 24 I am definitely a professional when it comes to perfumes and I'm involved in every step of the way from picking the scent designing the bottle coming up with the name and the campaign and it's just so much fun to create these beautiful fragrances for everyone so tell me what does the Platinum name mean platinum oh we did gold rush first and that was a huge success then we did rose a rush and then next I was I loved platinum I love silver so Platinum rush I remember reading to that it was also about love and at the moment it was just securing that time in your life or you had fallen in love and you're really happy and I know that now that engagement has ended but are you still a hopeless romantic is that something you still want I would love that one day right now I'm so busy with work I hardly have time for myself so I'm not really thinking about dating or anything at all right now but you know one day I would love to have my own family I'm actually right there with you I'm in this place where I'm like 2019 has to just be about me like and just making things happen so you have all your fragrances and then you also have this really cool nail polish line that I love thank you nail and bone and 20% of the proceeds go to Animal Haven which is an animal shelter here so I love making products where it's also for a really great cause and I love animals obviously where does that love of animals come from from my father my dad when I was little we always would go and get exotic pets and by these amazing bangles and I had pet monkeys and I had a goat and I just would buy all these like crazy animals I just I love them and we also have my ranch so I'd always go there and took a horseback riding and play with the little baby chickens and it's just a lot of fun I've always been a tomboy at heart how many animals do you have no I have five dogs and two cats five dogs what are their names diamond baby Prince Prince baby bear Harajuku bitch nothing louder so that you can and as I say diamond baby yes oh yeah I'm princess Parris jr. how do you cope with the names you're just like it just comes to you yes I just look at them and I feel them well don't we have some audience questions so let's turn to them really quick who do we have first right here oh hey Paris um I had a question did you ever think about quitting social media ever or just taking a long break no I'm addicted to it I like I love snapchat I love Instagram I just it's so much fun never gonna take a break now also I say still to this day that's hot to troll my friends all the time that's all thank you for that even if you don't intercept officer at social media do you ever do like a little detox like like a Sunday where you're like no I vote no next question hi Paris congratulations on all that you have accomplished obviously your Empires just kicked off so much and you deserve all the success so I just have to tell you that thank you now my question is you've paved the way for so many different people to have so many different careers in this industry and actually like you said made a whole new genre of what being famous is like so what advice can you give to people who are trying to be influencers or trying to have a name and basically how to not make any bad decisions because this this age there's so many different ways you can go so what advice can you give to people to go the right way I think it's all about finding your passion and what you really love to do and putting your all into it it's all about having a strong work ethic because if you don't work hard it's not gonna happen so I think it's really about that also building a social media presence working together with other influencers and different social media people collaborating and just coming up with great content for whichever kind of product you want to do or whatever you love to do if you love to do makeup or hair or designing it's just really about putting your all into it and also having a big heart and I feel that when you put positivity out there and you have a good heart that good karma comes back to you and you're so hot so you could totally kill it and I love your jacket thank you so much yes where does your work ethic come from because for a lot of people I think Hilton the name is now more synonymous with you than the hotels in some cases I just ever since I was a little girl watched my father I would go with him to work and see him in business meetings and looked up to my grandfather they were always such incredible business mentors so I just really up in a business-minded family and always wanted to make my family proud and I didn't want to be known as just the Hilton Hotel granddaughter I wanted to be known as Paris and you did it did it that's hot and we have one question from Twitter Paris Hilton fans wants to know will you ever start a YouTube channel I actually am yes very soon can you tell us any more like win or what you plan to put on it everything I have so much content just like things people have never even seen so that and just all of my traveling doing makeup having fun I'm going to do a lot of collabs with different influencers and relaunching the channel 2019 in the beginning of the year it's so exciting so much to look forward to if you guys haven't checked out American mean I would really suggest it because I think one it's such important commentary on the current age were living in and again I think it just shows a whole new side of you that fans and new fans would love to see so thank you thank you for being a part of it thank you for joining us if you want to check out American meme it's available on Netflix now give it up for Paris Hilton yeah [Applause]

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  1. Im a fan now! She seems very real and obviously we have seen her life on social media and tv so to me she seems very transparent. I do get it that she doesn’t trust people or specially men but would love to see her fall in love! ❤️

  2. LOL, Paris started social media??????? LOL

    As this Tranny (male to female) ages – her man traits are more and more noticable – like those big OLD SHOULDers.

    Wake Up World.


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  8. I prefer her voice here than when she does the baby voice..i mean that is fun, but this one is mora natural n mature n serious wich is good for an already grown woman that is trying to do bussines

  9. Dear… am andestan lintas religious n den clears to do so let's party agents… wreaks up amriks pay pay pay any things.


  11. Simple life was soo funny , still the best " u girls are really getting on my neck "(the mechanic adventure)

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