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I bring you a very special recipe from our friend of the channel Best of the best
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I saw preparing these delicious pancakes and I fell in love
I will try to elaborate it and you will see what it’s fun to prepare it and it’s delicious
warm with a sauce for it let’s see if there is software and thicknesses and
flavor best friend of the best his spray and personal
they know about aritzeta and we will need for the dough 300 grams of flour a
natural yogurt a glass of water an egg oregano black pepper 200
milliliters of paprika salt oil 12 grams of fresh yeast and 3 grams of
chemical yeast for stuffing 300 grams of minced meat an onion
black pepper and paprika salt oil oregano
First of all I want to explain that there are many types of yeast but in cooking
we differentiate between yeast cool is this I usually use the
lévano brand bao le di tel is used in bakery is pressed and alive is
say it gets bad you can freeze but it loses its effectiveness in half as well
what better to consume it fresh in the moment and then there is the chemical yeast
which is better known is dry powder royal guy hold on longer but he has
less leavening power to be done is an idea in a dough loaf
mother for every half kilo of flour 2% yeast 10 grams is used
of fresh yeast and 3 grams of dry yeast the first thing we’re going to
prepare is the dough while resting we will make the filling in a large bowl
we throw an egg add pepper salt black a teaspoon of paprika oregano add the yogurt we look with the hand to the yeast
fresh and remove with some manual rods
to integrate all the ingredients add the olive oil and stir
again I have heated the glass of water in the
microwave and add the water to the mix that will help everything mix
better now we put the chemical yeast and remove
and we will sift the flour little by little we are stirring at the same time to
prevent lumps this amount is intended for 8
pancakes if you want more quantity then you add more flour and ingredients in
proportion you see how the dough goes thickening and taking a good body
Now we cover this bowl because it has cover but if not then you can cover
with a dry dishcloth and leave it stand for 10 minutes we’re going to
prepare the filling I’m going to put meat and cheese on it but what
you can fill in chicken with vegetables even sweet jam
chocolate endless ideas we put oil in a pan and when
hot we toss the chopped onion now start to take color well
add the minced meat while cooking we add pepper salt
black oregano pepper and stir well this will give the filling a good taste
amazing on an iron or pan large brush
we love oil at the base we already have our prepared dough that has
rested for 10 minutes and with the help of a round mold spread with oil for
that the walls do not stick and we throw a thin layer that covers the bottom is
have to cook over medium heat controlling that we don’t burn
we throw the meat mozzarella cheese
and then we discover above with the dough that covers all the
surface we leave a few minutes to brown in the
time depends on the power of each fire and when it is golden we remove the
mold we remove them and turn it over with the help of a shovel we put it on the side of the pan and
we continue with the following amos brush oil in the base we put the dough that
cover the bottom we take the meat well of mozzarella cheese so that it is then
super juicy we remove the mold and give turn around look at that it’s simple and that
Quick this to cook with the kids It’s super fun well here are our pancakes
we have wanted to make our version and there we have ive
or at least I tried and we are going to accompany homemade txiki with sauces
I’ve prepared but you can dip it in ranch sauce in yogurt sauce in
ketchup that already to the taste of the consumer let’s try one that is warm
wow wow it was super crispy and it smells great look at the cheese that has melted
let’s dip a little in sauce and nothing wow awesome I’ll repeat for sure it’s a
great idea of ​​pesos the best you have some great recipes I encourage you to
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it’s super recipe thanks to all and until next time

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