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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today you know a lot of people have been
requesting me to make paneer butter masala you know I made butter chicken if you
add paneer to the same gravy it becomes classical paneer butter
masala but a lot of you people have been
writing to me telling me how busy your schedule is and you want to cook
something really really fast you know VahChef is going to teach you
certain things which you can cook these classical dishes in just few minutes
but remember the best way to cook is using the fresh ingredients with all
those are masalas spices that’s when you get the real flavor but I
also will teach you lot of short cooking you know i’m going to start this new
series where we want to learn a lot of microwave cooking and the classical
dishes which you can cook in just three minutes so this will be my gift to you all for
the new year 2008 so today I’m going to show you this
beautiful paneer butter masala which you can cook in a few minutes and your
guests will be surprised to make the dish get a bowl and add 1 full tsp of
coriander powder quarter teaspoon or half teaspoon of garam masala powder
quarter teaspoon of chilli powder add a quarter teaspoon of kasturi methi one teaspoon of tomato ketchup one teaspoon full of tomato paste if you have tomato puree you can add
up to two and half teaspoons of tomato puree, add little bit milk and mix it and add and keep me mixing add the entire milk ok you can also add some tomato color but
if you want to add it at the end you know after you finish the dish that is a
better way to add heat the pan and add little bit of butter you don’t need to add oil because we’re going to make this beautiful paneer butter masala and we don’t have
any onions that we need to cook but we are going to add some fried onions for this preparation so just add a little bit of butter just
melt the butter add ginger-garlic paste ok so we have not added ginger garlic paste to the entire mixture because you want your ginger garlic paste to be cooked and get this raw flavor out especially because you’re going to cook
really quick version and now if you want to add you can add some fried
onions see you can buy even fried onions in the market nowadays they’re available just now take one tablespoon of onion if you want you can just crush it like this with
your hand and just add into this mixture so that way you know we are
eliminating adding onions and cooking for a long time in the market you can
also buy this fried onion that is readily available keep it handy and you can all of time you can process your dishes very very fast now get this mixture with all these
ingredients and add to this after you add this mixture into this
container please cover it up and simmer and let it cook for 3 minutes you know on the slow flame because
you want all these ingredients to get good all your ingredients are raw in this and let
it simmer for 3-4 minutes and you can add you’re paneer and you’re dish will be ready in no time little bit of salt okay whenever you’re
trying to cook two minutes cooking with VahChef always try to use nonstick
pan because that eliminates lot of burning and scraping now you can see this all these
ingredients are very well cooked and you can see this is slightly butter is oozing
out from this mixture see the gravy is now ready so you can add some milk to it and slightly thin the sauce okay so but remember one thing add little by
little and mix it immediately because this is very acidic and you don’t want
your milk to curdle by adding milk like this you can avoid adding cream okay add your paneer now see now lot of
people ask me chef you know do with fry paneer or not see it’s up to you lot of times in lot of places they use to fry paneer especially if it is a day or two old but if you have fresh paneer if you can just add it directly and it’ll be perfect so after you add the Paneer just bring
it to a nice boil and your dish will be ready if you add the right amount of
spices and cook it to the right consistency I can bet my life nobody will be able to
make out whether you made it with the fresh ingredients and all that already
you use quick recipe look at this beautiful paneer butter
masala ok wow yeah so this is a very easy paneer butter
masala who see sometimes i do a very sad does look
at this dish I cooked in three minutes and this
actually feels better than what I made with my fresh ingredients but this may
taste very very tasty to my mouth but to my body I always prefer fresh ingredients and
that’s all i am and i hope you have enjoyed learning this really 3 minute version of
paneer butter masala and if you want to be generous enough we have a small section called thank you
from where you can donate to and let me assure you that every penny of that donation will be used to improvise the website and this show so at the last do not forget remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to
cook so please post your recipes cooking tips so other may benefit from your great
cooking thank you yeah yeah

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  2. Vah! Chef. I always follow ur recipes when in doubt or have guests over since its always turns out well. Our palette are conventional and similar.Thank you for for teaching me to cook.

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  4. Your recipe and instructions were easy to follow. I added Chicken and paneer as a variation and used 8X Hot Sauce instead of the red pepper. The result was

  5. Superb recipe. Thank you Chef. So easy to make. I'm constantly making many of your dishes, and I'm recommending your channel to many friends.,

  6. Hello chef
    Ur recipes r very nice i tried alot of them and this was beyond my imagination it was delicious and so easy to cook

  7. watching this video again after a gap of 10 years , I remember i was very excited when i make paneer butter masala first time after watching this video , and it was very tasty indeed even though i am a very casual cook.
    The taste was so unique and so great, i am still not forget ,

    I believe you are a great Chef .

  8. The method you propose how you cook a food is the worst way doing it.. more over you have also involved your wife in this.. omg… food is blending of all.. and not mixing of all… [email protected]#k

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  12. I used packet paneer and without frying it. It was as good as fresh paneer. I also added more butter. Dish turned out yummy, yummy⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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