Oh what is you saying did you see your buddy my man's it looked like she was smuggling a box of pop-tarts back there all I'm saying hey I want hit you back though all right all right let's get to it samurai Breton will be getting 13,000 comments I've been looking it up please can't you doing critics cooking okay Cory eggs cooking how about we comment about what the video is about Cory kitchen do Craig's cooking like if you agree place or you're cooking again alright hey I got it bring back cooking with teaching bring it back cooking with kitchen I thought I played VA Corey I want to be hungry cooking with kitchen yeah pick your candy bag and I love with kitchen bringing back one subscription latest I could never cook no mo oh my gosh cookie with can't see I'm a lady from ah y'all pulling up on this scrub if you don't cook hello why are you sitting at home you fired me what are you saying fans you got ot semi waiting for you to cook you know that yeah I know well smart aleck I'm back then what'll it take well if I have a job didn't oh my gosh you're freaking rehire I like it suppose so back in the kitchen okay [Applause] living by myself is well still hard being unable to cook makes it even harder we've made some progress however we still got a lot to go the journey to become the best chef continues my name is Cory Kenshin and welcome to cooking with kimchi you guys demanded that koryaks cooking make a return so uh Eddie Kate like so I'm delete much okay so you viewers at home may be wondering chef kimchi you're such a freakin box what are we gonna be making today I'm so glad you asked all right so we've made pizza burgers tacos chicken we made all these dinners then like yo what a breakfast eh so here's what I'm thinking all right you ever wake up in the morning and you just smell something just cooking downstairs and you go down there and your mama's got bacon and eggs and sauce I'm thinking we cook up the best samurai breakfast of all time so in order to do that we gotta get out all the stuff that we're gonna be cooking and that list is biscuit balls you already know why I'm cooking those biscuit balls get your business balls here shoutout to kindergarten pancakes bacon eggs is sausage and you can't complete no breakfast without some fresh-squeezed orange juice stuff before we get too started you already know I don't got the chef's garment on close your eyes and no beat you think I can't see you yeah all right go ahead and open it yeah do you see the heat ball pump okay it doesn't matter where your boy is that all right I stay breaking ankles so already got up stuff in the fridge okay um so um I know I got some more shoes here but not this is that grocery store orange juice we need some fresh-squeezed horseshoes you come down here we already got the sausages on deck I will got here some bacon and of course eggs we step over to the pantry I'm already reading your mind all right this dude Cory is just like to make pancakes out the box no sorry Aunt Jemima but today you ain't a minor laughs so in order to make some fresh homemade pancakes and not that junk out of the box we're gonna need ingredients like flour sugar baking powder baking soda buttermilk butter a bunch of stuff so let's just Bobby what where's the ingredients you asked me to come back here and they don't not stocked up no sit out none y'all leaving we gonna deal with this now Bobby explain to the people why we don't got ingredients you knew I woke a guys I don't worry about that we gotta gotta go to the store again yeah oh no I can never just have no fresh ingredients they never show me love in that freakin place I don't know why I'm going to the store at 3:00 for y'all yeah miss tell me you missed partner it's actually not safe to the blogging drive Cory all right fine here's a clip from the other day what good sucking on that pretty good huh okay okay we are now at the best grocery store in the freaking Midwest Meyer I don't want to hear no Kroger target you know if y'all don't got this where you live you're missing out all right so we at the spot boom we got all our fresh fruit first thing I'm again there are some oranges for the fresh-squeezed orange juice just looking for some oranges Ocean Spray I see you young boys alright guys so we're at the ingredients um I looked up what you need for pancakes it says that you need baking powder baking soda sugar and it also says that we need buttermilk but this is for biscuits oh my god how do you just buy buttermilk buttermilk is actually a liquid Oh tonight and as an homage to the janitor yeah boy gotta give them biscuit we're gonna have to make these into balls don't what are you y'all better start pulling respec on my Ernie they got toys they got puzzles they got games so let's get out of here I don't want to hear about no uh Phillip sir uh tracks or whatever y'all got I won't hear about no Ralphs I don't care what you got way back Meyer is where it's at young boys yeah y'all feelin this ain't wrong like a diving board all right now we're back from the store and I got all the ingredients so let's look at it flour sugar baking powder baking soda you got a little bit of vanilla butter milk butter and some salt my gosh but since we got some dirty dishes here okay all right don't judge me and my ovens gonna take a while to preheat we're gonna get this thing preheating okay so press this a now clean dishes are vital to clean cooking let's get er done okay now that that's done let's get ready to prep the things that are gonna be in the oven which are the biscuit balls get your basketbaldy in the bacon right okay so getting the bacon here do you want to do is move the crap out of the way we're gonna take a couple pieces of bacon and I'm just gonna lay it out just like this and bacon you know is it kind of just does it seem like we don't really have to pay a lot of attention to it so none of the bacon is ready all we do now pop this sucker in there but always remember to clean up your mess alright y'all know what happens when your mom come home from work and she got out of – but the house is not clean now the other thing we got here are these flaky biscuits and I hope they not talking about the flakes that I get on the ends of my elbows when I own lotion up so we heat up in a 350 ok place biscuits one inch apart bake 20 minutes sounds easy enough I will always struggle on how I'm supposed to open these because I remember the other one you have to like punch it or something my slaw peel off this label okay take this off and then my phone so just punch it like instructions weren't clear got biscuit stuck on floor oh no if this counts is like nonstick hey it is done right here all I'm gonna do bop bop bop bop boom and pops but don't forget alright we're doing biscuit balls get your biscuit balls here's we just got to put them into balls you know it is simple just ball it up we can take up some aggression and the pierce didn't pay attention it's done one ball there I'm gonna work out look at it yeah you sure yeah sang you can practice your Birdman hair uh without even being at the club hey if we look at these we got four nice sized biscuit balls here just gonna put these in bacon already smelling a delightful we're gonna take this on a bull how next up we need to mix all of our ingredients so let's get a mixing bowl know we need 2 cups of all-purpose flour we have our 1 cup measurement here all we're gonna do guys all right poured it sucker up one press I already poured some and it just got to be careful okay that's one that's one cup and one more Cup think that's good oh we need 1/4 cup of sugar all right oh wow I think a spoon of baking powder I'm just gonna get a little teaspoon pour the puppy in 1/2 teaspoon of baked out of boat bye pal now before we move on the bacon is cooking pretty fast so what we want to do is grab ourselves a little oven mitt safety first oh it's cooking pretty good huh I'll go ahead and cook a little bit longer turn it off okay so now we're gonna just mix up all of this all these ingredients all right now we gotta mess with the eggs butter oh yeah the buttermilk and a butter which is already out so yeah we need two eggs if you can't crack eggs with one hand you're not a pro see it takes years to be a pro all right see what you want to do is Ellis is a practice one all right discard all right you just oh my god next up 2 cups of buttermilk all right now come over here you've got the most people speaking are you speaking is looking at nice and crisp in these suckas look it's crunchy you get a big you get everyone check under your seats there biscuit balls for everyone so back to our wet ingredients I went ahead in a melted 1/2 cup of butter all right so I added a little bit of vanilla all right horsey taste I'm gonna go ahead and mix in this butter now I feel like it's cool enough all right all right hey Vsauce Michael here so not what we're gonna do is prep the stone the one mistake that a mature pancake cookers make and I mean on the daily kids all across the world got to eat burnt pancakes because their moms don't know what they're doing low heat family the butter acquainted with the pan a was good at pan go without but are you ready to hook this up anything we're just gonna pour the flour mixture in here we're gonna pour this in here all right I know it sounds like someone's at a urinal and it's yellow on top of that but hey no dirty talk in the kitchen all right you know I can remember my first time eating pancakes that is a job that I always talk about now that is mixed up I'm just gonna start to add in the flour there we go there we go there we ya know how this is gonna turn out but hopefully it turns out yes okay now that we got the pancakes on the stove let's go ahead and get these sausages pop in my men now if you look closely you see all these bubbles that means the second is like Cory it's time and old baby is time all right how we gonna do this how we gonna do this subscribe oh oh oh having some trouble here oh okay there we go there we go these ones are like they're too liquidy okay okay first batch first batch is always the worst batch you get that out of the way now these sausages these suckers bite back and when I say that I mean this they will pop they will pop i'ma grab these pancakes feeling the first batch young boy looking like some flapjacks oh let's keep that second batch going let's get that second batch boy fan guys I don't know what happened added a little bit more flour to the mix and now it's too thick oh my gosh and the sausages I hear y'all baby I hear y'all hold on hold on I got it I got it I got it oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh one of them's leaking but guys I think I added too much flour they're very fixed now very bad very bad oh hey so I'm gonna take these off I mean they they look all right now for the last batch I added just a little bit of water all right so we're gonna take a quick commercial break all right I'm gonna watch all these pancakes make sure everything's all right and I'll see you when you get back [Applause] [Applause] are you tired of this happening to you see what the problem here was he didn't have any corny kitchen gear I'll stop by and pick yourself up some curry Kenshin gear so you can dance like this you'll have all the guys or girls wanting to date you buy yours today and we're back okay so I think the pancakes are burning let's uh Wow you had one J okay so a little darker on the edges but you know a little got three different stacks this one didn't have enough flour too much flour burnt which one you try okay so the lesson that we need to actually cook are the a guy everything is finally good last but not least let's squeeze some oranges so we can have a nice glass of orange juice Bobby go ahead and cut this out for about three hours so suckas not going on a difference Bobby if I find this clip in a video I'm slicing your throat in your sleep there we go all done Oh baby's time we work so hard I couldn't have planned it more perfectly myself this is finally it the breakfast of champions the breakfast of the samurai let me just say my grace you know I gotta get a credit to Jesus boat up syrups going on pour that on a pancakes like so pancakes first come on suck it yeah closing closing eggs in a grill maybe what that sauce is dude oh I already know that bacon crispy Jamaica all here your boy threw down in the kitchen tonight you already know I'm giving his Tim pancakes out of 10 what eat again gosh you guys that's gonna do it for this episode of cooking with tension also known as Cory X clicking lets you for 80k likes I'll see what time it is 5:59 some of y'all thinking like yellow but 559 p.m. was goodness man it's like late afternoon my boys the Sun is coming up now yard and Birds the Sun is coming up okay my flowers out here doing work literally been filming all night fans literally oh nice I've been recording this no gameplay takes me this long so little boy know that you appreciate it when I like and leave a comment what shall we cook next time alright um I'm thinking dessert but I don't know y'all let me know down in the comments look I don't made a breakfast now it's time to eat breakfast is six o'clock in the morning hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did be sure to sisters to say around twice that like button subscribe today to join us and right and it's all next time

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