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so if you didn't know and you're expecting kind of like just just a hotel building Stanley is a lot more than that there's actually a concert hall which is right over there and this is the lodge and then you have the original Stanley Hotel over there melissa is such a savage this without like bringing her along with me like she's way more savage than me like yeah you are like I was like what are you doing you're not supposed to go over there so look what you made me do mm-hmm that's taken a peek welcome oh yeah okay so they have some events that they do here probably like just I get the concert hall so people probably rent this out or maybe it's just it's hoping away oh that's pretty squeaky this is pretty cool I'm sure they do like meetings and stuff here there may be some people yeah oh you heard that right you heard that right I thought that was you for a second that was a scream what the heck what did that come from over here it's like a really dark room hi so they're having some kind of Honda thing going on here and they got the projection set up what stays right here oh they got notepads you know Honda maybe it's like Honda Racing could be I have no idea mirrors like you would think they'd have nice picture you know in the mean Stanley there's actual portraits but they have just mirrors there's probably nobody even sleeping in here over like freaking out we're in our room earlier if you didn't know this about Stanley it was one of the very first hotels with electricity and check this out they have no a/c though so yeah if you plan on staying at the Stanley sometime in the summertime I would highly recommend getting some of the lower floors because if you didn't know heat rises like we have the very wait what floor do we have we have the fourth floor they say it's the most haunted you would think the second floor would be but yeah the fourth floor has like the most activity that's a whole floor from what we've been told and it's hot up there it's really hot but I mean there is a really nice mountain breeze I mean you kind of don't need air conditioning I could see that they definitely have heat though so thank Melissa for that little tour of the Stanley Lodge because that wasn't for her probably wouldn't have even checked if that door was a lot I thought we were just gonna peek through the windows if anything guys I just came across a kitty cat no it'll go don't go kitty okay we lost the kitty cat have to have waiting here well I could see it's like renewing our vows right here in the mountain yeah with the ghosts we don't even wouldn't even need anybody show up like we'll have an audience of ghosts or wedding ghosts guests one thing we do have to worry about though a lot of people won't tell you this unless they're from Colorado they have bears out here and they really won't attack you unless they feel threatened well most of the time like they say to just like talk like if you're in the dark and stuff but like just talk and be with people who's they're more scared of you than it's not like what you know what you will you see like I'm shows although people have been attacked before but now we were here a little bit earlier after Stanley we checked in around all the time I was like four o'clock and there was people everywhere a lot of people come here even during the day they're not even registered guests they just come here to take pictures and I cannot believe how cool they are about that part of the reason why you're probably gonna see us alone is we waited until they got really really really really late and we came on the weekday if you ever want to kind of explore a place and have it to yourself and I mean I love paranormal investigators and you know I love sharing a place like this with with a lot of people but too much noise yeah too much noise could ruin you know your whole adventure and your whole what do you hear anything yeah exactly and plus it's better for a video honestly I mean I wanna I wanna I came here to catch stuff on video and if there's too many people talking and laughing and giggling it might like kind of ruining so yeah I got that bitch get out of a tree that like to tree trunks maybe you can see how there's nobody here is the storage of with the towels but what the heck you know what I thought this was effort like a like a church it does and this is another cool reception area your company likes doing conventions and things like that Stanley Hotel pretty accommodating and it's not that looks like a confession booth hello is a closet well you know what the movie The Shining is about right like paranoia times the mind like you can seriously I let you right now yeah true you want to experience like being alone in the basement and oh it was here I didn't know that they're right that's true as many times I've seen this movie that's so freakin cool I remember that the bar scene with Jim Carrey yeah I remember that that was I that was out to sit down what this is if you didn't know this is one of my all-time favorite most favorite movie Dumb and Dumber if you didn't know this this was actually a low-budget film and it blew up about wearing the bass me right now let me show you you're all a little bit suppose there's like an entrance to like a tunnel yeah okay so they do tours the tunnel is a featured stop point both the Stanley tour at night goes to her and highlights how the hotel was built into the modern and shows how it has a floating foundation oh look he was on ghost hunters Ghost Adventures stayin the effect Wow look at that dollhouse oh this was in the movie The Shining be well it was okay here's what I was talking about Stephen King he actually wasn't happy with the movie even though the movie was really good he made his own miniseries and it was filmed here because the original shining was not filmed here was actually filmed in London I got a set but the exterior of the hotel was filmed at a place called when the call was called the lodge I don't know the exact name but it was in Oregon like the outdoor shots you know the b-roll shots of the outside but it was all filmed inside in a place in London I have no idea where exactly you know what was kind of exciting to me is they they kind of brought the movie The Shining like back into a movie called ready player one is a ready player or was it called was a Steven Spielberg one of Steven Spielberg's like most recent movies my burger Bach decayed that like they all play video games and they're in a personal what is it called ready player one I think right and then there was a part in there where they go virtually into the shiny now some of these are like paranormal photographs it's something that's cool about the Stanley they really embrace like it's haunted history I guess this was a picture one sex I started can you find the or shadow figures in mist what's the or yeah that's the mist the shadow figure has to be in this one movie the original owner of this hotel he came here originally back in the day to escape tuberculosis because they said that the mountains had some kind of cure going on Stanley was a co-founder of a car called the Stanley Steamer car and here it is right here I think they have one in the lobby too but there is and more than likely that's mr. Stanley right there and his brother I want to say his brother was the other founder of the Stanley steam car all right let's get to some of the haunted history now room 217 we're gonna go visit it here in a second there's a lot of stories of you know why it's haunted mr. Stephen King actually stayed in that room and after staying in that room he actually I'm not sure if you rented out the entire hotel but he had the whole hotel to himself and I want to say 1973 and if he didn't stay that night the movie The Shining would have never been created after writing the book you know they made the movie The Shining the first original movie a lot of people get that you know wrong they think that the movie was filmed here it was not filmed the original The Shining movie like anyways Andrew said 217 a made they call him chambermaids there was a really bad thunderstorm and the beginning of the summer that knocked power out to the to the power plant and there were of course guests staying here this lady named Elizabeth Wilson which was a chambermaid at the time she went and she was in charge of lighting you know back in the days they had easily came out of the walls and they had you know there were gas fed like lights and you have to light it I mean so she goes in and she has her candle and little did she know there was a really bad gas leak inside they're not back in the day I guess maybe that type of gas didn't have a smell like natural gas does I don't think it was natural gas and it actually exploded like she walks in a room and the light from her candle I guess ignited a fire and this is kind of crazy too like you would think I mean this whole place is made out of wood it would have burnt down to the ground I mean imagine how devastating that would be you know just in two years this massive place being burned out well the combustion of the explosion that it did start a fire but that explosion actually put its own fire out if that makes any sense so it only burnt I want to say 10% of this building the Stanley Hotel which was you know that's not bad I didn't think that this was here available to see and this is really really awesome these are pieces of the drywall from that explosion now Elizabeth was actually thrown like from the explosion and they blew a hole through the second floor to the first floor she ended up breaking both of her ankles she didn't die mister Stanley paid all of her medical bills these are pieces of like the plaster and wallpaper from that explosion and yeah see it says right there rooms 217 was originally a suite of four rooms note the wallpaper furniture and decorations are 1900 era Wow and there's a picture of room 217 now it is the most requested room here at the Stanley if you want to stay in room 217 same room did mr. Stephen King stated that's pretty cool hey you want to go up to room 217 at least walk up next to it all right they see the that chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson she ended up working here for a really long time I think up until her death in 1950s well they say that she haunts the room and if an unmarried couple are sleeping in bed together that she will get in between them and start pushing them apart and she leave there even reports of her like folding people's clothes and putting them away as though pretty mean stuff we're in the hotel like main lobby right now there's the distinguished team car guess how much one of those sold for brand-spanking-new guess paper close eight hundred and fifty dollars doll hairs that is ten horsepower what the heck but yeah I look eight hundred and fifty dollars not long ago a Houston man by the name of Henry took a awesome picture of a ghostly woman standing at the top of those stairs he doesn't remember seeing anybody there so when he ended up looking at the picture and freaked him out he posted it the picture went fire rolls all over the news make sure to you know hit him up on twitter i'll leave his twitter link so our here in the description that was one of the coolest pictures I've seen of an apparition so we're on the second floor my Amy was bringing a lot because there's actually people I mean praying out a lot of people would just to be safe there's probably people this is how you do that right here do not disturb so we just found 2:17 this is kind of similar to the Queen Mary bee 340 we stayed there and actually don't have a marker like you see all these rooms have markers like this is 215 that's to 19 this is to 17 I hear it's expensive Lisbon are you here Elizabeth I don't think Elizabeth's here they do say that hauntings are everywhere like in every room people have had things moved around people have had sheets pulled off from them nothing crazy though smells nice in there like like super like hotels we closed this for them laughs those are the original keys from the Stanley so I'm guessing this is the part of the Stanley they was on fire because they say 10% of it got burned now this is the room that Elizabeth Wilson was kind of blown into a blue hole she fell in broke both of her ankles had to be very painful there's a music plane in there that somebody was whispering or something yeah I was like gee watch out too much now I remember when I was talking about the movie Dumb and Dumber oh like couldn't dawn on me until now and actually all just just going up those stairs right now up and down a couple times but there was a part where Jim Carrey also known as what was his name in Dumb and Dumber um Harriet Lloyd Christmas was his name Lloyd Christmas Haley's he's like going up these stairs and then it was like towards the end and he kind of trips his you know it was the girl that he was like in love with and it's cool what actually goes down this is probably what they used like instead of I don't know maybe not they probably added that later on a week oh yeah the highest floor is the fourth floor and that's the floor that they say is the most requested floor I mean the most robust of room and is room 217 but the most requested Florida's the fourth floors we're actually staying on this floor room what room are main had 4:30 so suppose like every room years what's up there alright guys we're gonna call dear those are very steep stairs

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