Charles Noble hey is general manager of the Grand Trunk Railway perished on the ill-fated Titanic when returning from England yeah right before the hotel got released so reporters have stated that his violent ghost can be seen slamming doors and windows and even breaking things around the hotel come here it's not that bad it's really not just me are you really that scared hello you see do you think we should go to that room the one next to the chef as originally on our Florida's Dorothy you know the Dorothy's you scratch mark right yeah yeah originally when you guys like walked off me move seen doc in the door said hello nothing happened went was sixth floor right six point the exact same door in the exact same position does have a scratch on it yes Brad clothes scratches like the whole side of the doors like nearly missing and knocked on it something no okay that's yeah my why do I stay there for like a minute longer there's no lady foots that's no like it's not even a room its loft and the door nodded its just twisted that that like area to drill like every floor might be like ah there's no room 666 in here yeah it skips it completely on our floor there's one six six six four six six seven six six five so married also said guys we're gonna go through here through those doors that is where we believe will have the most paranormal activity in this whole building other than the friggin sub-basement that had those Tings but that's about it here guys this is where seance dude isn't this the scariest placement while the only burning that's so true like people burn those so currently that's three three thirteen Jesse and Mike left because they're a little spooked they told me something they don't really want me to talk about it so we're just gonna sit in this room so as you saw in the first video we came here and explored and we figured as this is like the darkest room this would probably be the best place other than our room to do any kind of sounds to try to prove that this something here obviously we had find the ballroom none of us had enough balls to go any deeper and terrifying yeah so we're just gonna sit here and we're gonna ask if there's anything with us what's that guy's name I want to know what his name is so that I could like call for him yeah yeah check is that his made the dude who want you own the place who died on the Titanic Titanic that is who we're gonna try to communicate to because apparently that's who is haunting this whole hotel Charles Melville Hays is so we're just gonna call him Charles so this is legit guys I assume that you guys all believe in ghosts yeah everyone's done that the regional challenge yeah so if anyone's joking around this is definitely not gonna work so everyone has to gather their energy and see if we could speak to whatever is in this room yes ready yeah yeah okay who wants to do the honors I guess I'll do I'm scared dude I'm too scared okay if there's anyone in this room with us right now and would like to do any kind of sound or any noise to let us know you're here do something don't take guys really you if there are any spirits around us please make yourself known nothing Nikki you tried mostly guys the image contrast hoaxes do rubbers only chance these trails haze okay if Charles Hayes is here with us right now please make your presence known I thought those who work maybe try to make another room or something I don't know we could do it in our room or we go in a bathroom with the mirrors and stuff yeah that's probably a good idea sorry that I else there's no one around right now we're in a pretty replace this is the room with the mirrors pointing at each other so this is potentially where the plural is far so we're gonna try to talk to anything that is here there's anyone in this hall with us and would like to make themselves known can you please do so right now okay dude Charles you're here with us and can make any kind of noise can you please do so the squeaking noise down that's so weird do you think that's there's no way I feel like that could be like anything right yeah it could be like the vent or something but okay Nick you try okay let's keep doing wow that was my chair yeah sure Charles if if you're here with us right now manifest yourself in a way that we could see you we could hear you whether we we can communicate with you show us that you're here not getting anything – it's not nothing so funny bro maybe this place is just like not as haunted as if they say okay we're gonna go to the room we're gonna set up a bunch of candles in the room no lights no artificial light like this and all this year we're gonna do one more silence in the room I mean freakin that noise over there that was like the biggest thing but I don't know yeah it's just let's go there alright guys we are in our room eternally me graphics and Lucy all of us are gonna be trying to do a seance right here in our room I'm gonna turn the light off I'm gonna keep the camera on hopefully we do get any kind of noise to prove that Charles is here with us and that he does haunt this hotel is I'm gonna turn this off hopefully lighting in from that but same thing as downstairs and try this on camera it would hear anything wait yes okay oh my god boy yeah okay I'm gonna start if there's anyone in this room here with us and would like to make themselves known do so with any kind of noise any kind of sign you heard something you know Charles if you're here with us right now please make your presence known I don't feel any wind bro okay I'm gonna do it again since when I did it I heard that if there's anyone else other than us three in this room can you please make any kind of sign that you are here yeah I got motorcycle you have me – holy crap he said that the second yeah the second you stalled Nick you can go this time okay Charles if you're here with us please make yourself present in any type of way Oh Shh dude what the hell bro it wasn't a great time I was scary hello hello Jessie are you in there dude there's no one here there's no one that could have been here Oh Joe Nick come here come here come here Kurt proof look no one's like wash my hands recently right there's a little big water that is so weird oh no I need to get out of here no no dude that's should we even stay here the night I think that was enough to know that friggin Charles is here dude I think we should either stop or leave like there's no other options this is scary I want to stay the night I think we should stay I think we should stay if we stop this like ritual stuff like right now okay hey I'm just I'm gonna turn the camera off for now and if anything else happens though I'll just turn it back alright guys we actually try to do another seance with the camera off in case anything else happened and nothing actually happens the tap water was absolutely terrifying and sleeping tonight has to be very very hard I don't really know much else to say I don't know if that was Charles or not but I think that was enough concrete evidence that this place is haunted and I don't think I'm gonna be coming back here anytime soon guys if you want me to do any other videos just like this make sure to comment down below right now there's another hotel that I could visit it as apparently just this hotter than this one if not more on it so make sure to let me know but with all this being said guys thank you so much for being an all the way to the end of the video it's been absolutely fun filming this entire video but until next time guys you


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