Origami Star Dish / Bowl Instructions ♥︎ Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎

46 thoughts on “Origami Star Dish / Bowl Instructions ♥︎ Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎

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  2. this is pretty cool i love the idea mine worked its not too slow and its not too fast thanks really cimmited xx

  3. The music sounds a lot like the one used in three games Perfect World. Btw, THERE IS NO CUTTING IN ORIGAMI.

  4. This helped me so much! This is a bowl I made to out a bunch of origami stars in, with little messages for my mom. It definitely made her feel really good on her birthday. And I also made a bunch of diy things for her

  5. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful origami projects. I will use them
    in my volunteer work as an arts and crafts teacher!

  6. My close friends birthday is so close. I'm probably going to make this then put some small toys in here. thanks for this great tutorial

  7. Hey love you channel I wanted some permissions I am a 12 year old girl from India And in this summer vacation want to start my own channel so can I use some of your ideas they are great.

  8. I used approx 60# card stock (lighter weight end of the spectrum), and it turned out great. Thanks again! ONLY i found that i had to use my heavy duty wire cutters to cut the pentagon. Lucky i have a pair ^^;;

  9. My work desk is oak, making it a light background like your table, and i find I have to use a dark colored mat underneath the paper if i am using light colored paper. It really makes a difference for me. Just an idea 😉

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