Oats recipes from horrible to amazing taste 2019

oats are amazing. I have second type of people saying oats are boring words are
bland always have no taste no odds are amazing
I remember when I was in college at med school having no money and no time oats
were the perfect choice they are easy to make and cheap I see itõs almost
constantly just plain oats and some boiling water and that’s it so it’s time
to give back bones some love so today we will be talking about recipes widows
from boring with no taste and amazing ten out of ten great days
Before we jump in let’s see some nutrition facts about all’s well odds
are about 400 calories per 100 grams they have mostly carbs they have fiber a
good amount of fiber they have some fats a good amount of protein about 70 grams
per 100 grams at posts and also they have some good amount of nutrients and
minerals elements like be one manganese zinc iron copper so quality stuff these
olds we have here so let’s begin oh recipes let’s start from the most
basic recipe just way notes and some water and boiling oh so let’s suppose
bone beautiful beautiful goals then we go take some boiling water of that which
I have prepared right here I am ready and prepared and that’s that what did it
in you 30 seconds 10 seconds you just let it sit for a minute or two get a
spoon and just a little bit what see and in no time you will have
the oats ready to eat so let’s see amazing tastes like nothing it is like
sand or like we’re eating water so this will be about a tree from 1 to 10 this
is the tree yeah most plan you can you can go just boiling water and oh say we
want to improve this it’s amazing dish this piece de resistance we just put in
some cinnamon or how we like to say it here scored the schwa bruh so now we
leveled up this is about a 4 in taste from 1 to 10 so now good for a solid
form if you want to go little crazy or we’re
a bit fancy try adding some salt this will improve a little bit in the taste
so right now let’s see yeah it’s acceptable I agree this almost a play
down low problems in college because it tastes like nothing
so you can eat it with no problems oh they’re amazing
now let’s go higher this time we have some water boiling and we’re going to
add the oats in the water their proportions are about half a cup of oats
and a cup of water so half the amount of holes to the water here we have some
boiling water and we just put the oats in the boiling water we get our wooden
spoon and then we amended here I and this about 10 to 15 minutes
according to the month of oats and Indian you should have a beautiful mesh
of both so we have to start the oats continuously because the oats are
fragile they need your attention like baby needs the modernization so that’s
about a four almost came from just plain phones having cooked with some salt they
have been good to improve the taste we will add some protein
Dada some protein we stir it up and now this will be a simple from one already
has almost doubled now how can we improve this well an apple some banana
maybe or if your audacious you can try some strawberries or blueberries can add
some nuts Deez Nuts Deez Nuts the holes already got at eight or even a nine if
you have some cinnamon some cocoa powder yet the fruits so it’s already really
good and I but let’s say we want to make it even greater than this well then we
just take the hose and put it in some yogurt and then we add the oats as
suppose now this is already a seven just some yogurt and some polls but it’s
going to go even higher than seven we need to add some more things and we can
add some cocoa powder or we can add some cinnamon or how do we say seven
Scottish are learning good both also help regulating blood glucose and
helping you lose weight or controlling the way Soho’s they also help in
lowering triglycerides and balancing blood glucose levels also we can also
add some nuts again and if we have even the nuts
and the fruits this would be around a nine so close to perfection
what if you want to make this a ten well then you just add some honey to this
mixture and now it will be perfection it will be a ten so oats with some yogurt
with some cocoa powder a banana maybe some nuts and the family Bertha you can
also try to add to this a cup of protein powder and it will make this even more
tastier what recipes sound the best for this video
what recipes have you tried with holes leave it in the comments so I hope I
have changed your mind that boats are amazing and you can do a large amount of
things with them oops they can make your life even more grand even more beautiful
also leave in the comments what we should talk about in the next video
generating suggestions leave it in the comments so thanks for watching and
we’ll see each other in the next video

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  1. Great video! Maybe you could make another video on quick meals for students who live out at university and go into detail of the protein intake etc… 😉

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