NX-FOOD – Wie kann man neue Food-Ideen zur Größe bringen?

Insects are eaten by 2 billion people worldwide, in Asia, in South America and in Africa. And many have no fear of contact. That’s only in our heads. We are here today because the NX-FOOD programme was
announced. NX FOOD is the new hub of METRO for food innovations
and foodtech. We have created a sector that brings together all the food innovation and
food technology activities. And together with innovators, visionaries and other
partners, who want to change the trade, but also the food
landscape in general, we want to try to accomplish
something new. Basically, we are doing it because we feel strongly that the
market needs it, the consumer needs it, and we all need it. Do you ever wonder about the direction of the world population? We are growing and growing. Our resources are limited. It’s time to deal with alternative forms of value
creation. This means that we have to look at completely new
food categories, but also new food solutions per se, and try to make them marketable in the retail
environment. We faced many hurdles in the development of the
product. First of all, there were regulatory hurdles; then, of course, consumer behaviour: make something that people consider disgusting
palatable, or even tasty. And we only managed to get it done in cooperation
with METRO and NX FOOD. Because we did not have a finished product that we could carry to the market and say: Do you want it? Or not? No, we just had an idea and METRO/NX FOOD gave us a hand and supported us throughout the process. We are a platform, METRO is increasingly becoming a platform for turning great concepts into something big.

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