Nigerian Party Fried Meat | Flo Chinyere

Can you imagine what it will be like to have
this plate of goodness in front of you when you are a guest at a party? Oh boy eh! Hello I’m Flo of All Nigerian Recipes dot
com. Stay with me because in this video I will share how to prepare the best Nigerian
party fried meat ever. The type that your guests will finish munching
and ask you “Abeg, that your fried meat still remain?” hehehe I tell you, you’ll need a police dog to guard
this one at a party else everything will just disappear. It’s tasty, well fried and soft! You will need the best part of beef like tenderloin. It’s tender, tasty and juicy. To season the beef you’ll need thyme, black pepper, onions, ginger, garlic
and stock cubes. Then vegetable oil for frying. To garnish, you’ll need green pepper, red
pepper and red onion. First blend the onions, ginger and garlic. Cut the beef into small chunks like this. Add thyme, black pepper and stock cubes. Then the onion, ginger and garlic we blended
earlier. You can add salt if you wish. I normally do not add salt because the salt
in the stock cubes is enough. Mix well. Cover and leave in the fridge to marinate
for at least 1 hour. While that is chilling in the fridge, cut
the peppers and onions like this. After one hour, pour the beef into a clean
pot. Cover and leave to steam on medium heat. Once you see the first signs of steaming,
stir it so it does not burn. Keep an eye on it and keep stirring from time
to time. After some time, you will see this juice coming
out from the beef. Yummy! I did not add any water, all that came from
the beef. Once the beef is pale all over, that is no
blood in sight, take it out of the pot. For this quantity of beef, his should take
at most 10 minutes. Set a clean dry pot on the stove and pour
some vegetable oil. It should be about 2 inches deep. When hot, add a chunk of onion for great taste. Add the beef and fry on high heat stirring
it constantly. Look at that! As soon as it is golden all over, take it off the oil and fry another batch. Put the fried beef in a sieve and leave to
cool down. Then thread them on toothpicks with the vegetables. Serve with a chilled drink, Nigerian Rice dishes,
Moi Moi, Salads and many more. Yum Yum Yum!

29 thoughts on “Nigerian Party Fried Meat | Flo Chinyere

  1. Wow! I so much love this meat ooo. Base on all the spices you used, I can guess how yummy it will taste😋😋😋 thanks so much for sharing 😍😍😍


  3. Aunty Flo, there is God ooooo: tell me how i will lose all this fat in my body when i keep trying all these ur delicious recipies ehn such that even my hubby is always looking for every avenue to come back home to eat something new and sumptous.
    in fairness o, that meat cannot last with me cos i will finish it as it is frying all in the name of testing testing…..thank u sis

  4. hello swt mama, av been looking for this recipe, I don't know if u can help me with. I went to port Harcourt and ate this rice someone called Caribbean rice, waw….it was so delicious, cripsy, brown in color, spicy and had meat and plantain chips inside.

    it's definitely not d Caribbean pelau, I would say it's Nigerian version of d Caribbean rice but I really would love to know how to prepare it pls. can u do a video on that recipe pls, tnk u!

  5. You have amazing cheekbones. I don't eat meat, but I can't pass up your videos. Maybe I'll just replace the meat with a mushroom.

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