Next-Level Grilled Cheese Recipes 🧀 A Sandwich Pie🍴 Panini Omelets 🍳 Ham and Cheese Rolls 🌀

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100 thoughts on “Next-Level Grilled Cheese Recipes 🧀 A Sandwich Pie🍴 Panini Omelets 🍳 Ham and Cheese Rolls 🌀

  1. Eh bah voilà, maintenant j'ai faim 😅😋😋👌✨
    Merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo, avec toute ces recettes qui ont l'air délicieuse

  2. the only thing remotely normal is the last one.. noticed a few videos are using mountains of cheese for anything and everything…

  3. Enft a force de voir des titres comme ça j’ai l’impression la chaîne chef club appartient à l’entreprise britesad celle qui gère sympa et le reste

  4. I think most of these recipes that call for cheese, bread, and/or ham were things use in dishes or even simple sandwiches when they were starting out a life on their own. Someone who longs to be a chef but isn't financially set would use cheaper, simpler things to cook with.

  5. Creative but Waisted cheese in the first recipe!! What was the point of melting around the bread and didn’t even serve it with it.

  6. Всё очень красиво и аппетитно выглядит. Очень жаль,что нет русского перевода.

  7. Everything looked so delicious until they put those eggs with the raw yolk on the sandwiches(YUCK), that's when everything went downhill.

  8. Kalte Béchamelsauce? Die gehört meiner Meinung nach mit in den Ofen.
    Die wird dann etwas fester und bekommt eine gute bräune.

  9. Make sure that the ham does not contain any sodium nitrite or potassium nitrite,
    which at high temperatures will turn into nitrate which is classified as carcinogenic by the WHO.

  10. Everyone's opinions are different… I kinda thought 75% of the recipes were the same one presented differently… that's my take on this

  11. Woow💯💯👏👏💞🌹😋😋😋👌👌👌👍⁦🎞️⁩⁦🎞️⁩🔔👍⁦🎞️⁩⁦🎞️⁩👉

  12. Кухня для тех, кто хочет иметь или уже имеет 500кг. сраку!👎👎👎🙈🙈🙈🤬

  13. Why serve a salad with these sandwiches? Doesn't that just get in the way of the meat n' cheese goodness?!

  14. It seems that they graciously gave baking information, but decided to leave it up to trail and error for the ingredient amounts..figure it out yourself.

  15. Pour l'apéro croque pas formidable. Trop de couche superposées le dessus bien grillé mais le dessous pas du tout pas de fromage qui coule au dessous ,, ça doit être fade

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