New Profoto Gels and Portable Beauty Dish: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

Hi, I’m Vanessa Joy here with AdoramaTV
and I’m really excited no, I’m not going to lie, I’m REALLY excited about this new product
from ProPhoto. You may know that I am a ProPhoto user for all of my off-camera
flash needs, absolute love it! I use the B1 and B2 system and now the guys over
ProPhoto have come out with this gorgeous portable beauty dish. So..
normally when I go to weddings I won’t bring my beauty dish. I love the light
that comes out of it, but it’s too big, it’s bulky, it doesn’t make sense.
Now we’re good… now we have the beauty dish that we can bring, on weddings, on engagement
shoots that fit’s really nice onto my B2 right here, and the speed
ring pops right on there. On top of that, this comes both in white as well
as silver so you have both of those options, and it comes with a diffuser to go around it. I’ve heard rumors that the grid for the
beauty dish does fit inside this as well but I haven’t checked that out myself
yet. But it gets better, finally and so many people have asked me
about this before, finally we have an easy solution for putting gels onto
these lights, ProPhoto has come out with an entire gel pack from start to finish. All
the colors you need, or they even have just a small starter pack. Which is what I
have and I think it works great, it has you know all the different colors
you need for color correction as well as maybe Color Me Pretty kind of prettying up
your photos a bit, personally when I use these gels from my wedding or engagement
sessions, I am using the orange gel’s, the c2, c2o’s right here so this is normally what I
would use, this is the half c2o, it pops right on beautifully fits, get the
little cover on here, and now we have a great gel solution for these lights, pops
right on to your system, you are definitely going to want to pick this up, if
you’re a photographer like me, weddings, engagement, or on location, you need to
have portability to the equipment that you want Yes, you need the good light, yes, you need
to have the modifiers, and now you can have both, so new gel packs by ProPhoto.
New portable beauty dish, you guys are going to love it I will see you here on
AdoramaTV very soon.

8 thoughts on “New Profoto Gels and Portable Beauty Dish: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

  1. lol, the foldable beauty dish has been out for a while now for other brands. All of the sudden it's treated like some innovation just because it's from Profoto.

  2. After I put on the gel pack, can I add my modifier on top of it ? So for example put the gel on and then add the OCF Octo to it ..

  3. Yes, the grid fits perfect on the OCF Beauty Dish. See

  4. Hi Vanessa, I have a B1 and a 2*3 softbox .Am undecided between the beauty dish versus the softlite reflector (with sock) for outdoor portraits .Your thoughts pls ?

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