Never Settle – Trump Attaché® – Trump Hotels Commercial

the action shape program is the ultimate guest experience there's no request is too much I'm the general manager of Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City we created the antecedent part meant because we realize that the concierge couldn't do it all the concierge is really the face to face with the guests but when they wanted something a little bit more detailed it took someone behind the scenes to create and execute a typical day for a de chelly as we started in the morning and we review all of our arrivals coming into the day that the shade touches every single department in the hotel whether they're putting in information about guests into the computer or putting in information for housekeeping department or if it's us about going out and taking care of some special requests they really touch every area to make sure the job is done if they do have something special they're planning when we put it all together we want to create an experience that they couldn't get anywhere else in the world it's about being anticipatory and doing the thinking for the guests they expect it from us that's when they continue to come back they know that when they get in the door if there's something that forgotten that we're going to remember it forever we shop everywhere from us all specialty store to a farmers market any special requests that are coming through and to share the ones who execute many of our guests are staying with us for a longer length of stay the reason for that is because we offer full kitchen students of our properties at the Shay can go out and purchase any grocery easily the guests may have they'll go out of our way to get whatever we need you know we have no handbook to spell it out for us we drive off a philosophy that philosophy is never subtle when you're dealing with out the chez sometimes you've got to think outside of the box you've got to go that extra mile God put in a little piece of yourself in order to get the job done we don't want you to see how the magic happens we just want you to be surprised when you get you

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  1. Ah yes, Trump towers. The not so secret way to lobby the president because conflict of interest does not exist in his vocabulary.

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