Natureboy Is Now Adding MEAT Into The B 6 Diet Only At CarbonNation Edited

hey guys back with another video but
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sure to leave a comment on this video so a lot of people have been inquiring
because this is like coming to a shock to the community the announcement that
natureboy had made about they’re going to start incorporating fish and chicken
into the b6 diet and as you guys know I started off as a health and nutrition
channel nutritional health same thing detoxification and healing which is you
know on a holistic level through fruits and vegetable I prefer juice juicing and
dry fasting I no longer do dry fasting but I still juice and I prefer to eat
80% raw and then I do eat animal products I do not want anyone to take
offense to this commentary on this subject of changes that natureboy is
making but I want to bring some awareness to the community because this
is very alarming to me and this is just my opinion before I begin I think that
this change also was a change when velvet came back keep in mind she had
got a check-up for her and her little Ileana I’m quite sure it was a full
checkup and there could have been stuff that she was lacking as we know you
don’t have to eat animal products to get protein but if you have a b6 recipe book
and it’s not complete and you’re missing the plant protein that should be in the
diet the fruit and vegetable only regiment is not going to thrive it’s not
gonna have you thriving I’m sorry it’s not gonna work for you
you can’t get that combination of plant protein correct it will never work for
you and this is why the members of carbonation are losing so much weight
rapidly because that protein aspect of it all is not equaled out in conjunction
with all the carbs that they’re eating so it just came to a concern to me the
first thing that came to mind was maybe this is my opinion
velvet spoke about that when she told him her status also it could have been
something Nature Boy knew prior but he just wanted to keep up like a lot of
people who are vegan or vegetarian you know I don’t know what you know which is
which but they start with getting rid of animal products and it doesn’t work for
them and sometime in some cases you know your doctor will say this is making you
sick and it’s not it’s not really the food that you’re eating it’s you’re not
you’re not balanced you’re not balancing out the right proportions of what the
body requires and protein being a large you know a large percentage that you
must eat you know in a weeks period in order to thrive so he’s saying that he’s
putting back chicken and fish a lot of people in the community got wind of it
you know and you know they’re like what’s going on what’s what’s next and
as I said before they’re going to be a lot of surprising changes arm within
carbonation if you look at my other video I was talking about Malaya I might
not even be pronouncing her name right she’s leaving and that’s because she
probably in my opinion don’t want to be a Pisces Pisces doesn’t want to be with
women anyways as we all know there’s gonna be a lot of changes and now
only because right now nature boys putting on a roll in order to suck
velvet in make her think that he’s doing this for the love of her so that he can
have her at a vulnerable state and then he can commence you know what he’s gonna
do next to her which I don’t see it ending well for velvet but he really
bashed a lot of people um throughout uh you know the the years that he’s been
you know eating clean and he had removed animal products years ago I guess when
he was in the States he was actually eating clean but when he was like with
Myesha I’m just saying Dayton way back to then he still was eating meat
products before he changed over but a lot of things that he throws up in our
face that we need to get right in our lives he’s gradually starting to bring
those old behaviors back into his life and it’s dangerous because if this man
took away what he called people called flesh-eating flesh or pus foods if he
took that away and now he’s incorporating we’re thinking about
incorporating it back into his diet that was what he considered bad behaviors you
know eating habits um and if he’s considering going back to being single
like he was what my issue was a family thing him and my Isha prior to going the
combination uh he’s doing I’m a saint and I’m not a single man but I’m a
single I’m a man who’s gonna be one single woman and I’m not gonna cheat
he’s bringing back things that ultimately made him the way that he was
just about a couple of weeks ago so how long is it going to be that he’s gonna
be a hundred percent this nature boy that we really don’t want to see um who
is out of control and disrespecting people
on steroids and it’s very it’s very alarming to me and I also want to bring
up that he should have made those changes when those pregnant women were
over at his camp because it could be long-term effects from those births that
are not showing up yet and that’s on his hands whether they’ve moved on and not
that’s something that he has to live and explain um that’s why I always tell
people to be very mindful when trying to join these kind of communities do your
research go online find these kind of channels that do commentary and
discussions on these kind of groups you know also do your own research and and
check them out like in this case they’re always live so you can always you know
go to their live streams fill out the vibe if you spot drama or somebody it
seems like being put on blast like he’s now doing to velvet um you see people
bowing to Nature Boy and velvet and all that mess those are clear signs to run
the other way and maybe find another community where you can just be yourself
live amongst nature the holistic approach and it not be a bunch of BS you
know so again it’s it’s it’s surprising that he is incorporating meat products
back animal products back into his regiment but then again nothing really
surprises me with Nature Boy angel just said to me well said on a group IG arm
chat next thing he’ll be saying is that he’ll be eating meat and come to find
out he announces that that’s what he’s gonna be doing incorporating chicken and
fish so you know he’s confusing a whole a lot of people and a lot of people who
have changed their diets and a lot of people who maybe got healthy from eating
that way um you know following the b6 diet because it does work for some
people now this is gonna come to a shocker to them that they have to
transition back into animal products it’s almost like he’s treating his
followers like robots because the sad part about it is just as fast as he can
change the the first part of a name on IG and then everyone follows behind this
is what he’s going to do as far as changing what people eat
he’s already changing what people think and it’s just gonna be a complete mess
but let’s keep our fingers across and hope things work out for the best but
right now it’s just a lot of mayhem and confusion
going on and you know it’s it’s going away Nature Boy designed this for you
not to understand what’s going on

20 thoughts on “Natureboy Is Now Adding MEAT Into The B 6 Diet Only At CarbonNation Edited

  1. I knew it was going to happen eventually. When I saw him eating lays and drinking babylon wine. I was like… It's a matter of time, before he has a slab of meat in his mouth.

  2. Lmmfaooooooo this a LAUGHABLE ….. NOW they wanna eat meat ….. His teachings be so backwards if I was one of his followers I'll take my azz back home because wdf I look like following a leader who can never make his mind up on what's right and not right SMH ….. THEY ARE A JOKE !!!!!


  4. Some people are different what works for you don't work for others we have to be mindful of that either way you can't go wrong

  5. I believe one of the stipulations of Velvet coming back was to let them have meat… she didn't wanna give shrimp back up again.. 😂🤷‍♀️

  6. They may also be vitamin/mineral (b12;iron; zinc;magnesium etc) deficient. I’m sure they don’t take supplements. It takes the right combination as you said. To each their own but I’ll be stinking to my plant-based diet.

  7. His fallowers are bunch of losers…i care less what they eat and how…if u dumb enough to fallow this dude that gets anal exam online u have problems

  8. Sis,
    Pork chops will be on the menu soon!!! Hopefully he will APPROVE more than one meal a day or input smoothies or juicing in their diets. They all look like skeletors!!!!lol

  9. Somebody said they’re making monogamy and chicken sandwiches!

    Velvet dismantling all “the teachings“—first with the hair now this!

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