Natalie Tran on how to cook in a hotel room

hi so I'm in San Francisco this week and yes I visited Alcatraz I saw the Golden Gate Bridge and I rode around on one of those buses where they have no rooms and it's freezing they gave us blankets though so that's a class but as my trips coming to an end I thought I'd make a slightly different video this week because no matter where I go in the world and no matter how beautiful the city is I miss home-cooked food unfortunately however I'm always in a hotel room fortunately however I'm also a little bit crazy so I have a solution to this so welcome to cooking in hotel room with Natalie I wish that right who likes bows I do and it's very hard to find everywhere you go so I bought one of these at the start of my trip and it became very helpful this is your average instant coffee maker I don't drink coffee I didn't know what they were for but now I do to make porridge all you need is a coffee maker packs of instant oatmeal a tea bag I use berry tea and some water let's get started so we're going to empty our packets of oatmeal into the drug part place it on the warming plate replace the teabag in there and then we pour the water in we turn it on and see what happens and cool don't forget to stir it well that that is a bowl of porridge and guess how it tastes pretty bad not as good as your cook did it at home but you know time cooked sort of if your mum cooks porridge for you in a coffee pot and if porridge isn't your instant coffee maker a cup of tea that was a joke that would have worked a lot better then maybe you would like some bacon and eggs which you can make if you just have aluminum foil some eggs some bacon and iron so to cook the bacon I recommend that you turn off the steam and have it on cotton setting because we all know that cotton is Latin for bacon so you need to fold the art the foil over a couple times let's just cook two rushes of bacon for now now we very much want to protect the iron because if you damage an iron with bacon I don't I don't even know how you're going to explain that we make sure that the bacon is securely holding in any potential leaking of juices that may occur and then we proceed to cook you can hear the bacon cooking or as I like to call it the danger rising the people next door get really freaked out when they hear this one and just to confuse them ah voila they're gone let's cook the eggs so boiled eggs enter our handy coffee maker very simple fill this baby up with water they'll only be soft boiled eggs unfortunately the water doesn't boil in a coffee maker but hey I like my eggs soft you can also make a delicious sunny-side up eggs using the average iron as well all you need to do again is make an aluminium foil tray and then crack your egg on top egg is almost done booyah and of course there is nothing more important about a meal than its presentation so we're going to lay out our food here in peace it's my soft-boiled egg from before and there you have it a home-cooked meal in a hotel room if you eat off all cutlery at home hi I hope you liked the video if you want to check out what else I've been up to make use of this Brady Bunch like page and click on one of the video thumbnails to see some of my other holiday destinations

49 thoughts on “Natalie Tran on how to cook in a hotel room

  1. So I started this vid with high hopes, then realized it was tongue in cheek. but by the end I was like, yeah those are some great ideas!

  2. How did you find "Alumineeum" in the US? I've been using uhluminum. Oh, and freebasing porridge is illegal here.

  3. Wait, Natalie came to San Francisco, a good time to show the landscape of the city, and where you can get good food in Chinatown and North Beach, but she decides to show us how to cook in a hotel room?…..What the HELL?!

  4. Hey here is a cookbook with over 370 awesome delicious and healthy recipes
    Have been using it for a while, tried most of the recipes. Very simple to use, highly recommend it!

  5. Aluminum and aluminium are the same thing, its a cultural difference, same as acclimatize and acclimate.

  6. Using hot water and instant oatmeal is not cooking, nearly every hotel will have hot water you can use to mix in, or even coffepots in the room to use.

    Using the iron as a heating element is the only thing thats remotely imaginative. Alot of hotels ive been in dont have irons in your room. These things are simple breakfast foods, alot of which, hotels that you stay in that have coffepots or irons, typically offer breakfast cheaper than buying ingredients that spoil from a store.

  7. Youtube "Natalie Tran" to get her channel she has more then 1000.000 Sub's and her parents are from the Nam ,Vietnam.

  8. Very good idea to let people know these things. I have had to use these resources on several occasions.

  9. So it's like soccer and football. All other countries call the football and aluminium, but people in the United States call them soccer and aluminum?

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