Must Visit BRUNCH Restaurants in London | Avocado Crazy, Brunch Pizza, Smoothies, Pancakes

Brunch in London has turned into a game of
how many different ways you can be served an avocado. If like me, you enjoy the early morning restaurant
experience but are simply too lazy to get there for breakfast, then stay with us. Whether it’s for classic dining, a twist
on a bacon sandwich, brunch on a pizza, or breakfast in bread, we should have you covered. This, is Suitcase Monkey, showing some of
our favourite spots for brunch in London. (9TH SYMPHONY BY BEETHOVEN DRAMATICALLY PLAYS) (RECORD SCRATCH) It would be easy for me to just focus on the
idea of a brunch pizza as reason enough to visit our first pick but it has lots more
going for it. Located a short walk from Highbury and Islington
tube station, you’ll find Radici. Acclaimed Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei and D and D London, have opened a restaurant that focuses on Southern
Italian food. For the purpose of this video, we visited
early on a Sunday and got stuck right in, probably ordering too much food if I’m being
completely honest. To start, I enjoyed a Cannalini bean stew
complete with fried egg and sausage. While my wife, Chiaki opted for the Fried
sardines with ink mayo. Then came the main course. With a soft on the inside, crispy on the crust
texture, the brunch pizza was everything I had hoped for. Bursting with salmon, a dollop of cream cheese,
avocado, egg, prosciutto and mushrooms it totally filled both of us up
with happiness. For a D and D London restaurant, the prices
are pretty reasonable overall. The pizza on the its own is £11.50 per person
for 2 to share which to be honest would satisfy most stomachs on its own. They also have a 2 and 3 course set brunch
menu which is a good value option for what you get. Following their Instagram account after this
visit, they seem to be a pretty active restaurant beyond brunch. Even when we were there, food was being prepped
in the main dining room for a bit of theatre and the kitchen is largely open for you to
see its inner workings. And while we’re at it, please come and join
us on social media to follow our food and travels as they happen. As its name suggests, Ozone Coffee is very
big on providing a caffeine fix. However, as previous comments have suggested
on our Must Visit Cake Cafe video, we much prefer hunting down good food over coffee. So, this time, I’ll leave it to Trip Advisor
to review their apparently great coffee instead. Despite the focus on quality coffee, which
stems from how the company made a name for itself, Ozone Coffee is a restaurant and provides
a pretty substantial brunch menu. An assortment of cold dishes with banana,
granola, and yogurts are all on offer as well as the main dishes, all of which we’ve tried
are super tasty. I ordered this mix of brunch favourites all
lovingly laid out on top of sourdough toast while Chiaki ordered Smoked haddock kedgeree. Traditionally, an Indian dish but has since
undergone a western makeover. Think the Chicken Tikka Masala of brunch time. Prices hover between the £6 and £12 mark
depending on your dish. Be prepared to wait in line at the weekend
since it is a popular choice with cool people, such as ourselves. Overall, the vibe, energy, staff and style
of Ozone Coffee is welcoming, comfortable and trendy. And as with everything in the video, all places
featured are linked below for more information. Do go check it out. Scarlett Green is located in between Oxford
Circus and Tottenham Court Road tube stations. This time we were able to book a table, which
is always my preference. Scarlett Green pulls from both the Sydney
and Melbourne cafe culture to offer a range of appetising dishes, smoothies, cocktails,
wines and bottomless brunch. This time, we actually had some friends with
us, meaning I have 3 different dishes to show you as well as this rare behind the scenes
footage. How revealing. For me, I loved the so called, Fancy bacon
Roll; poached eggs, crispy onions, bacon, and as they called it, holy f*ck hollandaise
sauce. Chiaki had Shakshouka; spiced tomatoes, peppers,
and baked eggs served in this simmering dish, with what they call charcoal toast on the
side. And our friends, both had The Bondi: Bacon,
poached eggs, sausage, mushrooms, charcoal toast and avocado. Prices were around the £12/£13 mark and
it was certainly all worth it. The smoothies were just the right consistency
and it’s definitely the kind of place which is worth a visit at any time of day. And with the Australian accents serving along
the way, I almost, almost, forgot that I was in London at all. Which is why I had such a shock when I left
Scarlett Green and was met with a cold bitterness that I can only describe as reality. A place that has always been a hit within
the local Creative community, the Riding House Cafe is probably the safest bet if you have
a large group, each with lots of different needs. It has a bit for everyone. 5 minutes from Oxford Circus, its probably
the nicest looking of all places on this list. There’s one large open area, with a bar
stretching along the whole restaurant and also a smaller, more intimate lounge setting. This time we had muffins on our mind so ordered
the Avocado and Chard Florentine; hollandaise sauce, buckwheat, toasted pumpkin seeds and
a poached egg which provided this yolk porn moment. And Chiaki ordered the Kassler Ham Benedict,
which also didn’t disappoint. And as the motto goes, why have 1 course,
when you can have two. Once again, our stomachs got the better of
us with this massive serving of buttermilk pancakes topped with berries, vanilla clotted
cream and maple syrup. Prices go from 6 to 20 pounds, so again something
for everyone but overall I think its a really safe bet in the centre of London. And last but not least, might just be favourite
on this list. The Barge House is situated in East London,
not far from Haggerston station. Located along a pretty Canal Walk, which is
worth a look in its own right, there is suddenly a string of independent eateries, with coffee,
bars and food. Their signature is Breakfast in Bread, running
Friday through Sunday. On a weekend, they only take reservations
for 10am and beyond that, it’s walk in only. We got there for 10 o’clock and already
there was a queue but were quickly seated in their upstairs area. It was quite a cold morning so the upcoming
meal hit the spot nicely. All their Breakfast in Bread range are bespoke
sourdough loaves. The Original included smoked bacon, sausages,
slow roasted tomatoes, leeks, mushrooms, spinach, all topped with an egg and a sprinkling of
cheese. I opted for Hot Stuff which contained chorizo,
hot beans, red peppers, egg, spinach and again a cheese topping. The bread was firm but not too tough, making
it the perfect edible bowl. Each dish cost £14 but it was so filling
that nothing else was required. I would really recommend The Barge House as
something both unique and delicious. And we were then perfectly placed to walk
off those calories along the water afterwards. And it was during this walk where we saw a
hot tub of people making its way down the canal. Oh, London. Feel free to check out our must visit Cake
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