MOST HAUNTED Hotel Room in the World… Queen Mary Haunted Ship (B340)

the next day when the ship docked and they went to you know take him out of the room they said his entire body was just ripped apart limb by limb I don't really know was that you whoever is in here does not like when people are in here did you my answer for me yeah you wanna do it yes hello my love's welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new here hi hello e my name is Louis nobody told me the other day that I'm missing out of a serious window of opportunity here by not doing that intro and like I completely agree guys is it too late to change my intro to hi hello you my name is Louis deal in it for you so in case you guys didn't already notice I am here with my best friend and Rumia miss London Victoria and she's going to YouTube channel I'll have her link down below she has two videos up they're both amazing but tonight we are at the Queen Mary and I somehow drags her into this because it just really thinks ah just leaving your apartment and the safety and the dogs so say how haunted hotel room not a on the Haunted so we have everything ready I have my suitcase here with everything in it which I won't tell you what's in it no because we're leaving Quinton is house-sitting for us and what did you just tell me don't talk to ghosts don't do it don't talk to any ghosts not one no gotta go oh that highlight girl is I use on the the Ofra it's called Star Island and it is not limited edition Oprah is it over that is why we don't see a lot of beauty videos we are currently on our way to the Queen Mary and I can honestly say I think we're in for a little more than I had bargained for I'm going to be doing a little bit of research in the car London did a ton of research earlier today today's been here just like a weird day like kind of like a bad Luxor today like we ordered smoothies for dinner and they arrived completely and totally shattered which was like one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced my life he's got so like the guy like seriously how do have like dropped in and like dropped it again cuz I have dropped in those movies it's like Rudy as opposed mate he's like brute that happened I just have like a weird day like a bunch of things just kept going wrong with like business and like all sorts of stuff like you had kind of a bad day at work so it's just been like yeah I don't know just like a bunch of bad luck almost to the point we're like I don't know guys it's interesting to me whenever I do videos like this for I'm gonna go ghost hunting or like whatever and it's like something like stands in the way my hair is still wet in case you're curious why it looks like literal poop know that like London's not a little bit of research well a lot hours and I want to say I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on it i Walsh he did like a whole 20-minute like I watched the was at BuzzFeed unsolved yes but it's before they reopen this so that remember no away so the the journey say the room they were going to is what be 340 yeah haunted yeah on the ship and they just reopened it in like a troll or something and this video was home before that's when like February so they actually stay in this room and it was still like what like crazy like they actually like caught some stuff on camera there's a lot of stuff people we are saying the night like this isn't I mean we're going like close to 25 miles out of our way so like we're not coming back to the apartment tonight London has to work in the morning 9:00 in the morning so it's like by the time that we get there we get started we're knock me which is just like a leave it all the night we have to sleep there which normally if I ever do like an overnight hotel room challenge or whatever you want to call it it's like I always like windup leaving cuz I get too scared or it's just like my apartment is down the road so like why even you know yeah even lately we looked it was like why why would we even stay there once all the stuff started happening so I don't know I'm just feeling pretty spooked it's definitely more than I thought it was gonna be like honestly the whole thing with the Queen Mary is kind of more than I bargained for but I don't know I still think it's gonna be really cool and I'm really excited so here we go on our way in traffic Los Angeles don't don't move to LA please please please stop moving to LA but please so we're here obviously so basically London was researching the bejeebies out of this place I had done it zero research because I basically wanted to do it all when I was here she literally gets home from work walks in my bedroom I say hi she says hi do you know what you bought it and then tells me all about room B 340 which is what we are staying in today it says B 3 party but the ring lights being obnoxious sorry I wanted like this like okay so you guys this room hey with a freaking Ouija board and we don't watch that like crystal ball like this little candle like a like a crystal like a tarot card deck like we're leaving this for decoration but then after this it's like going on a cool yeah first thing about this room is it doesn't have the room number outside yeah the first thing that we noticed when we got here is that room B 340 doesn't have a room number outside and that's because as we've already started seeing people come down here specifically hoping to get spooked so we took the liberty of us booking a few of them and placing those so when I research this room pretty much nobody knows why this room is the most haunted room in the ship but it is most haunted room on the entire boat for whatever reason nobody knows completely why there's a bunch of different theories and the queen mary itself admits that there are a lot of like haunted cabins but this room is supposedly the most haunted it was closed for thirty years and only reopened this past Friday the 13th and a yeah I thought I would give you guys a quick little overview and talk a little bit but what's already happened because of court thing of course things already happen number one the biggest thing is that this room straight-up doesn't have a number on the outside it's barely people will like staying outside it all night so in here's the bathroom we have oh god the shower um here's the mayor pretty standard pretty much like you'd see on a ship except oh look the instructions on how to play Bloody Mary can we talk about the fact that this room has only been reopened for like six months not even April Oh no I can't already be happy did you tell me you heard that coming from like here right yeah from like in this closet like seriously already it was like it was like a creak was in our hair so I'm gonna give you guys a quick little overview we have some scary stories up London and I will be reading in a minute we have our bed we have the clock which for some reason says it's almost 3:00 a.m. it is not it is like 11 o'clock at night but it says it's almost 3:00 a.m. my suitcase is obviously over here we have a little bit more it tells you all the scary stories from the hotel here's our little of you it's real cute just straight outside um more scary stories oh and they left us a bunch of tools to play with I guess we have a Ouija board no we have a crystal ball no we have a candle maybe we have some crystals we have a tarot card milady literally said to us we're like oh we're gonna be spooked and she goes oh I've not really heard of people saying Lee oh I forgot about that I thought how nice to hear children laugh yeah so we have our seating area where we could watch some TV maybe a scary movie we have a fridge then over here we were over here just kind of looking at this closet area and I already heard like a knock from there but it's not a door okay but that's another thing they said about this place it's like a lot of people who see in this room said like one of the biggest complaints I guess there's nothing here knocking on the door so I don't really know it's up was that you oh it was hard okay so it but it is it's from the outside said okay so it is a door but no one would have been knocking on it there's like no number no nothing I'm gonna read you guys a few of the stories I don't know I are gonna read a few of these this first one says on at the corner of my eye I saw a person walking by so I turned to look it was a lady in a powder blue dress she was solid but unfocused and hazy she never looked at either of us then suddenly she just walked behind if they poll which we adjust or which we had a clear view of and just disappeared who I was on at the elevator that is in the aft part of the ship and it was very early in the morning I was going up between E&F duck when I heard children playing I thought how nice to hear children laugh but so early it was around 6:00 a.m. I then started to hear the words mommy mommy and I realized it was coming through the control panel on the elevator I then heard more laughing and a dog barked and then a cat meow then I heard mommy mommy the elevator door open and I got out and I checked that my radio wasn't on I asked security if someone could talk through the speaker on the elevator and they said only if I were going to call for them I didn't know what was going on but it was very strange you interviewed this one I was doing my rounds of the ship when I noticed that a normally secure room was unlocked I looked inside and saw a little girl standing in the room she looked at me stretched her arms out towards me and then disappear you and we heard that little girl giggling from the freaking closet god I hope my camera had caught that I really hope the camera caught that when it happened and then there's one other over here my family and I were up on the bridge looking around and I wandered off by myself into the chart room there was only one other guest besides myself in the room and he left right after I entered as I was looking at the chart on the table where they would lay out the maps trying to find the Queen Mary I felt someone tug at the back of my shirt just above my left shoulder when I turned to see if it was one of my family yeah what was it that's not coming from out there no it was like it was like at this door wasn't it there are literal tears in my eyes it's okay it's a door you showed it but it's like it doesn't open my guys things they combine your room so this door is just like but it's like that's exactly what you I don't like it we've been here for ten seconds okay so number house thing that used to be a different room they can be guns so this says the second floor was by the ship's log reads third class passenger Brutus subject found dead in cabin B two to six cause unknown details of the passengers death would never learned however it was discovered that the cop in e two to six was later changed to be 340 that's my story that like I know I said obviously yeah they simply said dude like murdered somebody and they thought he went crazy so they locked him in here like in timeout and then when he finally like stopped screaming and stuff cuz like he started screaming yeah I was just crazy Bailey came in to like let him out when the boat docked and like his entire body was just like ripped apart limb by limb and and each limb misplaced him no I don't like this I actually like go there someone out there no okay actually where did that come from was it in there was it for outside you just see it's it's hard because it's like there's only someone your party outside so you can hear stuff that it's like there's a different some stuff sounds very off into the flick in the distance and some stuff is like that came from in there when I turned to see if it was on my family members I felt a chill and realized that there was no one else in the chart room I left the room immediately this was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me okay um literally turn off the camera in the minute that I did because I just assumed someone was outside the door like being creepy down hallways yeah not like like we're gonna tell me you can just like walk yeah it's not like people are just have say alright so the thing was they closed it for thirty years and they because no one would stay in it yeah I mean no one would say this yeah because it was just here like a any other room yeah but everybody they said people would just leave in the middle of the night and just like want refunds and want to leave the boat because they were so freaked out stories of people like waking up to somebody pulling the bed sheets off of them right and then there being like a person standing at the edge of the bed and then what like they call for service yeah it just disappears and this used to be three rooms right three rooms and they combined them into making this one big room one of the popular theories is that a man okay first of all 49 people have died on this boat that's a lot of people it's been around for a long time but it was only really weird yeah like somebody died they fell in the pool – ladies died in the pool um somebody like one of the cooks here got like alive it's just like crazy stories like that um but pretty much in this room one of the more popular theories is that there was a man who I guess just like went crazy they think like he just mentally wasn't the theory is that he murdered a woman on the boat and because of that they essentially like put him in timeout in this and put him into one of the three room that is now room B 40 that was room B right here right so it does it yeah so it says the ship's log reads third class passenger British subjects found dead in cabin B two to six cause unknown details of the passengers death have never been learned however it is discovered that cabin B two to six was later changed to be 340 so pretty much this guy since he was crazy essentially what they thought um he was screaming and I guess like he saw he wasn't painting he was screaming they just thought he was yeah I'm crazy so they ignored it when he found them quiet they assumed he just fell asleep and the next day when the ship docked and they went to you know take him out of the room they said his entire body was just ripped apart limb by limb and like each that's so graphic but like that values are different yeah scattered around the room no I'm not sure that is but that's like one of the that's one of the theories pretty much days a ton of different theories about this room the one thing I know for sure is it was three rooms at one point that are now obviously one big room that is the millionth time ever did knock on that door and I can guarantee you so we keep hearing knocking on the door that's like padlocked and like we know the difference when someone's actually out there you can hear people walking because I hate like yeah I'm talking like we're like whispering or like even walking you can like hear the floorboards go like yeah I will say the floor worth you're kind of creak see how like but somebody just not hilarious Bell in there another maybe like a variation on that same story is that there was a man on the ship in like the 40s the 30s nobody really knows what time this ship has been a lot of different things and supposedly the man was like deranged and like kind of similar simply on Astoria but he was harassing his family in this version and then they used this room or one of the three room right it once was as a temporary holding himself when his family came to visit he lost his mind and killed his five-year-old daughter and then supposedly he was then murdered in this room so it's kind of similar where somebody goes crazy they killed somebody you know at the end of the day it's like a lot of urban legends and nobody really knows but obviously as rooms very like it's very hot I mean it's like obviously something happened but yeah thing is like nobody knows exactly what it is other like the other murders on the boat yeah people like they know kind of what hi and like for example like two ladies were like killed at the first law school and like people have been known to see two ladies walking around their stuff like that and there is no long this is what happened the only concrete thing that I found consistently was it was at once be two to six not be 340 they changed the room never had a reason cell as my lovely teacher over here has been teaching me the Queen Mary isn't around since World War two I've heard a lot of stories from buzzfeed on salt I've heard a lot of like history videos about this um but it was a lot of different things right it's been like the Queen Mary has gone through a lot of different changes um it was named different things it's just the history of it is insane if you research it and really go in depth you'll find that just the ship as a whole has been so many different things what did that lady at the front desk say she said it was four times the size at the Titanic right something like that something in say that it doesn't huge it AAA's if you matches so we wanted to post me I don't even know how they're gonna get on here but the ship has been around since World War two it docked in the sixties this room has been closed since the eighties and only reopened this year now some complaints that they had prior to closing the room we're just that people would not stay past midnight people would not stay here and sleep here they would always leave in the middle of the night due to something feeling unsettled feeling uncomfortable feeling threatened feeling like somebody's standing over them with their face pressed to theirs in the middle of the night having the covers reader top of them like so many stories the faucet running Liana that's what she said because we asked the lady when we came in yeah like hey are we gonna be really spooked and she goes oh well the biggest thing I've heard is that people here a little girl laughing and then they hear like very faint like music like a box the biggest I don't call a complaint right the biggest thing that people noted was that the sinks just turn on lights turn on and off if the sink turns on over here I'm going to lose my mind do you understand I'm going to lose my mind we're gonna go back to the apartment like nobody has to say because we did an overnight like challenge at the Roosevelt Hotel and we have belief because we we failed tonight we're gonna succeed London has to go to bed or London house they're gonna work at 9:00 in the morning I was not going to mention that we're not going about tonight so we kind of just wanted to come and see the hotel for ourselves and see if it was all true and I don't know just experience it for ourselves and we'll be checked into this room somebody had to escort us upstairs because there is no room done right but some people still know what room it is because there's been groups of people coming outside so clearly people know about the haunted history of this room they know about the urban legends they know about the stories surrounding it they know that it is haunted it is the haunted room of the ship there are also so many other ghost sightings there we go sightings in the hallways and the infirmary is like this ship has a lot of history behind it and it's very haunted within itself but this room be 340 for some reason is the oh god the a/c scaring me is the room to be in if you want to get spooked which clearly the hotel I mean they've you know I I don't blame them for capitalizing on it yeah when you walk in and I'll give you guys the tour there are stories on the wall there is a Ouija board there's crystals and tarot cards and it's very creepy and they're capitalizing on it which I don't blame them on but it's just interesting that this one room is like the room of the whole ship yeah but the thing is is weird just cuz nobody knows why like there's no concrete this is why like this happened in this room not like historically like yeah so-and-so got murdered on this day in this right now it's haunted like but it would make a lot of sense that it was something like that the shift line would try to cover it up so kinda the story that I was saying earlier about the guy who supposedly his limbs yeah were ripped apart a little stuff said okay apparently back in the 60s during one of the final transatlantic cruises before the ship was docked alone in Long Beach where we are a man went crazy and brutally murdered two women his crimes were discovered and he was locked in his third-class stateroom either be two to six B 2 to 4 or B 2 to 2 the door was locked in a bar was posted outside a little while later he started pounding on the door saying someone was in there with him trying to kill him the guard ignored him thinking it was a ruse to escape after a while the passenger quieted down in the guard figured he went to sleep the next day when this ship arrived in New York the crew summon a New York police detectives and they went to apprehend the murderer when they opened the door to the stateroom they found the man had been ripped apart in his entrails and limbs spread all over the room there was no way he could have done it to himself that is wild that is like the creepiest story Scott explains like the whole three rooms but they don't know which room that happened in so I guess essentially if this was three rooms I mean you don't really know where it happened in the room but I don't want to know so if this did happen yeah there had to be a reason that they read named this room right because that is a hundred-percent fact this was a different room so why would they read but they won't tell anybody why and there's no record of it anywhere and that's what that sign like that they have hanging here says too that it used to be room 2 to 6 so the boat tells us like literally the people who owned this place are like hey this used to be a different room but they said there's nothing on account neither so who was just like making up this story and it just happens at this room where people experience stuff and like it's not like they renamed everything it's like not like they renumber to everything it was just like I just don't understand it doesn't make any sense comers have reportedly been pulled off guests while sleeping clothes hangers rattle footsteps can be heard in knocks on the door anymore so that's the history of this room that's the urban legend behind this room that's why this is supposedly one of the most haunted places in the entire world now that's like literally avoiding to Time magazine it's in the top 10 most places in New York and then this room is probably one of the most haunted if not the most haunted hotel room of all time people have reported things like this people have like you know done their own accounts and I can say just from our experience being here so far now I will quickly add it's not that you're skeptic it's just that when we were at the Roosevelt you weren't you were disappointing I am NOT a skeptic I mean yeah yeah I can safely say that but since we've been here I've seen you get spooked more times than I've ever seen you like in like our like three years of friendship so far what's happened is when we came in the room immediately the first thing that I noticed so we walked in because it was dark in here was that the clock was set to 250 – oh yeah it was literally set to 250 – I am almost three and it is not 3:00 a.m. and it is currently 12:55 but we came in here this is right armor going yeah so now it says far away I just thought that was kind of interesting but it said it was close to 3:00 a.m. when clearly it wasn't like I mean could it have been about functioning of the clock a problem but sure why not but I just think that's usually something that they fix you know what I mean like that room you know when they come in and clean the rooms and stuff so I thought that was weird almost immediately we were walking through the hotel and we heard and we're both kind of up in the air about it I hold my camera caught it but it was either a creek or like a little girl laughing we don't know which but it came from the hallway closet off to this side no they were looking at the bathroom the next thing was probably the dock and then later we heard and that was just a big like bang bang and then we heard yeah but like on the like on the window like literally on the window and like there's no way there's literally no way it we are so high up off the ground it doesn't make any sense hello the Taco Bell isn't here keep bringing is he gonna pay Jen you don't know I said our room doesn't have a number outside of it so like call me so so far the verdict is I to flee feel like I didn't feel a weird vibe more in here and sometimes I feel it and sometimes I don't sometimes I feel weird and sometimes I don't feel weird so far a lot of safe the Roosevelt when I walked in you matter like and in the video it was like I walked in and I said like my heart instantly was like yeah I don't feel right like I could find I feel fine – it's just like something will happen and it'll be out of nowhere and I'm just like and I understand it's a ship it's creaking it's old but whatever we're in abyss she was very this is the most like newly renovated room because it wasn't open for three hours it you should if you can like find a picture the olden like inserted somewhere yeah cuz like the way this room looked like I was do my research because they would give tours of it but they're like nobody's allowed to stay in here and everything was white all the walls were white like it was just like a tiny little bed like it was just completely like sure it fair whatever things started happening and so they completely redid it it's brand-new and like I don't know that boats pretty quiet like even when people are walking by for the most part it's not like you're Harry yeah it's nothing like that so these little creeks will happen and we'll know exactly where it is because you can pinpoint it early in the room so we've heard creeks where there shouldn't be creeks you've heard taps where there shouldn't be tops of heard knocks where they're shutting me knock somebody tapping against a window and it seems to be once we start talking about it I feel like that it starts happening witness and in the second you turned off your camera the last time yeah is like when it was like and so with this second Street you an offer cameras so creepy so I'm hoping what we're gonna do now is I kind of want this to be the intro video just us telling you that we're here sharing some spooky stories and saying hello because ha ha ha hey Louie my name is Louis and her name is London um I just wanted to give you guys a tour show you the room tell you what's up and then the next few videos that we'll go about this place we're gonna do a spirit box session in here I don't think you're ready for that another thing I was reading in here in the Senate on multiple sites actually was that whatever is in here whoever whatever okay I'm busy okay see I'm busy come later but know one of the things that I said on move Moulton websites was whatever's in here crazy man crazy woman crazy whatever whoever is in here does not like when people are here I can't wait to explore here it's gonna be so cool how no my camera won't focus down there like it won't focus yeah something's wrong down there whoa London air going down to go get it right now what what floor they go to oh is it r or em yeah maybe it's main journal where are we rugby those are B 340 remember huh that's what some feel nice what we do we go down together yeah high key that was like an adventure we got our Taco Bell we got the good supplies but it took us forever to figure out where in the world is this right yeah no this is right oh my god I got scared this is so dumb to figure out where to go anyways you guys um we are going to put away all the creepy stuff on this table we're gonna eat our food and then we are gonna do some major go something so I hope you all enjoyed part one of our adventure at the Queen Mary if you did give it a thumbs up please subscribe my channel B even already love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye that was not there before Sam I really cannot believe that just happened

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  1. I heard 12:35 – 13:23
    (After knocking)
    “No I don’t like this. I actually like…”
    *Go there*
    “Is someone out there?”
    “No okay, “ *Whispering* “actually no.”
    “Where did that come from?” *Whispering*
    “Was it in there? Was it for outside?”
    “I can’t do this.”
    “Was it someone in outside the door.”
    *Can do we check?*
    “There was it outside doorbell?”
    “Yeah just see.”
    (After checking)
    “It’s it’s hard because it’s like *Whispering* there’s only someone your party outside so you can hear stuff that it’s like there’s a different some stuff sounds very *Whispering* off into the flick in the distance and some stuff is like (tapping). That came from in there.”

    Check what ghosts? ….Those girls? Wooooo SCARYYYYYY.

  2. The Ouija board was not left there by the staff members! It was left there by a random person who stayed in the room and they then never took it out of the room! Glam&Gore stayed in this room and the staff told her they didn't leave it there 😥

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